Hudson Division Beacon – November 2006

November  2006
Hudson Division Beacon — e-mail edition  – # 68
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
(516) 746-7652  
Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
(201) 455-5924  and
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Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  Enjoy the holiday weekend with
family and friends.

CQ WW CW DX CONTEST THIS WEEKEND   –   Antenna challenged stations will
heave an easier time the second day (Sunday) working the DX multi-multi
stations for DXCC.

We are in the process of fixing the links to the Section sites from our
web page thanks to the efforts of webmaster George Sabbi, KC2GLG.
Check  The NNJ site is back in operation

Hopefully the other two sections will be up and running shortly.
Thanks to George and the sections web masters.


The November 11th Hudson Division Awards Dinner held at the Holiday Inn
in Saddle Brook, New Jersey was a very big success socially and
financially.  Five award recipients, including one who could not be
present last year, were on hand to be honored by the more than 120
present and to give a short talk about their career in Amateur Radio.
They all gave informative, interesting and frequently humorous
speeches.  More than $1,000 was raised for the ARRL Spectrum Defense
Fund through Award’s Journal Ads and the raffle of two donated HT’s
that evening.

Door prizes and a chance to win two HT’s for all those who attend.

Mary Hobart, K1MMH, ARRL’s Chief Development Officer was on hand to
speak about the ARRL Foundation and the need for raising funds for
spectrum defense.  Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, presented Mary with a
check from members of the East Coast DX Association.

This year’s awardees were:

Amateur of the Year – Barry Cohen, K2JV  (from NNJ) nominated by:
K2AL, WW2OLF, KC2KMK, N2VI, W2FMI and KC2ONP (New Providence ARC/Salt
Brook School ARC)

Grand Ole Ham – Bob Raffaele, W2XM (from ENY) nominated by: K2XA Saul

Technical Achievement:  Elmer Sharp, WA2YSM (from ENY) nominated by:
KB2ZE – Donald Hitt

Special Recognition for Public Service Excellence:  Jeff Schneller,
N2HPO (NLI) nominated by:  Mike Lisenco, N2YBB and Charles Gallo, KG2V

Also present and speaking were former Hudson Division Director Richard
Sandell, WK6R, who introduced the 2005 "Amateur of the Year"
Tom Raffaelli, WB2NHC, who was unable to be present last year due to a
death in his family.  Both gave great short speeches.  Former ARRL
First VP and Hudson Division Director, Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML, was also
in attendance.

It was a fun evening and some thirty five people went home with door
prizes.  Many of those honored have been sending e-mails to friends
thanking them for the honor and promising to be back next year to see
others honored.


A little over five years ago the ARRL Board made the decision to create
a development office at ARRL and to seek financial assistance from
members who were in a position to give over and above their normal
yearly dues.  Mary Hobart, K1MMH, was hired to run the program.  The
reason for this decision was, in large part, an effort to avoid
constant dues increases to fund an expensive agenda of activities.
ARRL has a very costly program of activities and we did not want to
have to cut back or raise dues.  When some of us give over and above
our dues fees we help ARRL both avoid raising dues and at the time help
to finance many of our programs which do not pay for themselves.

While an FCC license is normally free at renewal time, unless you have
a vanity call, not much else is in ham radio.  ARRL wants very much to
continue to be involved in Advocacy, Education, Membership Services and
Public Service.  From time to time you will receive a mailing
soliciting donations or membership in the Diamond Club from ARRL. If
you are not in position to give, please ignore it.  These are simply
reminders that the program exist and perhaps you are in a position to

Please consider renewing or joining the Diamond Club or sending a
donation to support Spectrum Defense.  See
Or simply click on the yellow "Donate to ARRL" button at the
bottom of the banner on the ARRL web site for a menu of choices.  ARRL
members can contribute to The Diamond Club using their renewal form.

The ARRL Legislative Action Program wants you! (Nov 9, 2006) — The
ARRL Legislative Action Program wants League members who are willing to
get directly involved in promoting and protecting Amateur Radio through
coordinated, legitimate political action at the “grassroots level.” The
program is being staffed to prepare for the 110th Congress, which
convenes in January. ARRL Great Lakes Division Director Jim Weaver,
K8JE, who heads up the Legislative Action Program, says members of
Congress often base their votes upon their understanding of what their
constituents — the voters who put them in office — want. “As a
constituent, your opinion is important to them,” Weaver says.
“Constituent input helps lawmakers gauge positions on legislation and
determine how a particular bill might affect voters in their states or
districts.” He says radio amateurs can be a valuable resource to
members of Congress, who may have only a limited knowledge of Amateur
Radio. “Your combination of being a constituent and a federal licensee
can help make a difference by ensuring that your member of Congress and
staff receive the balanced information they need to make good decisions
on Amateur Radio-related legislation,” Weaver adds. A new Frequently
Asked Questions (FAQ) on the ARRL Legislative Action Program now is
available for ARRL members and others interested in this ARRL
grassroots effort. Contact your ARRL Division Director for additional
information or to volunteer. There’s more information on the ARRL
Government Relations page.

===>  SKYWARN Recognition Day 2006   – 0000-2400 December 2 2006
Its that time of the operating year again, to call attention to the
good work of and the relationship between the many (over 260,000
nationwide) SKYWARN Spotters and the National Weather Service. All
across the country, NWS Forecast Offices will be on the air (there are
usually more than 100 individual Forecast Offices and Centers active
during the event) with Amateur Radio operators, located inside the
Forecast Offices, looking to make as many contacts as they can with
Amateur Radio operators from around the world and with other NWS
Forecast Offices.
Modes to be used include CW, Phone, RTTY and PSK31, as well as EchoLink
and IRLP. Many stations also setup VHF and UHF stations and use local
repeaters and simplex during the event as well. You can see a list
(still being updated) of participating NWS stations (and their
operating modes and times) here:
This national operating event, sponsored by both the ARRL and NWS,
serves to call attention to the good work done throughout the year by
the SKYWARN Spotters who are also Amateur Radio Operators
(approximately 40% of the total number of SKYWARN Spotters are also
licensed Amateur Radio operators).
In the Hudson Division, the NWS Forecast Offices located in Upton NY
and Mt Holly NJ are already planning operations and are eager to have
you not only contact them on the air during the event, but also to have
you stop by and help out as an Operator at their Forecast offices’!
Contact your local SKYWARN Coordinator for more information on how you
can get setup to be on the NWS side of the pileups!
Lastly, for those of you working on your WAS (Worked All States Award),
this is an excellent opportunity to work different States! Many
Stations will be providing QSL Cards and the NWS offers a Certificate
for contacting as few as one participating NWS Forecast Office.
Complete and updated information on SKYWARN Recognition Day 2006 is
available here:


While we have not yet selected the winner of the 2007 Division
Newsletter — (The Assistant Director Jury is still out on this one) we
are now into the 2008 competition with the November winner.  We hope to
have word of that decision in the December "Beacon."

The November 2006 award goes to the LIMARC (Long Island Amateur Radio
Club) for the December of the "LIMARC Log."  Congratulations
to editor Ray, W2RFR.  Lots of pictures made the December issue very
interesting and informative..
The Fairlawn Amateur Radio Club will hold an auction the FRIDAY AFTER
They claim, "We will try and sell almost anything you bring to the
auction. However electronics are the main items to be sold.  The
auction will be held at The Fair Lawn Senior Center  11-05 Gardiner
Road  Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
TALK IN ON 146.79- REPEATER (PL 141.3)


===> NLI Rare in ARRL SS Contest??
It’s nice to be considered rare. In last weekend’s SSB Sweepsteaks I
had a KL& get very excited Sunday afternoon when I sent have him my NLI
exchange. He said, "Oh boy, now all I need is two more and I have
a clean sweep (all 80 section multipliers)."  A few hours later I
had a similar reaction from a Nevada station.
After the contest I saw this quote from a contest reflector:

"First off I would like to thank Dave K1TTT for allowing me to
again operate this contest from his super station. While my time was
limited (6 hours) I knew that I was going to get a sweep when my second
QSO was VY1MB, found him CQing while searching for a clear frequency on
20 meters. My last section for a sweep was NLI!"
When I sent an e-mail commenting on my experience to the Owls, a
contest and DX club I belong to, I had this detailed response from
KS2G, Mel:

"In almost every SS, I work several stations that say they’ve
“been looking for NLI all day” and/or needed it for the Sweep.

Basically NLI is rare because there are only a handful of stations on
from here during SS, and most of them are on for only a couple of hours
and make relatively few contacts. And there are no Super Stations
available for big multi-op efforts.

Last year in the SS-SSB, for example, 15 logs were submitted from NLI.
Six of them contained fewer than 100 contacts and three more had just
over 100 (103, 108 & 132). Only two stations ran high power and there
was only one multi-op, which logged only 545 Q’s. Entries from NLI
logged only 2,702 Q’s.

Over in nearby NNJ, their two multi-ops alone had nearly as many (N2NT
1,737 and AB2DE 668 … for a total of 2,405) and there were also 14
single-op entries with a total of another 2,240 Q’s. Upstate in ENY,
there were 33 entries totaling more than 10,000 Q’s.

I think you get the idea.

We’re rare, because we’re rare!"

73, Mel – KS2G


Price of Sony PS-3 on eBay: $1500 – $5000
Price of an Amateur Radio Station: ? (don’t want the XYL to know)
Price for doing a phone contest: 2 Tylenol
Watching your 8 year old son running guys: Priceless!

After four years of Kids Day and two years of FD, the contest bug has
bitten my son, Sam. We started the contest by doing some S&P and he was
comfortable with just having to say the serial number and the DVK did
the rest. Then I found a clear spot high in the band on 75 (in between
the guys complaining about contesters, the government or their
hemorrhoids) and started to run guys. He didn’t think he could do it. I
kept coaxing him while I was running and after about 20 minutes I just
switched headphones and DVK files on the fly. After the first few QSO’s
I could tell the nervousness went out the window and he was really into
it. He kept watching the mult window too and gave a thumbs up every
time we worked a new one. Unfortunately we could only put in about 6
hours and did not get the sweep.

It was also nice to work so many other youngsters and YL’s. Maybe ham
radio isn’t dying after all. I would like to thank the many guys and
gals that gave words of encouragement to Sam during our QSO’s. You
should have seen the smile on his face.

Now if we can get the FCC to relax these silly third party rules and
let these kids work some DX, maybe they will trade in their Sony’s for

CU this weekend
Mike, N2GC

BTW the ARRL License Manual is on Sam’s Xmas list.  (de the YCCC
Contest reflector)

===> FIELD DAY SCORES –  It is an operating event but folks do like to
see how their club or group did in the event.  Below is listing derived
from the "Members ONLY" ARRL site using the software
available there.  In order to get the listing to print out here I had
to drop out the GOTA call and mangle a few of the club designation to
fit the space available. (Sorry about that!)

Apologies to those sixteen club/groups that ran GOTA stations and
involved some potential new hams in the days activities.  Also thanks
to those who braved the deluge that weekend in June.

Should you wish to get your own listing visit the ARRL site at and click on the yellow "operating activities "
button then click "Contests" and select "Field Day
Scores."  At this point you will be able get the software to give
you a listing in a number of different fashions.  Try it out.  The
displays you can get are quite interesting and perhaps helpful.

Call Score Class QSOs Power Section Participants Club
K2USA 2782 1A 774 2 NNJ 14 Garden State ARA
W2YD 2050 1A 465 2 NNJ 13 Morris RC
W2RJ/2 662 1A 141 2 NNJ 4 Englewood ARA
KB2HAP 362 1A 96 2 ENY 3 The Mountain Gang
K2GQ 640 1AC 188 2 NNJ 8 Roseland ARC
W2RJ 612 1AC 141 2 NNJ 4 Englewood ARA
WB2AXF 640 1B1 110 2 ENY 1
W2JLK 2480 1B1B 203 5 NNJ 1
K2KGJ 1400 1B1B 105 5 ENY 1
KD2HE 1060 1B1B 96 5 NLI 1
N2JPR 490 1B1B 49 5 NLI 1
N2MH/M 314 1C 41 2 NNJ 1
W2LHL 1278 1D 307 2 NNJ 1
WA2JQK 1256 1D 402 2 ENY 1
N2RI 1062 1D 228 2 NLI 1
W2DX 850 1D 200 2 ENY 1
W2HLI 848 1D 212 2 NLI 1
WS2N 430 1D 101 2 NLI 1
N2SKP 364 1D 99 2 ENY 1
N2BZP 282 1D 58 2 ENY 1
N2GT 252 1D 51 2 NNJ 1
K2HVE 224 1D 112 2 NNJ 1
N2MRI 172 1D 61 2 ENY 1
WA2WMJ 162 1D 46 2 ENY 1
KZ2G 148 1D 37 2 NLI 1
N2XI 108 1D 27 2 ENY 1
KC2EXL 82 1D 11 2 NNJ 1
KC2JRQ 76 1D 13 2 NLI 1
KC2NFI 70 1D 10 2 ENY 1
WA2BKN 70 1D 35 2 NNJ 1
KA2IBN 20 1D 10 2 ENY 1
WA2CKP 14 1D 7 2 NLI 1
WA2EQF 2590 1E 561 2 NNJ 5
KD2MX 1570 1E 152 5 NNJ 1
WA4FOM 1100 1E 85 5 NNJ 1
KG2V 978 1E 203 2 NLI 1
K2ESE 964 1E 210 2 NNJ 1
N2ZU 960 1E 196 2 NNJ 1
W2TI 850 1E 60 5 NNJ 1
N2MTG 792 1E 321 2 ENY 1
NJ1F 476 1E 99 2 ENY 1
K2EFK 292 1E 21 2 NNJ 1
AB2KT 124 1E 33 2 NNJ 1
W2EF 3330 1F 690 2 NNJ 8 West Essex ARC
WK2I 3032 1F 778 2 NNJ 20 New Providence ARC
K2VOA 1958 1F 829 2 NNJ 4 Piscataway ARC
W2TIN 818 1F 80 2 NNJ 8 RariaBay/Manalapan
W2LV 10700 2A 2802 2 NNJ 14 Sussex CTY ARC Inc
N2XJ 6266 2A 1905 2 NNJ 50 New Providence ARC
WB2QBP 3542 2A 1096 2 NLI 27 Emerg Comm Svc ARC
W2VL 3040 2A 746 2 NLI 80 Long I Mobile ARC
K2PUT 2578 2A 656 2 ENY 33
W2YRC 2482 2A 564 2 ENY 32 Yonkers ARC
W2RC 2356 2A 513 2 NLI 18 Radio Central ARC
W2NRC 2192 2A 405 2 NNJ 42 Neptune ARC
W2LRC 1680 2A 297 2 NLI 32 Larkfield ARC
WB2HBO 1606 2A 218 2 NLI 18 Home Box Office
ARCK2ZV 1542 2A 347 2 NNJ 12 Carteret EMVA ARC
K2YNT 1502 2A 313 2 NNJ 7 Metuchen RC
KC2ONU 1066 2A 233 2 ENY 4 RECWA
W2VA 1014 2A 192 2 NLI 12 Wantagh ARC
W2CRA 1006 2A 152 2 NNJ 19 Cherryville RA II
K2MET 778 2A 239 2 NLI 3 Metro. 222 ARS
NC2PD 682 2A 216 2 NLI 4 NassauCoPolice ARC
K3GDX 602 2A 76 2 NNJ 4 Clifton ARSociety
WB2JSM 456 2A 153 2 NLI 10 Hall ofScience ARC
K2OAK 794 2B2 221 2 NNJ 2 Red Oak Society
W2WHP 4646 2D 1320 2 NLI 308 WmHPouch BSA RC
AA2DC 4020 2D 1430 2 NLI 2
N2MO 2266 2E 527 2 NNJ 12 Ocean Monmouth ARC
W2EN 11756 2F 3440 2 NNJ 18 WestJerseyDX Group
K2EC 2982 2F 1256 2 NLI 19 Bonac ARC
K2CT 7152 3A 2117 2 ENY 53 Albany ARA
K2VN 4902 3A 1090 2 NLI 21 NASSAU ARC
N2TY 4162 3A 1396 2 ENY 43 Troy ARA
K2IRT 4096 3A 1310 2 NLI 15 NYC Transit ARC
K2RF 3766 3A 1233 2 NNJ 30 Splitrock ARA
W2AMC 3380 3A 900 2 NLI 35 Peconic ARC
W1BAA/2 2580 3A 389 2 ENY 51 SouthBerkshire ARC
WA2LQO 2560 3A 596 2 NLI 15 Grumman ARC
W2RAK 2382 3A 626 2 NLI 10 Kings CTY RC
W2EGB 2358 3A 851 2 ENY 16 East Greenbush ARA
WD2K 2160 3A 518 2 ENY 20 Rip Van Winkle ARS
WA2SNA 1864 3A 563 2 NNJ 7 RamapoMountain ARC
W2IR 1384 3A 364 2 ENY 15 SchenectadyMusmARA
K2VK 464 3D 178 2 NNJ 4 East Coast DX Assn
K2BAR 2464 3F 616 2 NNJ 17 Bergen ARA
KC2RA 1376 4A 313 2 NLI 32 KingsCty RA
K2AE 6390 5A 1637 2 ENY 50 Schenectady ARA
WA2UMX 2224 5A 586 2 ENY 20
W2MPX 2728 5F 392 2 NNJ 38 Metroplex ARC
W2GSB 4766 6F 1122 2 W2TOB NLI 50 GSBARC
N2SE 7776 8A 1678 2 W2MLS NNJ 60 10-70

HAMFEST:  The next event is January  7th –  HRU 2007  Save the day for this very
interesting event.

ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Frank Fallon, N2FF

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