May 17- Keep the reports coming

Our brief respite from the malicious interference seems to have ended
as the primary antagonist appears to have returned home from his brief

As such, once again I remind you that the daily monitoring and
reporting of  malicious interference on our repeaters is ongoing.  If
you hear malicious interference please, please, please fill out the
reporting form at:

The input and information is extremely important.  We need each and
every one of you who are on our repeaters to participate.

I must also remind you that you must not engage jammers in any way.
PLEASE IGNORE THEM.  I would also like current audio of the jamming
with recordings made from today forward.  When submitting the audio,
please submit it in conjunction with a report (date, frequency, time,
etc.) so that we can correlate the materials.

Please help me help you!  We still have work to do.  Please

73 de MIke N2YBB

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