Hudson Division Beacon – October 2006

Hudson Division Beacon  e-mail edition  – # 67
October 2006
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
(516) 746-7652  
Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
(201) 455-5924  and
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Door prizes and a chance to win two HT’s for all those who attend.

Mary Hobart, K1MMH, ARRL’s Chief Development Officer will be on hand
and speak.

Order your tickets for the Amateur Radio Social event of the year at

The Bergen Amateur Radio Association will host the 2006 Hudson Division
Awards Dinner at the Holiday Inn in Saddle Brook, New Jersey on a
Saturday night, November 11th, at 7 PM.  We will have a very good view
from the 12 floor.  The location is at the junction of Route 80 and the
Garden State Parkway.   Ticket price is $48 per person.  Please join us
to honor all those receiving a division award.  Ticket and ad
applications will soon be available on the division web site.  No
tickets will be sold the night of the event.  Ticket sales will close
November 2nd  Please don’t leave it to the last minute!

This year’s awardees are:

Amateur of the Year – Barry Cohen, K2JV (from NNJ) nominated by: K2AL,
WW2OLF, KC2KMK, N2VI, W2FMI and KC2ONP (New Providence ARC/Salt Brook
School ARC)

Grand Ole Ham – Bob Raffaele, W2XM (from ENY) nominated by: K2XA Saul

Technical Achievement: Elmer Sharp, WA2YSM (from ENY) nominated by:
KB2ZE – Donald Hitt

Special Recognition for Public Service Excellence: Jeff Schneller,
N2HPO (NLI) nominated by: Mike Lisenco, N2YBB and Charles Gallo, KG2V

Please attend to help us honor these outstanding Amateur Radio
operators who truly make us all proud to be part of the Amateur Radio
Service.  Tickets are $48 and an application form is available at

We hope to see you there.


As a result of a recent FCC announcement we will soon have a new band
plan for many of our HF bands.
See   for the
full story.

You will see that there are a number of changes from what ARRL proposed
and what FCC initially announced in their NPRM on this issue.  One of
the BIG changes is the BIG increase in the voice band which will soon
start at 3600 for EXTRA class.   As a digital operator I am not too
happy about being squeezed into a smaller segment on that band and many
others may not be either.  I am sure that CW operators feel the same
way.  It appears that the FCC decided to make this change after they
released their NPRM as a result of a small group of hams sending a lot
of comments suggesting this change.

There are also a number of errors or conflicts in the document that
ARRL is attempting to have the FCC correct.

At the request of the Band Planning Committee we have put up an
invitation for member comments on the FCC rules changes in WT Docket
04-140.  Register your comments at:
A chart showing the allocation changes has been posted to the Web.
Color and greyscale versions are available at
It is our hope that by the end of the year the FCC will tell us what
they plan to do about CW testing and when a change will be implemented.
We are at least two years behind European countries making this

==> Travels From the Vice Director:  KA2ANF

One evening in July, Stephen Cass from the IEEE-?Spectrum Online? came
over from New York City to interview me about my involvement with
Amateur Radio, the HELLO campaign and the ARRL. We had a great time, as
I was able to make contacts with stations on the air, working
Montenegro, Germany and England to name a few. He was truly amazed at
how far the signals went and I think he’s a good candidate for this
hobby. Below is the link to the PODCAST, on the IEEE Spectrum-Online
page, and the result of that interview.

August came up so quickly and so did the Ramapo ARC Hamfest. Frank and
I enjoyed a nice time visiting with everyone and even made a few
purchases! And of course August is my birthday month, but I was not
anxious to celebrate this one! But, like all birthdays they come and go
so quickly.

It seems that yesterday we had just formed the committee that would
serve to select the 2006 ARRL Hudson Division Award Winners, but now as
I look at the calendar, it’s almost time for the dinner we have that
will honor them! Where did the time go?

The Bergen Amateur Radio Association, hopes you will join them and
others on Saturday night November 11, 2006 as we honor Barry Cohen,
K2JV, Bob Raffaele, W2XM, Elmer Sharp WA2YSM and Jeff Schneller, N2HPO.
This special Dinner is one of the highlights in the Hudson Division.
It’s one of the rare opportunities that we have to come together as a
Division and honor special folks that do so much for our hobby.

Tickets sales have been extended to Monday, November 6th, so there?s
still time to get your tickets. Please if you know you are going to the
dinner, take the time out now to visit the webpage and download the
form, fill out your check and mail it to me.

Clubs have been busy sending in ads for the Hudson Division Journal. If
your club would like to sponsor an ad for the Journal or perhaps
sponsor a plaque, there is still time to do this.

It was good to visit up-state, New York with our friends in Saratoga
Springs/Balston Spa area. A beautiful day for a Hamfest and though it
was a long ride, it was nice to see everyone.

The following day, after visiting Balston Spa, NY, Frank and I met up
at the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club Hamfest in Long Island. It
was a great day and I got word a few weeks in advance that Katie
Breen-W1KRB, ARRL Membership Manager was going to be in attendance!
Katie is a wonderfully, charming new addition to the ARRL Staff. We are
glad that she chose to spend the day in Long Island with us!

It seems like yesterday, or was it last weekend, that George, KC2GLG
and a few of us from NNJ helped in the Multiple Sclerosis ? MS-100 Bike
Race. This was an excellent opportunity to sharpen our communications
skills. Thanks to all who participated and thank you to Kathy KT2F, and
Karl, N2OYU for stepping up to lend their voices to Net Control.

The QSY Society hosted their 10th Anniversary get together by having a
Picnic in Wappingers Falls, NY. There was plenty of good home-made food
and a great BBQ. Even our friend, Julian, WA2WMJ set up a ?special
event? station to commemorate the event. It was great to watch the
youngsters enjoy contacts on HF! Thanks to Shirley N2SKP for inviting
us! Congratulations, QSY!!

BARA- The Bergen Amateur Radio Association held it’s fall Hamfest on
Saturday, September 30, 2006 in Washington Twp., NJ. What a great
surprise they had when ARRL Membership Manager, Katie Breen, W1KRB came
to visit that day, bringing all kinds of items from the ARRL. Katie,
even brought those wonderful promotion banners that the ARRL uses. And
you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! Bringing the ARRL
closer to the membership is vital and I think Katie was very well
received by all.

October 7, 2006 was the date of the ARRL Simulated Emergency Test or
SET exercise. I hope that most of you got the opportunity to
participate in some way.

On Sunday, October 8, 2006 I was invited to be the guest speaker at the
BARA meeting. It’s always nice when the local club is so close to home!
BARA has cultivated it’s relationship with the American Red Cross and
has the Ridgewood Chapter house for their monthly meeting. Thank you
all for making me feel so welcomed.

On Friday, October 20, 2006, George and I were present at the Sussex
County ARC club auction. Unfortunately, there was a bad accident on
Route 80, which made it almost impossible for some to travel to the
auction. But, K2KJI, Gene was there and there were a few items for
sale. We certainly enjoyed time spent with club members and had a great
opportunity to play with some of Bob Heil’s microphones. There was also
a setup in a demonstration kiosk on hand from K2KJI that offers a great
opportunity to see and hear what the different styles of microphones do
within the Heil-line. Thanks, Gene for bringing that out for the

Well, CQWW is coming up next weekend. There will be many of us on the
air from different clubs operating. I know Frank is operating from up
North, and I will be on the air here, hopefully, from K2VK. I encourage
all of you to get on, if only for a few hours. I believe that
participation is vital. Besides, it?s a fun way to show new people what
Amateur Radio is all about. If you are a casual contester, why not use
this as a time to show off the hobby!

As the colder months approach and the band conditions change, why not
try working a new mode or two. Sometimes we get in a rut and don’t get
on the air like we should. If you haven’t tried any of the digital
modes, like PSK31 or RTTY, why not make this the season to do something
different. If you’ve tried PSK, and not RTTY, why not make this your
year to experiment. The software for these modes is free and easily
accessible and you might already have some of this software in your
logging programs.
There are a few operating opportunities coming up the next few months.
November is Sweepstakes month, with both CW and SSB being separate
contest weekends. And don’t forget about SKYWARN Recognition Day on
December 2nd! Even if you don’t normally make a habit of contesting, or
don’t have a lot of time to spend, just a few hours of participation
can be fun!

Check the ARRL Website for a list of ARRL Contests and don’t forget the
end of the year Operating event sponsored by the ARRL PR
Committee/HELLO Campaign! The date will be December 29th and more
details will soon be on the ARRL Website.
I hope to see many of you at the ARRL Hudson Division Awards Dinner.
Please get your money in as soon possible!

73,  Joyce KA2ANF ARRL Vice Director, Hudson Division


==> BPL IN THE HUDSON DIVISION –  NJ is lucky as there still has not
been any deployment there.  But NY is another story.

On October 18 the New York State Public Service Commission issued a
statement on BPL.  ARRL at my urging had made a filing on this matter
back in March.  See
for a copy of that filing.  If you have trouble opening the file try  but here you will have to
select the ARRL filing from a list of other interested parties.

==> New York Public Service Commission Recognizes BPL Interference
Concerns (Oct 20, 2006) — The New York Public Service Commission
(NYPSC) this week adopted a policy statement on deployment of BPL
systems in the Empire State. While asserting that BPL technology “may
provide significant benefits to New Yorkers,” the commission also has
acknowledged that BPL “poses a myriad of both traditional and unique
technical and regulatory challenges.” The policy statement, issued and
effective October 18, says that while most BPL providers, equipment
makers and vendors believe the FCC’s Part 15 rules address interference
issues, that was not the consensus opinion of those who commented to
the Commission.

See the full story at:
==> ARRL Testifies at a NYC City Council Committee hearing on BPL and
smart metering

The day after the NYSPSC policy statement the City Council A committee
of the City Council of the City of New York held a hearing on the
deployment of smart meters using BPL technology.  The NLI Section
Manager, George Tranos, N2GA, received an invitation on Monday but was
unable to attend.  Hudson Division Director , Frank Fallon, N2FF along
with NYC DEC, Mike Lisenco,   , were able to attend.

I just returned from NYC City Hall where I had about 15 minutes to talk
about our problems with BPL pollution and handing in a copy of our two
videos and Chris’ filing with the NYSPSC from March. Mike Lisenco, the
NYC DEC was there but did not speak.

Con Edison was there and spoke first about what a great job they were
doing in Briacliff. While they said they would not be in the Internet
access business they did admit that there would probably at some future
point be some entity that would rent or lease their lines to provide
that access. Nearly all speakers were aware of yesterdays developments
from NYSPSC.

I spoke next to last. The last speaker was Jim Mollenkopf, Vice
President, Architecture and Products, for Current Technologies.

While I deviated quite a bit from my prepared statements to stress
points about the FCC regulation and our law suit over the BPL rules and
talk about the problems we encounter in Manassas and Briarcliff I
mentioned that we had had no problems in the Cincinnati deployment and
said that this was probably because it was a hybrid system or it
avoided the 2 to 30 MHz frequencies. I said that there would probably
be problems with any system that deployed equipment that used 2 to 30

The Current Technologies speaker followed me and he was sitting right
next to me at this point. He went into a detailed explanation of his
companies smart metering in Dallas and showed one of their devices
which plugged into the wall outlet. Then he spoke about their
deployment in Cincinnati and stated that they use frequencies above 30
MHz and that ARRL had applauded their efforts. At this point I said,
“He’s my new best friend,” and he patted me on the back to the delight
of those in the room who had been listening to some real boring stuff
for almost three hours at this point.

I think the council members present and their staff got our message
loud and clear. It was a good day in the Big Apple. As a side note, one
of the earlier speakers was a Westchester County legislator who felt
that the current NYSPSC was not doing enough for the consumer as he and
others wanted open smart metering when the consumer could get some
benefit from this technology. He said that he was running for NYS
senator and hoped that after the November election he would be in a
position to change that.   On Tuesday morning of this same week I was
part of a team that met with two other Westchester County legislators
to discuss BPL deployment in that county.  Along with me were Hudson
Division Assistant Directors, Dan Moses, W2YM, and Gerry Agliatta,
W2GLA along with Westchester County Radio Officer Alan Crosswell,
N2YGK.  Alan, incidentally, was the ham who filed a complaint about BPL
interference in that village.



The October 2006 award goes to the Hall of Science ARC (HOSARC) for
their very professional "News Fuse."   I am not sure who the
editor is but the pictures and layout are superb.   Great Job!  They
notched out both TARA and the Rip Van Winkle ARS which also had great
newsletters this month.   Both have won twice in the past year.
Congratulations editors and thanks for making your club a much more
interesting one.

===>  Mary Miller, NN2C, and Dan Manfre,W2NDP,  SK  – LIDXA Looses

Just a few weeks ago Dan Manfre, W2NDP, passed away in Florida and now
more bad news?.

As Secretary of the Long Island DX Association (LIDXA) it is with much
regret that I must report that our LIDXA President, Marty Miller, NN2C,
passed away yesterday Sept. 30.

Marty was very active in the LIDXA–being a member for over 25 years
and President for 7 years. He was a licensed ham for over 30 years
(first call was WB2VEX), and got into the hobby by his older brother.
Besides his activities in the LIDXA, Marty was President of the QCWA
(Long Island-Chapter 81); an honorary member of the Mid-Florida DX Assn
(MFDXA), and very active in the Grumman Amateur Radio Club. He would
regularly bring his new DXpedition videos down to LIDXA meetings and
was always trying out new software and hardware in his station. He
loved the hobby with a fervor and would relate to us, with gleeful
excitement, his stories about chasing down a new IOTA.

Marty was very active in working DXCC (Honor Roll Member), IOTA, and
Lighthouses. He was regular attendee at the Dayton Hamvention and the
IOTA Conference in England.

Marty was over 82 years young, and in 1999 was awarded an honorary
medal by the French Consul for his participation in the D-Day invasion
of Normandy.  Marty received the Silver Star for his actions in

73s to a great ham, compassionate person, and a good friend. “November,
November, Two, Charlie” will surely be missed by his stateside and

Ed Whitman, K2MFY, LIDXA Secretary

LIDXA has had a rough couple of weeks. First W2NDP and now NN2C. My
condolences to LIDXA.
Bernie, W3UR  Bernie McClenny, W3UR

===>Team Antigua on Air for CQWW SSB Contest

Team Antigua, V26B Will once again be in action for the Fall 2006
running of the CQWW SSB Contest.  Most of our operators will be
arriving the week before and be active on any and all modes using their
own calls listed below until a few days after the contest.

We will be Activating V26B for the 13th consecutive year this year and
would Love to Thank Everyone for their continued support over the years
and look forward to many more years of operating fun in the sun from
our Island Paradise in the Caribbean Sea, Antigua.

The 2006 V26B Operator Lineup and QSL Routes:

Also WX3B will be active, but his Antiguian Callsign is unknown at this

===> SkyWarn Training

For anyone that is interested, the Skywarntraining sponsored by RVW
will be November 20. You need to sign up for the training. It is open
to the public so sign up soon. You can sign up here: should go
through the training every 2 years and if you have not had the training
before, it is very interesting.


Orange County, NY ARES/RACES/Skywarn is seeking new members to help
its communications missions.  Recent activities have involved the
floods in the Port Jervis/Delaware river area and severe thunderstorm
spotting. Interested persons should contact Steve Fleckenstein, N2UBP
( or Jim Schug, W2JTS (  Please visit
our web page at

73,  Jim, W2JTS

===> College student, Nathaniel teaching another Tech class at
Montclair State University in Montclair, NJ.

I just wanted to let you know that we will be holding another
license class at MSU this fall.  Please pass this info on to anyone
would like to participate.  The dates are:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Wednesday, November 1, 2006
Wednesday, November 8, 2006
Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Wednesday, November 15, 2006 (VE Session)

The class is $40, which includes the textbook and 1 exam.

All details can be found at

If anyone who is already licensed is interested in helping, please let

Thanks and 73!  de Nathaniel, W2NAF]

Note: Nathaniel  is an ARRL Registered Instructor.

===> Toddler Troubleshooter    from K1KI

Joe/KM1P was here Monday afternoon to help out with a balky 15m rotator
problem.   It was perfect weather for tower work.  We thought the
rotator (at 85′) might have to be swapped out but decided that we
needed to make sure it wasn’t a control box or cable problem first.

Joe had is son RJ along with him and the plan was for RJ to sleep for a
couple of hours while we dealt with the rotator.   Turns out RJ had
other ideas and woke up after about 20 minutes.   In any case, in the
shack all of the voltages on the output of the control box seemed
normal, as did the resistances of the cable when disconnected, at least
as close as they get with a 450′ cable run.    We could even hear the
loud clang when the brake was disengaged and engaged.   Still, the
antenna (5L15) didn’t turn..

Then Joe (and RJ) went out in the woods to the base of the tower to see
if he could hear the rotator motor groaning or humming as I tried to
turn it.   After going back and forth with the control box a couple of
times, Joe didn’t hear much.  Then RJ started to help.   Oh yes, RJ is
only about a year or two old and is walking but not without some
wobbling.   Joe was holding RJ on his shoulders as he put his ear up
against the tower.  RJ thought this would be a good time to help out
and grabbed one of the wires.   Then I noticed the rotator indicator
was moving.  Joe said he heard a hum and it sounded like the motor had
started.   Then we realized that RJ had flexed the rotator cable at the
point there was a splice in the cable and found the problem…  The
rotator was now turning the antenna just fine.

After inspection, the cable splice was actually pretty good, but it
appeared that even with individually soldered and taped wires, at least
one of the solder connections had sharp points that must have
penetrated the tape.  RJ continued his inspection work by swinging on
more control cables and hardline.   He didn’t find any more problems.
After that Joe headed off with RJ to see mom, and I got rid of the
sharp points and retaped the splice.

I think Joe may want to contract RJ out in the future…   He knows
what he is doing.

De  — Tom, K1KI

e-mail:    YCCC –>
Tom Frenaye, K1KI, P O Box J, West Suffield CT 06093

===> Ham Emergency Communications get plug in on line police


You never know where you will see an article about ham radio but it
always helps to let folks know we are still there when all else fails.
Thanks to Glen Karkovich and Mike Adams, WA2MWT, for getting this one
out to the public

HAMFEST:  The next event is January  7th –  HRU 2007  Save the day for this very
interesting event.

ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Frank Fallon, N2FF

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