Operation Santa

For the past decade, NYC ARES has provided all the communications for
the premiere event of their year: Op Santa.

Operation Santa is a half-day event at JFK Airport in which the
Community Mayors of New York provide a lunch, gifts, and above all, a
visit from Santa to an extraordinary audience. 5,000 screaming special
needs kids see Santa taxi into a hangar on a Delta jet. He disembarks
and tours through the hangar for all to see, before he has to fly back
to the North Pole for final preparations for his Christmas

The event has grown over the years, and each year we find we need more
help in handling the event. This year, for the first time ever, we
find we can use some “outside” help, and so, the call has gone out
to all in the Division for assistance. If you have the time, Op Santa
will occur the morning of December 10th. We arrive at 7:00 am and
generally leave around 12:30 pm. There is plenty of free parking at
the venue.

For security reasons, we need to get our volunteer list up to speed
now. Please let us know if you would like to participate in this very
worthy event.

Just send an E-mail to David Lefkowitz, KB2KAB at kb2kab@aol.com OR to
Vinnie Mattera, KB2PSI at kb2psi@arrl.net

The frequencies that are used MUST be preprogrammed. You MUST have an
HT with a head-set. This event takes place in an airport-hanger with
close to 6,000 people, and the noise level inside is tremendous!

This is a spectacular experience, one that you won’t likely forget.

Lefty KB2KAB @ Aol.com
Vinny KB2PSI @ Arrl.Net
Mike N2YBB

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