Hudson Division Beacon – September 2007

                    September 2007
Hudson Division Beacon – e-mail edition  – # 78
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
(516) 746-7652  
Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
201) 445-5924  and
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Hudson Division Award Recipients have been selected for 2007.   See
list below.

===>  DXers may want to answer this survey.  See:

===>  Contests Anyone?

Contests are not everyone’s cup of tea but they are a way to get a lot
of stations into your log quickly.  Then there are awards and
certificates to hang on the wall.  Beware the contest season is about
to start.  SM3CER’s page is a good starting point for a contest
calendar so you can plan to join or avoid:

There are two contests this month that really interest me.
Unfortunately they are both on the same weekend:

The IRTS contest “CQIR” on September 29 and 30.  See and click on the button listing the
contest. If you have any Irish connects in your genealogy chart this
may be of interest.   It is also a way to work Irish counties.  Here is
an award for that see
There are those who like to collect certificates.  Participation in
this one could also win you a trip to Ireland.  I will spend a little
time at this contest sending the exchange “1928 LON,” which is the year
my parents came to the US and the county they came from – Longford..

If you are looking to add states or countries to your RTTY worked list
make sure you are on for the CQWW RTTY Contest held on September 29th
and 30th.  See for the rules.  This is
the largest international RTTY contests with stations on from all over
the world.  There is always a chance to get a new one.  If you hear me
on please work me.

RTTY contesting is a very fast growing segment of contesting thanks to
sound card software and programs like N1MM and MMTTY.  See  and  which have a wealth of
information for the newcomer or old hand.

For a look at all the contests for the coming season see  and

+++++   Hudson Division Awards Dinner Nears   ++++++

November 10 is getting closer.  Get your ads and ticket money in soon!
BARA will once again host The 2007 Hudson Division Awards Dinner on
Saturday night, November 10, at the Holiday Inn, Saddlebrook, NJ.   See for ticket info.

You or your club may want to place an ad in the Awards journal.  Visit
the division web site for forms.

This year’s honorees are for Technical Achievement Walter Legowski –
WA1KKM from Schenectady, NY – Member of the Albany Amateur Radio Assn.
Nominated by:  George Wilner, K2ONP from Troy, NY.  Walter also
recently received an QST Cover Plaque Award for an article in QST.

For Grand Ole Ham – Van Field – W2OQI from Center Moriches, NY – Member
of the Peconic Amateur Radio Club.  Nominated by:  Robert Napoli –
K2LGO from Riverhead, NY

For Amateur of the Year – Larry Lutzak – WA2CNV from Bellerose, NY –
Member of the ARC-ECS Amateur Radio Club in Queens, NY  Nominated by:
George Sau – WB2ZTH of Huntington, NY

Vincent Mattera – WB2AAP from Brooklyn, NY – Member of Kings County
Repeater Assn. and Kings County Radio Club in NY.  Nominated by:
Michael Patino – N2BMU of Brooklyn, NY,  Laura Rudin – KB2VDV of
Brooklyn, NY and  Herbert Klein – W2NCM of Brooklyn,

Hudson Division Special Achievement Award will  to Tony Izzo – K2AMI
for his work and service on the ARRL Hudson Division Awards Dinner.

===> Amateur Radio Goes to Washington (Sep 27, 2007) — On October 3,
Army MARS Chief Stuart S. Carter, AAA9A, has invited the ARRL and
Amateur Radio representatives to join a MARS demonstration outside the
Capitol building in Washington, DC. With help from Laura Abshire,
Legislative Aide to Representative Mike Ross, WD5DVR (D-AR);Tricia
Russell, Legislative Aide to Representative Steve Israel (D-NY), and
coordination of the myriad details by “Pudge” Forrester, W4LTX, Systems
Administrator with Representative Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD), the “show” is
set for next Wednesday, and hams around the country can help.   For
more details see:

Alert your congressman to attend.


Currently there are only ten sponsors for our BPL study bill – HR 462.
That is really not enough  key legislators to make it happen in 2008.
I have asked previously that you contact “key” legislators to solicit
their co- sponsorship of this important bill.  You did write or make
Here is the information on that effort that was in the July “Beacon.”

By now you should be aware that ARRL has had a bill introduced in the
House and Senate requiring the FCC to study the “interference
potential” of BPL.  These are H.R. 462 and S 1629 both named “The
Emergency Amateur Radio Interference Protection Act of 2007.  See and

This is our major legislative thrust at the moment.  At this time we
are asking members to write to KEY legislators in both the Senate and
House to get them to co sponsor and push this bill through the Commerce
Committee.  PLEASE NOTE:  At this point we are contacting ONLY the
following legislators:

In New Jersey – Senator Frank Lautenberg and Congressman Frank Pallone
and Congressman Mike Ferguson

In New York – Congressmen Eliot Engel, and Congressman Edolphus Towns

Congressman David Israel has already signed onto H.R. 462

If you are in contact with the above legislators or have a relationship
with any of them please let me know at

You can find a suggested draft letter to the congressman at
Please personalize the letter with specifics about yourself and your
involvement in Amateur Radio, especially if you are or have been
involved in emergency communications, the thrust of both bills.

Please DO NOT email the letters, use USPS, all sources we talk to tell
us that e-mails are only counted.  They are not read!  To be effective
a letter must not appear to be a form letter but must be personalized.

Once you have mailed off your letter please send me an e-mail copy at and to our lobbyist in Washington DC at

Please get involved in this legislative effort if your are concerned
about BPL interference.


I just finished reading “The World of Ham Radio, 1901 to 1950: A Social
History,” by Richard A. Bartlett.  The book is a history of ham radio
for its first 50 years written by a retired history professor whose
older brother was a ham operator.  It contains a lot of interesting old
pictures and facts about the days of yore but the prose frequently
leaves something to be desired.  There are also a few gaffs that a ham
would not have made, but in all it is an interesting book.  I
pre-ordered it through Amazon.

Imagine my surprise when reading the next to the last page of the
“Epilogue” and read:

“But hams still have an incredibly important part to play in modern
society.  For example:
September 11, 2001:
After the terrorist attack the New York-Long Island section emergency
coordinator, Tom Carrubba, KA2D, reported that hams were supporting
emergency officials and American Red Cross relief, helping at Red Cross
shelters and New York City American Red Cross headquarters as well as
giving aid to the New York City Office of Emergency Management. Lower
Manhattan’s telephone system was operating problematically because of
overloading.  ‘The Amateur Radio ops (operators) are doing a great job
under very difficult and strange conditions,’ said Carrubba, ‘but this
is what they have trained for; they are doing it well.  … ”

No one else I know, including Dave Sumner at ARRL HQ, is mentioned in
the book.  But the famous Owl and NLI  that I sat next to at the Red
Lobster the evening before I read this paragraph, Tom, KA2D is.  Tom
gets almost an entire paragraph.

Congratulations, Tom

73 de Frank….N2FF……

===> An Exercise in Mutual Dependency: Interoperability at its Finest

The focus is on October 6, 2007 – a day when the major communications
players will get together for a carefully coordinated event.

It all starts with the simulation of an earth-shattering natural
disaster, a Tsunami rocketing up the East Coast resulting from an
earthquake off the coast of Puerto Rico triggering a massive underwater

Amateur radio organizations together with their federal and state
counterparts are forging new ground in interoperability using
state-of-the art technical assets to address this precedent-setting
scenario, one where the usual infrastructure of telephones, cell phones
and electric distribution systems are wiped out – and quickly.

Amateur radio has proven time and again its capability to respond in
real-time to a disaster without the existence of any communications
infrastructure. And during the 9-11 and Katrina events, the public at
large became aware of amateur radio as being the only possible way to
communicate in the initial days.

The October 6 simulated event addresses a Tsunami event over-shadowing
9-11 and Katrina in both size and complexity. ARES/RACES (Amateur Radio
Emergency Service/Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) will be major
amateur radio participants. State emergency organizations are
participating through the New Jersey SET exercise involving all 21
counties planned for the same date.

Army MARS, Region 2 (New Jersey & New York) is the lead organization
fully supported by Air Force and Navy-Marine MARS (a Defense
Department-sponsored organization of amateur operators). Mr. Bill
Fitzsimmons, Region 2 Director, advises that the ARES/RACES and the
MARS/SHARES (Government Shared Resources Network) organizations in
Regions 1, 2 and 3 are major participants in the exercise (Maine to
Virginia – prime tsunami country). Army MARS regions have been formally
aligned on a permanent basis with the DHS/FEMA regions for optimum
response and support, and will include the states of VA, MD, DE, NJ,
NY, CT, RI and MA in this exercise.

Command and Control has been set for Fort Monmouth, NJ using the
Incident Command Structure (ICS) as used by DHS/FEMA as well as
first-responder organizations at the state, county and local levels.
Interoperability between ARES/RACES and MARS/SHARES is being handled
through cross-band operations using a combination of military and
amateur HF and VHF frequencies. Cross-band has proven most effective
and has been used for years for Armed Forces Day communications between
amateurs and the military alike.

A major message center is to be established at Camp Evans, NJ, linked
to Fort Monmouth through VHF digital links using Winlink-2000. The link
deploys Airmail as the primary vehicle for digital traffic, fully
integrated with both radio (HF and VHF) and Internet (Telnet). Camp
Evans and Fort Monmouth also have voice linking. Both locations have
full communications capability to handle traffic on both digital and
voice with ARES/RACES members, MARS/SHARES members and the state EOC.
MT-63 is favored as the optimum digital mode for station to station

The “real world” direction of these amateur and government
organizations has been evolving over recent times with memoranda of
understanding (MOU) between the lead organizations on both sides.
Discussions with the ARRL and MARS taking place as recently as the
just-concluded convention is Huntsville have reaffirmed the value,
indeed the necessity, of these large organizations working closely
together as the only way to address major disasters such as the Tsunami
simulated exercise taking place on October 6.

Interoperability was the subject of an ARRL-MARS leadership forum
August 18 during the ARRL National Convention in Huntsville, AL.
Participants included Army MARS Chief Stuart S. Carter, Air Force MARS
Chief Al Eiermann, and from ARRL the CEO, David Sumner, COO Harold
Kramer and the new Emergency Preparedness Manager Dennis Dura. Carter
proposed expediting a Memorandum of Understanding formalizing the
operating relationship
between MARS and ARES. Details are now being worked out.

Mutual dependency will turn out to be a win-win for amateurs and the
military alike.

The public and potential victims of such disasters will view the
“win-win” as a true matter of survival, survival in a world where the
communications infrastructure of cell phones and telephones are wiped
out in just a few hours. ARES/RACES, MARS/SHARES working with first
responders and support organizations will, indeed, be seen as the “only
game in town”.

===> Community Emergency Response Team Training Scheduled For October

Sign up for the next Middletown Community Response Team (CERT) training
class to be held October 12-14, 2007

The program which is operated by Middletown Emergency Management
teaches residents how they can help one another during emergencies, big
and small. Skills taught during the 20-hour course include basic first
aid, light search and rescue, and preliminary damage assessment.

Middletown’s CERT is one of the largest teams in Monmouth County with
more than 100 members. No monthly meetings are required once training
is complete. CERT members are only called upon as needed. They have
assisted in searches for missing persons and water distribution during
power outages.

Training is free. Call 732-615-2129 for more information or send an
e-mail to


The September  2007 award goes to the  Peconic Amateur Radio Club
Newsletter, “PARC Serves.”       Congratulations once again to Paul S
Birman, WA2JPJ, of Southold who is the editor.  It’s hard not to select
“PARC Serve” every month as it repeatedly has interesting articles on
a wide variety of topics plus pictures and cartoons  I am sure if they
leave a few copies in the local library and local town hall they may
attract even more members..  Please take a look at

Clubs please make sure that you continue to send a copy of your pdf
file to  I have been missing some issues in the last few
months.  Not every division club is submitting each month.  It’s like
Lotto, if you don’t buy a ticket or send a PDF you can’t win!

HAMFEST –  Here are the remaining Hudson Division hamfests for 2007.
October 28th will be the last one of the season.

6 Oct 2007+Bergen Amateur Radio Association
Talk-In: 146.19/79 (PL 141.3)
Contact:Jim Joyce, K2ZO
286 Ridgewood Blvd. North
Township of Washington, NJ 07676
Phone: 201-664-7625
Email: k2zo@arrl.netTownship of Washington, NJ
Westwood Junior/ Senior High school
701 Ridgewood Road
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey
6 Oct 2007+Tailgate Hamfest
Ocean Monmouth Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 145.110 -600 (PL 127.3)
Contact:Jeffrey Harshman, N2LXM
PO Box 267
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
Phone: 732-996-0637
Email: n2lxm@juno.comWall Township, NJ
InfoAge Learning Center (Project Diana Site)
Marconi Road
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey
7 Oct 2007+Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 444.200 (PL 136.5) or 146.52 Simplex
Contact:Stephen Greenbaum, WB2KDG
85-10 34th Avenue, Apt. 323
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Phone: 718-898-5599
Email: wb2kdg@arrl.netQueens, NY
New York Hall of Science Parking Lot (Flushing Meadows Corona Park)
47-01 111th Street
Div: Hudson
Sect: New York City-Long Island
21 Oct 2007xTOBARES Hamfest
Town of Babylon Amateur Radio Emergency Services
Talk-In: 146.685/R (PL 110.9)
Contact:Walter Wenzel, KA2RGI
PO Box 1222
West Babylon, NY 11704
Phone: 631-957-0218
Email: tobares@optonline.netLindenhurst, NY
Fireman’s Memorial Park
Hartford Street
Div: Hudson
Sect: New York City-Long Island
28 Oct 2007+Long Island Indoor Hamfair & Electronics Show
Talk-In: 146.85 (PL 136.5)
Contact:Richie Cetron, K2KNB
198 Haypath Road
Old Bethpage, NY 11804
Phone: 516-694-4937
Fax: 516-694-4937
Email: hamfest@limarc.orgHicksville, NY
Levittown Hall
201 Levittown Parkway
Div: Hudson
Sect: New York City-Long Island

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