Hudson Division Beacon – November 2008

                     November 2008
Hudson Division Beacon – e-mail edition  – # 90
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
(516) 746-7652  
Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
(201) 445-5924   and
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ARRL Members

Please continue to spread the word to others that may wish to receive
this information that they will need to access the ARRL members only
web site.   After becoming a member they must edit their profile and
elect to receive bulletins from the Section Manager and Director.  If
you are already a member on the ARRL site ( from
the “Members Only” box click on “members data page” and then under
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Hopefully you will receive this before the Thanksgiving Holiday and
CQWW is over and you are still working through the last of the turkey
sandwiches and cranberry sauce.  We hope you had a great holiday.

CQ WW CW DX Contest this weekend –  A chance to work a few new ones!
For rules see:

If you are in buying mode try The Fair Lawn Amateur Radio Auction
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2008, the Friday after Thanksgiving, at The Fair
Lawn Senior Center, 11-05 Gardiner Road, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410  DOORS
at (201) 791-3841 Or ,

===> ARRL President Emeritus George Wilson, W4OYI (SK) (Nov 26, 2008)
— George S. Wilson III, W4OYI, of Owensboro, Kentucky, passed away at
his home on November 25. He was 76. Wilson served as the ARRL’s 11th
President from January 1992-July 1995. He resigned from the position
after a stroke in 1995. Wilson’s tenure in ARRL leadership included
positions as Kentucky Section Emergency Coordinator, Kentucky Section
Communications Manager, Vice Director and Director of the Great Lakes
Division, as well as Vice President and First Vice President,
eventually culminating in the position of ARRL President. Upon
retirement from the League’s top position, Wilson was named President
Emeritus based on his lifelong commitment to Amateur Radio and the
League — one of only four people granted this honor. He also served as
an Assistant Director in the Great Lakes Division.


===>  Hudson Division Awards Event A Social and Financial

This year’s event was held on Saturday – November 8, 2008 from 12:00
Noon through 4:00 PM at Biagio’s Restaurant,  299 Paramus Road,
Paramus NJ.   The event was graciously hosted by the Metroplex ARC of
Ft. Lee, NJ. And over 70 attended.  Biagio’s new room and the fine food
were a real hit with attendees.

Thanks to the generosity of the vendors, individuals and clubs who took
ads in the Awards Journal and those on hand at the event more than
$1700 was raised for the ARRL Spectrum Defense Fund.  When all the
checks have been received and the bills paid we may have reached the
$2000 mark.  No less important is that we had a chance to honor the
award recipients and the food was great.  We will be back at Biagio’s
next November for the 2009 event.  Please hold open SUNDAY November
8th, 2009.  We will hold the 2009 event on a Sunday afternoon.  Please
plan to be with us!

Again, those we honored this year are:

2008 Technical Achievement  – Adam Feuer – N2ACF of  Stony Point, NY
who was nominated by:  Robert Brennen – WA2HNG

2008 Grand Ole Ham  – George Gluck – WA2WKV of  Plainview, NY  who was
nominated by:  Richard Cetron – K2KNB

2008 Amateur of the Year   –  David Mutterer KC2H of  Belford, NJ who
was  nominated by:  Chris Esser – KC2RGW

2008 Special Recognition Award    for his his work regarding BPL and
LIPA Richard Rosner N2STU   of   West Sayville, NY  Nominated by:
Richard Cetron  – K2KNB

===>  Hudson Division Cabinet and Club President’s Meeting  –  February
7th 2009 in Paramus

Please hold the date.  All clubs should plan to send a representative.
Normally we hold these meetings in either December or January.  In 2009
it will be held in February.  Directions next month.


Please take a look at

The November 2008 award goes to  “LIMARC LOG”  of the Long Island
Mobile Amateur Radio Club for their December Newsletter.
Congratulations to editor Ray Taruskin, W2RFR fine job on the club
newsletter.  The many pictures in this month’s e log really put it over
the top.  I think the pictures of the Awards Luncheon did the trick.
With all the cell phone cameras and “digital dudes” snapping away at
ham events there should be pictures in every newsletter.  Some have
none.  Please note, they have not received a monthly award here.

Clubs please make sure that you continue to send a copy of your pdf
file to  I have been missing some issues in the last few
months.  Not every division club is submitting each month.  It’s like
Lotto, if you don’t buy a ticket or send a PDF you can’t win!

==> DXCC Listings in Print — Deadline 31 December, 2008 — This is a
reminder that the end of the DXCC calendar year is rapidly approaching.

In order to appear in the printed Annual and Honor Roll listings your
submission must be postmarked on or before Wednesday, December 31,

The DXCC Annual List is scheduled for publication in the 2008 DXCC
Yearbook. In order for your callsign to appear your total for an active
award must increase by at least one credit. You do not have to reach
the next endorsement level. Active awards are indicated by an
asterisk(*). Award categories with 100 or more that do not have an
asterisk will not appear. If you made a submission in 2008 and would
like to have an award appear in the list that is not yet activated, you
can contact DXCC to activate the award and receive the certificate. The
fee to activate an award, including postage is $13.75 (USA) and $16.50
(non-USA). You will not be charged a submission fee for this action.
The DXCC Honor Roll list is scheduled for publication in August 2009
QST. For the 2008 calendar year the minimum requirement to appear in
the Honor Roll list is 329 current entities. The Top of the Honor Roll
total is 338 for this period. Remember, deleted entities do not count
towards the Honor Roll.

Direct comments or questions to

===>KC4 Needed?
Adam K2ARB will be QRV as KC4/K2ARB – CE9/K2ARB – VP8DKF from the ALE
(Antarctic  Logistics & Expeditions) base camp at Patriot Hills and
surrounding areas from  Dec.18 2008 to Jan. 30 2009 on CW, SSB and
PSK31 when workload permits. Read an article by Adam about his
operation in the upcoming Jan ’09 issue of QST or  follow his blog at   QSL via HC.

web site   for more info and picture.

===> FCC Responds to ARRL Petition Against Experimental License using
40 Meter Band
(Oct 24, 2008) — On Monday, October 20, the ARRL filed a “Petition for
Modification or Cancellation of Experimental Authorization” (Petition)
with the FCC with respect to WE2XRH. According to the FCC, this
experimental license — issued to Digital Aurora Radio Technologies
(DART) — proposes to “test digital transmissions in 4.50-5.10 MHz,
7.10-7.60 MHz and 9.25-9.95 MHz for a terrestrial digital radio service
to the citizens of Alaska.” The League’s protest was prompted by the
certainty that high-power operation in the frequency range 7.10 to 7.30
MHz would cause unacceptable and harmful interference to the Amateur
Radio Service in this part of the 40-meter band, which is an exclusive
amateur allocation in ITU Region 2 (North and South America).      See

===> IBM Teams up with BPL Provider to Offer Services in Seven States
(Nov 12, 2008) — On Wednesday, November 12, IBM announced that it has
signed a $9.6 million deal with International Broadband Electric
Communications (IBEC) to install equipment and provide BPL service to
almost 350,000 homes in Alabama, Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania,
Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. According to the Associated Press, IBEC
Chief Executive Scott Lee said the network, which will be funded by $70
million in low-interest federal loans from the Department of
Agriculture, should be in place in about two years. IBEC currently
provides broadband to only about 1400 customers, most of them beginning
to receive service in the past 18 months.

Full story at

===> ARRL Sweepstakes Celebrated Diamond Anniversary (Nov 12, 2008) —
Fans of domestic contesting took to the airwaves earlier this month for
the 75th running of the ARRL November SSB Sweepstakes. According to
ARRL Contest Branch Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X, the event started back
in 1929 as a competition for handling formal traffic messages and is
one of the oldest traditions in Amateur Radio. A complete primer by
ARRL Contributing Editor H. Ward Silver, N0AX, on how to participate in
Sweepstakes can be found in the Radiosport supplement in the October
2008 issue of QST.

If you participated check out some of the momentos available at:

===>  What Section are you in?  You need to know that when you
participate in Sweepstakes.  BRONX = NLI !!!!

We recently learned that there was some confusion as to what comprised
the NLI Section. A fairly new Bronx ham was told that he was in the ENY
Section by some of his ENY club members who were long time hams.  Is
NLI rare because Bronx hams have been mislead and believe they are in
ENY?  We need to stop these ENY hams from hijacking Bronx hams into
ENY.  Question: Is this a form of identity theft?  Should Homeland
Security be alerted and asked to check hams crossing into Westchester
County on SS weekends?

The NLI Section can be fairly rare and sought after in Sweepstakes,
especially the CW portion of the contest.  It may be that many NLI hams
who enter the contest search and pounce rather than run.

NLI, New York City Long Island, comprises all of the five boroughs of
New York City and Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  It is the second
largest section in the Hudson Division in terms of membership.  NNJ is
the largest and ENY is the smallest, but generally has more
participants in SS.  Perhaps that is because it is easier get up
antennas than in NLI.  Or could it be “section identity theft”?

Bottom line: The Bronx is NOT in the ENY Section.  As part of NYC it is
in the NLI Section.  NLI stands for “New York City – Long Island.”
Don’t let you section identity be stolen.

While on the subject, I must point out that this year many SSB
operators thought that “November Lima India” was Illinois.  I had about
seven stations thank me for Illinois after I sent the exchange.
Despite recent wind storms, Dorothy, I believe that I am still in NLI.

Ballots for the New York City -Long Island Section Manager election
ballots have been counted, and the counts have been verified by the
Membership and Volunteer Programs Department.   Here are the results:

Mike Lisenco, N2YBB, received 468 votes
Robert Biamonte, WB2OMW, received 134 votes

Mike Lisenco, N2YBB, has been declared the winner.   His two-year term
of office begins January 1, 2009

73,   Steve Ewald, WV1X   –  Supervisor, Field Organization Team

===> ARRL Announces “The Triple Play WAS Award……  You must be on
LoTW to WIN…….

1. The Triple Play WAS (Worked All States) Award is available to all
amateurs worldwide who must use Logbook of the World (LoTW) to confirm
QSOs with each of the 50 states on voice, CW, and digital modes. The
Triple Play WAS Award is a serial-numbered award starting with # 1, as
determined by the time stamp of the electronic application submitted
via LoTW. Awards issued will be tracked and presented on the ARRL

2. Two-way communications must be established on amateur bands with
each state on each mode. There is no minimum signal report required.
Any or all bands (except 60 Meters) may be used for the Triple Play
WAS. The District of Columbia may be counted for Maryland.

3. Contacts must be made from the same location, or from locations no
two of which are more than 50 miles apart. Club station applicants,
please include clearly the club name and callsign of the club station
(or trustee).

4. Contacts must be made after 0000Z on January 1, 2009 to be
considered for this award. LoTW will be programmed to automatically use
this criterion. Contacts must be confirmed via LoTW. Written
confirmations will not be accepted.

5. There are no endorsements for the Triple Play WAS Award.

6. Contacts made through “repeater” devices or any other power relay
method cannot be used for WAS confirmation. A separate WAS is available
for Satellite contacts. All stations contacted must be “land stations.”
Contact with ships, anchored or otherwise, and aircraft, cannot be
counted. EXCEPTION: Permanently docked exhibition ships, such as the
Queen Mary and other historic ships will be considered land based.

7. A US applicant must be an ARRL member to participate in the WAS
program. DX stations are exempt from this requirement.

8. Attempts to falsify data, logs, or other application operations may
be grounds for disqualification. The decision of the ARRL Awards
Committee in such cases is final.

9. Please follow the instructions presented on the LoTW website. The
cost of the Triple Play WAS award is $12 for a certificate delivered to
a U.S. address, or $13 delivered to an address outside U.S.A. Per-QSO
fees associated with using LoTW credits as normal will be charged via
the online application.

Frank, Joyce,

As you may know, my brother Tom (KC2CGZ) died last week. I am trying to
help his wife out with the tremendous amount of paper work involved
with notifications and terminations of subscriptions. A mass was held
for him this past Saturday and he will be interred at Arlington
Cemetery with
full military honors as he was a retired Army officer.

I now have in my possession his amateur radio license and want to
notify the proper authorities at the FCC for cancellation of the
license. I can find no reference to a procedure in the part 97
regulations and I sent Bill Cross of the FCC an email last week to
which he hasn’t replied. I did, however, send the ARRL “Silent Keys”
administrator a copy of the obituary and asked that his name be
included in the silent keys column. Does the ARRL forward this
information to the FCC or is it still advisable for me to pursue the

I would appreciate any advice or information you can give me. Joyce I
know you have sad experience in these matters and what did you do?

John Gagen – W2YR

Joyce Birmingham wrote:


I’m so sorry to hear of your brothers passing.  I did not realize that
he was a ham.  Our condolences to you and to his wife.  What a sad time
for her.  And yes, it is a tremendous amount of paperwork and very

The ARRL has all of your answers. You can find any information that you
seek on Licensing on the website.  Maria Somma at ARRL/VEC is my
life-line and helped me so much in my dealings with Andy’s death and
the death of others.

All that you will be required to do…actually, anyone can do this, is
to supply a copy of the Obituary for the SK to the ARRL – which you
have said that you have done.

The FCC will need the following to cancel a license of a deceased
holder: FCC requires that they receive a signed written request
indicating that the current licensee is now deceased (include the
deceased licensee’s name and call sign in the letter).  Also, FCC
requires that some type of evidence of death accompany the request —
something that verifies that the licensee is deceased — such as a
dated newspaper obituary, a death certificate or [SSDI]
social-security/death-benefits documentation.

Mail or Courier to:  FCC, Attn: Amateur Cancellation, 1270 Fairfield
Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325-7245. Faxed documents are not accepted.

If I can be of any further assistance, John, please feel free to call.

Again, our condolences.

73,  Joyce KA2ANF


HAMFEST:  HRU January 11, 2009 but it not a Hamfest  see
ARRL First Vice President, Kay Craigie, N3KN, will be the Keynote

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