New Speakers Bureau

I’m pleased to announce the reformation of the Hudson Division’s
Speakers Bureau.   The goal is to create an up to date listing of
speakers and topics that Amateur Radio clubs in the Division may use to
obtain an interesting speaker or topic for an upcoming club meeting.

If you’d like to obtain the current copy of the list (referencing
topic, speaker, contact info, etc.), send our Speakers Bureau
coordinator Andrew Schmidt W2BOS an email at requesting
the list.

Equally important, if you ARE a speaker with a topic you’re willing
to share in the Division, WE WANT YOU!  You do not need to commit to
traveling any further than you’re comfortable with.

If you would like to share your expertise and/or experience and would
like to sign up for our clubs to know about you and your topic(s),
please register at:

Andrew will also be monitoring club websites for speakers as well.  If
you happen to get a personal invitation from him to be added to the
list, please consider doing so as a service to your fellow Hudson
Division hams.

73 de Mike N2YBB

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