Hudson Division Leadership


Mike Lisenco, N2YBB   Director

Bill Hudzik, W2UDT – Vice Director

Section Managers

John Fritze K2QY
Jim Mezey, W2KFV
Rob Roschewsk, KA2PBT

The ARRL Hudson Division Assistant Directors:

The Assistant Directors are the volunteers with the Blue ARRL Badges that you see at Hamfests, club meetings, and other Amateur Radio activities around the Division. Among their responsibilities are: gathering input from the Division membership, helping to keep members informed, and providing assistance to members whenever possible. Some are also assigned specific assignments. They meet at least twice a year, as a group, with the Director and Vice Director to give them input on policy and assist in the forming of ARRL policy on important issues.

Eastern New York Section
Robert Chamberlain – N2KBC, John Fritze – K2QY, Scott Haller – K2CK,
Les Kalmus – W2LK, Anthony Pazzola – W2BEJ, Antje Dirksen-Post – N2OMA, Hal Post – AK2E, Tom Raffielli – WB2NHC,Ray Wemple – KA2DVM

New York City/Long Island Section
Rick Bressler – K2RB, Richie Cetron – K2KNB,  Richard Gelber – K2WR,
Mel Granick – KS2G, Steve Hass – N2AJ,  Roberta Keis – N2RBU, Phil Lewis – N2MUN,
Larry Lutzak – WA2CNV, Lew Malchick -N2RQ, John Melfi- W2HCB, Diane Ortiz – K2DO, Peter Portanova – W2JV, Nancy Rosner – N2TKA, Richard Rosner – N2STU, George Sau – WB2ZTH,  George Tranos – N2GA

Northern New Jersey Section
Karl Fenton – N2OYU, John Gagen – W2YR,  Martin Grozinsji – W2CG,  Jim Joyce – K2ZO, E.Drew Moore – W2OU,  Sam Pizzano – WA2EP, I Doug Rue – W2EN,  Steve Saposnik – KB2EN, Mario Sellitti – N2PVP, Carver Washburn – W2TFM,Rachel Weiss – AJ4WD