We are the Hudson Division – one of the fifteen divisions of the American Radio Relay League. The Hudson division covers the ARRL sections of Eastern New York, New York City – Long Island and Northern New Jersey.

ARRL Divisions

What we can do for you

Your Division Director and Vice-Director represent your interests at the league. Cooperatively we formulate policy at the ARRL to serve you, the membership, and look after the well being of the league. If you have a particular inquiry as to league policy and governance, you may contact your director and/or the President. In the Hudson Division, you may contact us using the “Contact Us” link.

The CEO and staff take care of day to day operations of the league. The CEO is appointed by the board of directors and oversees operations of the league. If you have a particular inquiry as to any league function, you can contact the staff at various departments.

The field organization is the “boots on the ground” operation of the league. ARRL has 71 sections, which are each managed by a section manager. In the Hudson Division, you can find the contact for your section manager here.

Advance notice is required. Please contact us or call 973-594-6275 to make a request. The Director is more than happy to attend your meeting and talk league business and ham radio in general.

Our youth are our greatest asset. If you need assistance with a school project, or starting/reviving a school amateur radio club, please contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you.

Around the time of each ARRL board of directors meeting (January and July), three cabinet meetings are held, one in each section (ENY, NLI, NNJ). Club presidents and division appointees are usually invited. Others may attend if they so wish, but seating is generally limited.

Plans are underway to hold online meetings. This will allow greater participation. These will absolutely not replace in-person meetings.

The NLI section convention has an ARRL forum. The director will usually be in attendance and speaking. The forum is shared with the NLI section manager.

You can meet the director and vice-director at various ARRL sanctioned hamfests throughout the division. These will be posted on the division calendar and also sent out via e-mail, facebook and twitter.

Recognizing outstanding hams in the division helps us boost morale and encourages participation. Details about the luncheon will be forthcoming on the website.