Hudson Division Beacon – May 2008

                          May 2008

    Hudson Division Beacon – e-mail edition  – # 85
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
(516) 746-7652  
Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
(201) 445-5924   and
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Two Hamfests this weekend!  Unfortunately I will be at an ARRL Board
Committee meeting in Newington and I will miss them both –  BARA on
Saturday and LIMARC on Sunday.

===>  THE BIG STORY — Dayton…..

Once again I and many other hams made the trek to Dayton.  This was my
twenty second trip to Dayton since 1985.  Yes, the flea market was
smaller this year — same area but fewer occupied spaces but there was
plenty of interesting old stuff and people to see. With gas prices over $4.00 a gallon and one
flea market space at $70 it is easy to understand why so many spaces
were empty. But the weather was good.  There was a little drizzle early
Friday morning and it was a bit windy all weekend, but there was no

I attended  “Contest University” at the Crowne Plaza on
Thursday along with almost 300 other contesters. It was a great event
and I picked up a few interesting pointers and saw a lot of contest
friends and made a few new ones.  Tim Duffy, K3LR, and crew did a fine
job putting this event and the Contest Dinner together on Saturday
night. Riley Hollingsworth was the guest speaker at the dinner but said
nothing of his pending retirement but gave an inspiring speech.  You
can always count on Riley for that!  I was unable to get to the QRP
event “Four Days in May” in Fairborn as it conflicted with
Contest University. Reports confirm that it was once again a great
event with high attendance.

I was at the ARRL Expo area all three days for short periods of time
and met a number of Hudson Division members who had made the trip west.
There was a very large contingent from the HVCDXA and Albany ARA. I
attended the Contest Forum and the Antenna Forum and part of the RTTY
Forum.  All were crowded and the content was its usual high quality.
In the evenings I spent time in the North Jersey DX Club hospitality
suite and met a lot of well known DX hams from around the world. At one
point W2ML, Steve Mendelsohn, NJDXA President  inducted Don Search,
W3AZD, as an honorary member.  Bill Kennemer  K5NX  (ex K5FUV),was
amoung the NJDXA guests. Yes, attendance was down from previous years
due I am sure to low sunspots, and high gas prices and airfares.

I wasn’t really out to make a major rig purchase but I did come home
with a new DX Engineering 8 position remote antenna switch and
controller and an ibox from W2IHY. I also spent time at the Elecraft
booth drooling at the K3’s.  There were a lot of droolers there.

I plan to be back next year as I can use the exercise walking the flea


===>  You Have to Get on the Air to Experience the Magic of Ham Radio……..

I am of the opinion that many hams around the world are spending too
much time looking at packet cluster or Telnet spots and not calling CQ
for some radio action.  Yes, the bands are in bad shape with SFI down
in the high 60’s and noisy summer conditions, but I am hearing some
reports of strong EU signals on 20meter  around 7 PM and later some
evenings.  The band may be rewarding despite what we have all been led
to believe.

Dave Sumner, K1ZZ, ARRL Executive VP took some time to expound on the
current state of ham radio in  a recent QST editorial — June 2008 in
point of fact.  Dave’s June 2008 editorial “Can We Talk”
really hits the nail on the head and gives some food for thought about
getting on the air and having a QSO. Please read it if you have not

You might also want to take a look at Rich Moseson’s, W2VU,  June 2008
CQ editorial “Zero Bias” entitled “Half Empty or Half
Full” about the way some view the current state of ham radio.  As
Rich points out, and I forgot to thank him for it at Dayton, Field Day
is coming up and this is a great opportunity to show off ham radio to
local politicians and also to prospective hams.  CQ is available on
many good local new stands if you do not already subscribe.

After reading both editorials I realized that I was not spending much
time on HF other than my daily 75 meter sked with some of the locals
each morning and led me the answer a CQ from N9SS/M after this third
call.  I know what it feels like to not get any response to a few CQ’s
while driving around.  So, I called Dave and gave him my location and
basic  info about the station.  We were then called by a loud
California station, W6FDR, Mel who has never lost his New York accent.
Mel wanted to talk about his life growing up in Queens and started to
tell me about moving to Laurelton and going to elementary school in
Cambia Heights.  It soon started to sound very familiar to me.  I asked
him what year he was born in and that clinched it.

I asked him to QRX and went into the TV room to check a few facts and
dates with my wife.  I then said to her, “I am talking to one your
classmates from elementary school.  He’s in California.  We returned to
the radio room and I continued the conversation after announcing to Mel
that I had one of his classmates in the shack with me and that she
remembered him.  They had spent two years of they lives in many of the
same classes.  While he did not remember my wife she certainly
remembered him.  There were a total of 50 kids in that graduating class
so chances were pretty slim their paths would ever cross again.  One of
those 50 became an astronaut.

A small world story for sure,  but it would never have taken place if I
had not got on the air and answered a CQ.

Despite poor conditions there is still fun to be had.  Don’t pass up
Field Day 2008.

===>  New Section Manager for NNJ

Finally someone has stepped forward to fill Bill Hudzik’s, W2UDT, hard
to fill shoes as NNJ SM.  The ARRL Northern New Jersey Section is
getting a new Section Manager starting on July 1,.  Richard Krohn,
N2SMV, of Manalapan, will be taking over the reins from Bill Hudzik,
W2UDT, who has served as Section Manager since 2001.

We thank Bill for the great job he has done for ham radio in NNJ and
wish Richard good luck and thank him for stepping  in to do a very
important job. for ham radio in New Jersey.

I hope that all of you will welcome him and volunteer to help with the
all important job of emergency communications.  Volunteer please!

===>  Hudson Division Awards Deadline, extended –  Nominations, please!

Award Applications for the 2008 ARRL Hudson Division Awards
Nominations are now being accepted. This is a wonderful opportunity for
you to nominate that special someone who has contributed so much to the
world of Amateur Radio. The ARRL Hudson Division grants three Awards
each year to some very deserving Hams, in three categories: Technical
Achievement, Grand Ole Ham and Amateur of the Year.

Last year there were 22 nominations for the three awards.  We are
asking you to make submissions for this years’ awards, by taking time
to fill out the award nominations forms, include any supporting
documentation that bests represents the candidate and write a few
paragraphs describing why you think they deserve the award. Have others
in your organization write up a nomination as well.

Please visit the Hudson Division Website to view photos from
previous years dinners.  I think you’ll agree, everyone had a great
time! I certainly hope we can repeat that again this year.  The
deadline for submission of all material has been extended to July 7,
2008 to accommodate more submissions.

At this time, there has been no decision on the location or host
club for the dinner that is held in November.

Forms are available in both PDF and Word-

Joyce – KA2ANF

===>  ARRL Foundation Scholarships to be Announced shortly…

The Henry Broughton, K2AE, Memorial Scholarship – $1,000 in 2008 goes
to Daniel Bradke,  W2AU of Niskayuna NY.  Lucky lad! We wish him well
in college.  Of the more than 50 scholarships he is the only Hudson
Division recipient.

===> Travels from the Vice Director:

Travels throughout the Division have been curtailed for me a bit the
past few months.  But, I am keeping up with others in their travels and
operations.  There have been reports of good turnouts at local hamfests
and I hear that VE sessions are going strong in attendance as well.

Barry K2JV and Frank K2EZR from New Providence ARC were on the air from
Winnebago Scout Reservation in Hibernia NJ on Saturday May 10th. I was
able to contact Barry on the 10-70 Repeater (146.70).  They had a
wonderful set up — great view and all, and were able to put some of
the Cub Scouts on the air to make a few contacts.

Barry said that he felt the Cub scouts are a little young for this kind
of experience although some of them really latch on to the idea of
talking on the radio.  Of course, I think the girls do take much
quicker to Amateur Radio due to their maturity level, (Barry agrees!),
but we are grateful to Barry and Frank for taking part in this

Skywarn Classes are being held throughout the Division.  I’ve attended
basic Skywarn Training in Orange County, NY and Passaic County, NJ.
Thanks to those who are offering this training.

I hope all are making plans for this years’ Field Day operation.
Remember that you can order your Field Day Tee shirts and Pins on the website.

In Northern New Jersey, The Annual Tour de Cure will be held on
Saturday, June 7 2008 starting at the Verizon Building in Basking
Ridge, New Jersey.  This operation will require support from 10-12
people. Four SAG wagon Drivers will be needed and there are 3 rest
stops that will need coverage.

If you are interested in helping out with this Public Service event,
please contact:
Hudson Division Assistant Director, Kathy Thee — KT2F –
or Hudson Division Assistant Director, Karl Fenton, N2OYU —

de Joyce, KA2ANF……

===> Are You Risking Not Receiving Advance Alerts About Approaching
Severe Weather?

Let me ask you a couple questions first. Do you check the batteries in
your Smoke Detectors on a regular schedule? Have you ever taken the
batteries out of your Smoke Detector to stop it from giving you ‘false’
alerts? I hope and pray you do the first, and that you DON’T ever do
the second!

Now, think of your NOAA All Hazards Radio along those same lines. When
was the last time you checked (or changed!) it’s backup batteries?
Right now, is it setup to operate in a 24/7/365 Standby mode? Or are
you someone who was once awakened at 4:00 AM for a Weather Alert and
promptly disabled the unit from giving further automatic alerts? Again,
I hope that you regularly check and change the batteries in your NOAA
All Hazards Alert Radio (it’s a good idea to do so whenever you change
the batteries in your Smoke Detector) and that it is indeed operating
on a 24/7/365 basis and not sitting inert and non-functional somewhere
which means you and your family are at risk to miss a life saving

Lets look at the truth about the Alerts that automatically set off the
Radio. The NWS will ONLY Tone Alert (automatically turn on your radio)
for what are considered Life Threatening Situations. These include
Watches and Warnings for Severe Thunderstorms, Flash Floods,
Hurricanes, and Tornados and for a few other items, which include
National Emergency Alerts. (a complete list of Alerted Products is
available here: .

Perhaps one of the least understood and yet most important setup
options for many newer NOAA All Hazards Radios is the SAME Code. SAME
lets you fine-tune the area for which you want to receive the important
and potentially life saving Alerts. By using the proper SAME Code(s)
for your county (counties), you can limit the Alerts for which your
Radio will automatically activate. Many models allow you to also
include several counties (some allow for 20 plus) in the Alerting
setup. Information on setting up and using the SAME Code Programming is
available here: .

With the upcoming summer season now at our door, along with several
outdoor operating events such as the ARRL VHF Contest and Field Day,
not to mention family and group picnics, ballgames, or when just
sitting in your backyard, now is the time to get a NOAA All Hazards
Radio properly setup.

Please note that there are several different frequencies used for NOAA
All Hazards Radio broadcasts in the ARRL Hudson Division and across the
US and Canada, so make sure you not only have the SAME Code setup
correctly for the area you want to be alerted for, but that you also
have the radio tuned to the correct frequency for that area.
Information on all Frequencies (Primary and Backup) and the County SAME
Codes for the entire US is available here:

To wrap-up, here’s one last thought on having a NOAA All Hazards Radio
at our operating events. Event Organizers should plan on always having
a NOAA All Hazards Radio on site, in standby mode, with working battery
backup, within hearing distance of at least several people at the site
throughout the entire time of the event. Events such as those you or
your group are supporting such as Bike Races, Walks, Parades, etc.
would all benefit from having accurate and advance information on
approaching severe weather. Advance notice of approaching severe
weather is not only good information for the event and the attendees;
it can save lives and prevent weather related injuries. If anyone has
further questions about setting up their NOAA All Hazards Radio, the
following Websites for each of the NWS Offices in and near the ARRL
Hudson Division should help:

NWS Albany NY:
NWS Binghamton NY:
NWS Mt Holly NJ:
NWS Tauton MA:
NWS Upton NY:

Or send me an Email with your questions at

===>  FCC’s Hollingsworth Set to Retire in July
(May 20, 2008) — Special Counsel in the FCC Spectrum Enforcement
Division Riley Hollingsworth has announced plans to retire from the FCC
later this year. “My intention,” Hollingsworth told the ARRL, “is to
head out in July, assuming the results of the second round of the PAVE
PAWS/440 repeater monitoring in California present no complications. It
has been a privilege to work with and for the Amateur Radio licensees
and the land mobile frequency coordinators. I am extremely fortunate to
work for two wonderful groups of people: Those at headquarters in the
Enforcement Bureau, and for the Amateur Radio operators.” Hollingsworth
had planned to retire earlier this year, but changed his mind, saying,
“There [were] several issues on the table that I want[ed] to continue
to work through with the amateur community.”

See  for more

===> Exhibit Kits Now Available for Field Day
(Apr 2, 2008) — Please visit our Field Day information page for all
the details on Field Day rules, frequencies, forms, pins, logos and T
shirts. The complete Field Day packet can be downloaded from the site
as well. If you have unanswered questions about Field Day, contact ARRL
Field Day Manager Dan Henderson, N1ND, via e-mail or by phone at
860-594-0236. If you want to order exhibit kits containing printed
flyers about Amateur Radio, you may order these materials on the ARRL
Web site. The cost of the exhibit kits ranges from $8-$12 depending on
shipping. To make sure you’ll have the display material in time for
Field Day, your order must be received before June 13.  See


The May 2008 award goes to the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club
for the June issue of “LIMARC Log”  with editor Ray W2RFR — Editor..
Nice use of pictures in this issue..    Please take a look at

Clubs please make sure that you continue to send a copy of your pdf
file to .  I have been missing some issues in the last few
months.  Not every division club is submitting each month.  It’s like
Lotto, if you don’t buy a ticket or send a PDF you can’t win!


31 May 2008     +       BARA Spring Hamfest
Bergen Amateur Radio Association
Talk-In: 146.19/146.79 (PL 141.3)
Contact:        Jim Joyce, K2ZO
286 Ridgewood Blvd. North
Township of Washington, NJ 07676
Phone: 201-664-6725
Township of Washington, NJ
Westwood Regional Junior/Senior High School
701 Ridgewood Road
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey
1 Jun 2008      +       LIMARC Outdoor Hamfest
Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 146.850 (PL 136.5)
Contact:        Richard Cetron, K2KNB
198 Haypath Road
Old Bethpage, NY 11804
Phone: 516-694-4937
Fax: 631-574-4851
Bethpage, NY
Briarcliffe College
1055 Stewart Avenue
Div: Hudson
Sect: New York City-Long Island
8 Jun 2008      +       HOSARC Hamfest
Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 444.200 (PL 136.5); 145.270 -600 Khz (PL 136.5)
Contact:        Stephen Greenbaum, WB2KDG
85-10 34th Avenue, Apt. 323
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Phone: 718-898-5599
Queens, NY
New York Hall of Science Parking Lot
47-01 111th Street
Div: Hudson
Sect: New York City-Long Island
21 Jun 2008     +       Raritan Valley Radio Club (W2QW)
Talk-In: 146.625/440 & 442.25 (PL 141.3)
Contact:        Eric Lund, NW2P
112 Rock Road
Greenbrook, NJ 08812
Phone: 908-251-3938
Piscataway, NJ
Piscataway High School
100 Behmer Road
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey
13 Jul 2008     +       SCARC ’08
Sussex County Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 147.30 +600 (PL 151.4)
Contact:        Danial Carter, N2ERH
8 Carter Lane
Branchville, NJ 07826
Phone: 973-948-6999
Augusta, NJ
Sussex County Fairgrounds
Plains Road
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey
16 Aug 2008     +       32nd Annual Ham Radio and Computer Flea Market
Ramapo Mountain ARC
Talk-In: 147.490/146.490 (PL107.2) & 441.175/446.175 (PL107.2)
Contact:        Robert Kogan, KB2KQO
9 Locust Lane
Ringwood, NJ 07456
Phone: 973-896-3909
Oakland, NJ
American Legion
65 Oak Street
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey

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