Update December 8, 2017- Fairlawn ARC celebrates 50 years, FCC, etc.

To mark the conclusion of its 60th Anniversary Speaker Series, The Fair
Lawn Amateur Radio Club will host a talk by the Chief Executive Officer
of The American Radio Relay League (ARRL)  which is the largest
membership association of amateur radio  enthusiasts in the United
The speaker will be Tom Gallagher (NY22F), CEO of the ARRL.  Tom joined
the ARRL earlier this year and is responsible for overseeing all
activities of the organization. He will provide perspectives on the
current state of the hobby and ways to ensure its growth into the
future .
The event will be held on Friday, December 9, 2016 at 7:00PM at:

Fair Lawn Senior Center
11-05 Gardiner Road
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 (just off Fair Lawn Avenue).

Refreshments will be served.
The ARRL represents the interests of amateur radio operators before
federal regulatory bodies, provides technical advice and assistance to
amateur radio enthusiasts, supports a number of educational programs
and sponsors emergency communications service throughout the country.
The ARRL has approximately 154,000 members. In addition to members in
the US, the organization claims over 7,000 members in other countries.

The event is open all radio amateurs and to the public.  Admission is
free and refreshments will be served.
For more information, please visit the club’s website at www.flarc.net
or call 201-791-3841 or Ed Efchak, Public Information Officer

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Ham Radio University 2017 is one month away!
It’s Sunday, January 8, 2017, at Briarcliffe College in Bethpage, New
Spreading Ham Radio Knowledge and Know How, Ham Radio University is a
“A day of education to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and
fellowship among Amateur Radio operators.”
This year we are featuring our Keynote Speaker: Tom Gallagher, NY2RF,
the ARRL Chief Executive Officer! See his keynote speech at 12 noon.
NEW for 2017
Newcomer’s Meeting at 8:30 am – geared towards HRU first-timers with an
overview of HRU, what to see and do.
30 Forums with new forums including National Parks on the Air, Safety
in the ham shack, Growing up with broadcasting on Long Island, Kid’s
World, Military Affiliated Radio System, Amateur Radio Solar/Jupiter
Observation using a Radio Receiver System and more!
Hands-on Workshops:
1. Cable Theory / RF Connectors,
2. Ethernet Connectors,
3. Understanding and Using Test Equipment
Preregistration required on day of event
Day-of-Event Handout
Special Event Station W2HRU and demos
Amateur Radio License Exam Session starts at 1:30 PM
Amateur Radio Club tables
Door Prizes! Anyone who makes a donation will be entered in our main
door prize raffle that includes all major prizes. All door prizes will
be drawn in the club room and the winner’s names will be posted there.
LIVE Streaming Video
Food and Refreshments available
See the full forum list at: http://hamradiouniversity.org/forums/
The forums start at 9 AM and run until 3:30 pm.
This is a day you don’t want to miss!

Hope to CU there!

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From the F.C.C.

Before the
Federal Communications Commission
Washington, DC 20554

In the Matter of

Astoria, New York       )

File No.:  EB-FIELDNER-16-00021400
NAL/Acct. No.:  201632380003
FRN:  0025855933

Adopted:  December 5, 2016      Released:  December 5, 2016

By the Regional Director, Region One, Enforcement Bureau:

1.      We impose a penalty of $23,000 against Daniel Delise (Mr. Delise)
for operating an unlicensed amateur radio station on the Amateur Radio
Service frequency 147.96 MHz from his residence in Astoria, New York,
and falsely transmitting an officer-in-distress call.  The penalty
represents the full amount proposed in the Notice of Apparent Liability
for Forfeiture,  and is based on the full base forfeiture amount as well
as an upward adjustment reflecting Mr. Delise’s decision to continue
his misconduct after being warned that his actions violated the
Communications Act (Act) and the Commission’s rules.  After reviewing
Mr. Delise’s response to the NAL, we find no reason to cancel,
withdraw, or reduce the proposed penalty, and we therefore assess the
$23,000 forfeiture the Bureau previously proposed.
2.      On August 31, 2016, the Enforcement Bureau (Bureau) issued an NAL
proposing a $23,000 forfeiture against Mr. Delise for his apparent
willful violation of Section 301 of the Act for operating an unlicensed
station on Amateur Radio Service frequency 147.96 MHz and Section 325(a)
of the Act for knowingly transmitting a false or fraudulent signal of
distress.   On September 15, 2016, Mr. Delise’s response to the NAL
was filed.   The NAL Response does not deny that Mr. Delise violated
the Act, but rather argues that the NAL should be cancelled due to an
inability to pay.  Mr. Delise also states that he is currently
incarcerated and has no income or assets of any kind.
3.      Mr. Delise makes no attempt to refute any of the factual findings or
the legal conclusions in the NAL that he operated an unauthorized
amateur radio station without a license, or made a false
officer-in-distress call.  Rather, he emphasizes that he has no assets
or income, suggesting that the forfeiture amount should be reduced or
cancelled based on his inability to pay.   We decline to reduce or
cancel the forfeiture on this basis.  The NAL stated that the
Commission will not consider a request for a reduction or cancellation
of a proposed forfeiture unless the person who is subject to the NAL
has requested such reduction or cancellation and submitted “a
detailed factual statement supported by appropriate documentation and
affidavits pursuant to Sections 1.16 and 1.80(f)(3) of the rules.”
The NAL also explained that, to support a claim of inability to pay,
Mr. Delise would need to submit  (1) federal tax returns for the most
recent three-year period; (2) financial statements prepared according
to generally accepted accounting practices; or (3) some other reliable
and objective documentation that accurately reflects the petitioner’s
current financial status.   Mr. Delise did not submit any required
documentation or affidavits as required by the Commission’s rules.
Accordingly, we find no basis to reduce or cancel the forfeiture based
on an alleged inability to pay.
4.      Based on the record before us and in light of the applicable
statutory factors and the Commission’s forfeiture guidelines, we
conclude that Daniel Delise willfully violated Section 301 and Section
325 by operating an unlicensed amateur radio station and falsely
transmitting an officer in distress call.  We decline to cancel or
reduce the $23,000 forfeiture proposed in the NAL.
5.      Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED that, pursuant to Section 503(b) of the
Act,  and Section 1.80 of the Rules,   Daniel Delise IS LIABLE FOR A
MONETARY FORFEITURE in the amount of twenty three thousand dollars
($23,000) for willfully and repeatedly violating Section 301 for
operating an unauthorized radio station and Section 325(a) for
knowingly transmitting a false or fraudulent signal of distress.
6.      Payment of the forfeiture shall be made in the manner provided for
in Section 1.80 of the Rules within thirty (30) calendar days after the
release of this Forfeiture Order.   If the forfeiture is not paid within
the period specified, the case may be referred to the U.S. Department of
Justice for enforcement of the forfeiture pursuant to Section 504(a) of
the Act.
7.      Payment of the forfeiture must be made by check or similar
instrument, wire transfer, or credit card, and must include the
NAL/Account Number and FRN referenced above.  Daniel Delise shall send
electronic notification of payment to Janet F. Moran at
Janet.Moran@fcc.gov on the date said payment is made.  Regardless of
the form of payment, a completed FCC Form 159 (Remittance Advice) must
be submitted.   When completing the Form 159, enter the Account Number
in block number 23A (call sign/other ID) and enter the letters
“FORF” in block number 24A (payment type code).  Below are
additional instructions that should be followed based on the form of
payment selected:
•       Payment by check or money order must be made payable to the order
of the Federal Communications Commission.  Such payments (along with
completed Form 159) must be mailed to the Federal Communications
Commission, P.O. Box 979088, St. Louis, MO 63197-9000, or sent via
overnight mail to U.S. Bank – Government Lockbox #979088, SL
MO-C2-GL, 1005 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63101.
•       Payment by wire transfer must be made to ABA Number 021030004,
receiving bank TREAS/NYC, and Account Number 27000001.  To complete the
wire transfer and ensure appropriate crediting of the wired funds, a
completed Form 159 must be faxed to U.S. Bank at (314) 418-4232 on the
same business day the wire transfer is initiated.
•       Payment by credit card must be made by providing the required
credit card information on FCC From 159 and signing and dating the Form
159 to authorize the credit card payment.  The completed Form 159 must
then be mailed to Federal Communications Commission, P.O. Box 979088,
St. Louis, MO 63197-9000, or sent via overnight mail to U.S. Bank –
Government Lockbox #979088, SL-MO-C2-GL, 1005 Convention Plaza, St.
Louis, MO 63101.
8.      Any request for making full payment over time under an installment
plan should be sent to:  Chief Financial Officer – Financial
Operations, Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street, SW,
Room 1 A625, Washington, DC 20554.   Questions regarding payment
procedures should be directed to the Financial Operations Group Help
Desk by telephone, 1-877-480-3201, or by e-mail, ARINQUIRIES@fcc.gov.
9.      IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this Forfeiture Order shall be
sent by first class mail and certified mail, return receipt requested,
to Daniel Delise at his address of record.

David C. Dombrowski
Regional Director
Region One
Enforcement Bureau

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Have a great weekend!

73 de Mike N2YBB

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