Legislative Advocacy Fund Begins, FLARC EME Forum, NPARC Auction, Skywarn Classes in NNJ

While you’re trying to stay warm in this frigid weather, here is some
reading of note as well as some upcoming events of interest to the
Hudson Division.

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In the March 2015 issue of QST (also available online), the story about
the January 2015 ARRL Board of Directors Meeting included the following
article on page 75:

“Legislative Issues Advocacy Fund Receives Initial Donation”

During the Annual Meeting, ARRL Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco,
N2YBB, on behalf of the members of his Division, presented ARRL
President Kay Craigie, N3KN, with an inaugural donation of $4500 to the
new ARRL Legislative Issues Advocacy Fund. President Craigie received
the contribution during the ARRL Board’s Annual Meeting January 16-17
in Windsor, Connecticut. The check, from the Long Island Mobile Amateur
Radio Club, represented contributions from members at the 2014 Hudson
Division Awards Luncheon on November 8. President Craigie generously
matched the donation. The Board’s Administration and Finance
Committee established the Legislative Issues Advocacy Fund — proposed
by Lisenco — to educate and inform members of Congress of the
importance of issues that impact the Amateur Radio Service.

“There is an urgent need to raise money to help offset the cost of
sending our voice to Washington for legislative advocacy, and we need
to continue these expenditures into the future to achieve our goals —
including and going beyond the current CC&R legislative effort — as
there will always be issues that require a continuing presence on
Capitol Hill,” Lisenco said after the meeting.

Lisenco added that potential issues down the road could include
spectrum allocation — and especially conflicts stemming from
broadband allocations — revisions to the Communications Act, the
adequacy and efficiency of FCC enforcement and the use of Amateur Radio
volunteers, increased privatization of Amateur Radio administration, FCC
oversight, and radio frequency interference concerns, “to name a

“We must establish a brand for Amateur Radio now, so that we no
longer have to be reactive when it comes to the relationship between
the federal government and Amateur Radio,” Lisenco stressed after the

The ARRL is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) entity. All donations to the fund
are tax deductable within the limits of the law. For information on how
to donate to the ARRL Legislative Issues Advocacy Fund, contact
Development Manager Lauren Clarke, KB1YDD (tel 860-594-0348).

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Speaking of advocacy, the new version of Amateur Radio Parity Act is in
development for the 114th Congress.  We are in the process of obtaining
as many of the co-sponsors from last year to become original
co-sponsors of the new Bill.  Of the co-sponsors in our Division, five
are no longer in Congress.  That leaves us 13 co-sponsors from last
year.  Of those, five have already agreed to becoming an original
co-sponsor.  They are: Rep. Frelinghuysen (R-NJ), Rep. Lance (R-NJ),
Rep. Israel (D-NY), Rep. King (R-NY), and Rep. Tonko (D-NY).

I will be going to Washington later this month to work the halls and
try to get as many previously committed members to continue their
support.  As soon as the Bill drops and we get a number, I will pass
that on to you as we will need to continue our letter writing campaign
and our effort to get as many to sign onto the Bill as possible.

This year, we also plan on having a companion Bill introduced in the

Once again, if you are active in your community and personally know
your Congressman/woman or your Senator, please let me know.

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Fair Lawn Amateur Radio Club to Hold Special Presentation On Moon
Bounce and Weak Signal Operation

The Fair Lawn Amateur Radio Club (FLARC) is pleased to announce a
program providing a comprehensive overview of one of the continually
evolving aspects of amateur radio communications at its club’s
meeting room this Friday, February 20, 2015 at 7PM.

This special presentation, “Modern 2 Meter EME and Weak Signal
Operation” will be given by Woody Peitzer (AK2F) and Roger Shultz

Woody is an active ham on 160 meters through 440 MHz.  He received a
BSEE from Syracuse University in 1980 with graduate school at
University of NC Charlotte. He holds several patents in LTE and handset
technology. Roger, a University of Akron graduate, was first licensed in
1956 as KN8AJF in Ohio and is currently active on 80 through 2 meters,
QRP portable VHF, EME and terrestrial on 2 meters for almost 5 years.
Both Woody and Roger hold Amateur Extra Class licenses.

Earth–Moon–Earth communication (EME), also known as moon bounce, is
a radio communication technique which relies on the propagation of radio
waves from an Earth-based transmitter directed, via reflection from the
surface of the Moon, back to an Earth-based receiver.

The club is located in the Fair Lawn Community Center at 10-20 20th
Street in Fair Lawn. Talk in via the FLARC repeater, W2NPT, 144.870
input/145.470 output/PL 107.2.

All are welcome.  Handicap access is available. The club’s website is

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And this notice from Bergen County Skywarn:

2015 SKYWARN Spotter Training Classes will be conducted by the National
Weather Service in both Bergen & Passaic Counties!

More Information (including a short video of a previous Class) along
with links to Locations, Times, Maps, Driving Directions and to how to
Pre-register (required) is now available on the BergenSkywarn Website


These Classes are offered Free of Charge by the National Weather
Service and are open to all over the age of 16 unless prior consent is

Passaic County:
Monday April 6 2015
7:00pm to 10:00pm EDT
Passaic County Public Safety Academy (Auditorium)
300 Oldham Road
Wayne, NJ 07470

Bergen County:
Tuesday April 21 2015
7:00pm to 10:00pm EDT
Bergen County NJ Law And Public Safety Institute
(Hall of Heroes Auditorium)
281 Campgaw Road
Mahwah, NJ 07430

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New Providence Amateur Radio Club (NPARC) announces their Annual
Auction and Flea Market – Friday, February 27th (snow date March 6th)

New Providence High School Cafeteria
35 Pioneer Drive
New Providence NJ

NO COMMISSION charged to sellers
Unlicensed Spouses and Kids Free

Food and Beverages Available – Door Prizes Free parking

Talk in on W2LI-VHF 147.255+  pl = 141.3

Come at 6:00 p.m. to inspect auction items!

For Additional information or directions, visit:
or Call Paul Wolfmeyer at 201-404-6914 or email at pwolfmeyer@att.net

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Vy 73 de Mike N2YBB

ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Mike Lisenco, N2YBB

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