Hudson Division Beacon – March 2010

                    March  2010
Hudson Division Beacon – e-mail edition  – # 107
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
(516) 746-7652  
Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
(201) 445-5924   and
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Best wishes for Passover and Easter to all

It’s never too early  —  2010 Field Day Packets Now Available  –  see
article near the hamfest list.

==> New ARRL Web Site is Here!   But … QRX..

Full-scale load testing of the new Web site is now complete and we have
a much better picture of the problems that caused the site crash
earlier this week. Thank you for your patience during this activity.
These tests have been very helpful in assuring that the site will
operate smoothly when it is formally launched. In the meantime, we will
continue to use the old Web site.

On Wednesday, March 24, the ARRL launched a new Web site to connect
Amateur Radio operators around the world with the dynamic services that
the League offers to the ham radio community. The “old” Web site went
dark for a few hours early on Wednesday, March 24, starting around 10
AM (EDT) and lasting for a few hours. During this period the servers,
programs and data were shifted over to the new site. But it soon became
obvious that there were problems as the program slowed to a crawl.

It did not go smoothly.  Problems resulted and HQ reverted to the old
web presence.  At the moment code is being tweaked and hopefully the
problems will be solved.  It is a massive undertaking and it may take a
while to get it right.  Sorry if you were disappointed but such are the
problems of the new online world.  Patience please!

==> ARRL Requests Support for Senate Bill 1755 (Mar 10, 2010 [REVISED
Mar 23, 2010 11:51 ET]) — Senate Bill 1755 — The Amateur Radio
Emergency Communications Enhancement Act of 2009 introduced in October
2009 by Senators Joe Lieberman (ID-CT) and Susan Collins (R-ME) — has
unanimously passed the US Senate and has been sent to the US House of
Representatives for consideration and now sits in the House Committee
on Energy and Commerce. The ARRL is asking its membership to contact
the leadership of the Energy and Commerce committee, requesting support
and action on moving S 1755 through the committee. S 1755 accomplishes
the same things as HR 2160; HR 2160 was introduced in April 2009 by Rep
Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX-18). Since S 1755 has already been approved by
the Senate, moving it forward in the House will simplify the process.

S 1755 points out that “[t]here is a strong Federal interest in the
effective performance of Amateur Radio Service stations, and that
performance must be given — (A) support at all levels of government;
and (B) protection against unreasonable regulation and impediments to
the provision of the valuable communications provided by such

If enacted into law, S 1755 would instruct the Secretary of Homeland
Security (DHS) to undertake a study — and report its findings to
Congress within 180 days — on the uses and capabilities of Amateur
Radio communications in emergencies and disaster relief.

The study shall:
* Include recommendations for enhancements in the voluntary deployment
of Amateur Radio licensees in disaster and emergency communications and
disaster relief efforts.
* Include recommendations for improved integration of Amateur Radio
operators in planning and in furtherance of the Department of Homeland
Security initiatives.
* Identify unreasonable or unnecessary impediments to enhanced Amateur
Radio communications, such as the effects of private land use
regulations on residential antenna installations, and make
recommendations regarding such impediments.
* Include an evaluation of Section 207 of the Telecommunications Act of
1996 (Public Law 104-104, 110 Stat. 56 (1996)).
* Recommend whether Section 207 should be modified to prevent
unreasonable private land use restrictions that impair the ability of
amateurs to conduct, or prepare to conduct, emergency communications by
means of effective outdoor antennas and support structures at
reasonable heights and dimensions for the purpose, in residential
areas. The Secretary of Homeland Security shall utilize the expertise
of stakeholder entities and organizations, including Amateur Radio,
emergency response and disaster communications.

Please contact Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA-30) and Ranking
Member Joe Barton (R-TX-6), urging them to send this bipartisan bill to
the House floor for adoption. A sample letter can be found here. Send
your letters urging consideration of S 1755 by the House Committee on
Energy and Commerce to Rep Waxman via fax at 202-225-4099, and to Rep
Barton via fax at 202-225-3052. Also, please fax a copy of your letters
to the ARRL’s Washington representative, Chwat & Co at 703-684-7594.
For more information on S 1755, please visit the ARRL Government
Relations Web page.

Companion Bill Introduced in US House to Provide Technical Resources to
FCC Commissioners (Mar 16, 2010) — Following the Senate’s lead,
Representative Jerry McNerny (D-CA-11), introduced HR 4809 — the FCC
Commissioners’ Technical Resource Enhancement Act — in the House of
Representatives on March 10. Copying the exact language from S 2881 (a
bill with the same name) introduced by Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) in
December 2009, the bill seeks to provide greater technical resources to
FCC Commissioners.
At its 2010 Annual Meeting this past January, the ARRL Board of
Directors endorsed the proposal to add a technical engineer/scientist
to each FCC Commissioner’s staff, as described in S 2881.  You may see
messages on ham reflectors asking for support of this bill. These are
legitimate requests as we learned in the BPL experience it is a good
thing if the FCC has technical resources and listens to  its advisors
rather than lobbyists for commercial interests.
Full story at

==> FCC Proposes to Eliminate Spread Spectrum APC Requirement, Reduce
Spread Spectrum Power Limit; Cleans Up Portions of Part 97 (Mar 18,
2010) — In response to a 2006 ARRL Petition regarding spread spectrum
issues, the FCC released a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) on
March 16 (WT Docket No 10-62), proposing to amend Part 97 to facilitate
the use of spread spectrum communications technologies by eliminating
the requirement that amateur stations use automatic power control (APC)
to reduce transmitter power when the station transmits a spread
spectrum (SS) emission and reducing the maximum transmitter power
output when transmitting a SS emission. Through an Order attached to
the NPRM, the Commission also made “certain non-substantive revisions”
to the Amateur Service rules.

Full story at

==> FCC Releases National Broadband Plan (Mar 16, 2010) — This
morning, the FCC held an Open Meeting to introduce its report
Connecting America: The National Broadband Plan (NBP) that will be
delivered to Congress today. Calling it “an ambitious agenda for
connecting all corners of the nation while transforming the economy and
society with the communications network of the future — robust,
affordable Internet,” the Commission found the nearly 100 million
Americans lack broadband at home today and 14 million Americans do not
have access to broadband.

Full story at

==>  Some Recent Books for Suggested Reading:

Last month I spotlighted a few books I thought you might be interested
in reading.  Jeff Murray, K1NSS, has informed me that he will be at the
Mt. Beacon hamfest and at Dayton. Jeff is author artist of a self
published cartoon book, lid, kid, space cadet: First Book of Dash! The
Dog Faced Ham.  Look for him in the at both events where we hope the
weather will be dry and sunny.

==> 2010 Field Day Packets Now Available  (repeat) — It’s that time of
year again — time to start gearing up for ARRL Field Day, June 26-27,
2010! ARRL’s flagship operating event — always held the fourth full
weekend in June — brings together new and experienced hams for 24
hours of operating fun. Field Day packets are now available for
download at
and include the complete rules (including changes for 2010), as well as
other reference items such as forms, ARRL Section abbreviation list,
entry submission instructions, a Frequently Asked Questions section,
guidelines for getting bonus points, instructions for GOTA stations, a
kit to publicize your event with the local press and more.

===> Yet Another Ham Radio Small World Story by Frank Fallon…

This morning after breakfast with the heavy rain I decided to play with
the new Elecraft K3 on 17 meters and see if I could work a few English
or Irish stations and have a good rag chew.   As I have spent so much
time over the years in both countries I enjoy working stations in
places where I have stayed or visited and talk with hams who might even
know some of my friends or relatives.  So it was that I found a clear
frequency and put out a few CQs.  The first few times I called no one
answered.  It took me while to realize that I was transmitting on the
15 meter loops. Wrong antenna once again.  I am not yet use to new
manual bandswitch.  I put the switch to the 17 meter position and
called again and sure enough a station answered.

He was EI3HA/M on his way driving home to Roscommon.  So we started to
chat about where he was and my Irish connections.  Licensed in 1962 I
have been at this ham radio game for more than 48 years. My first SSB
rig was a Drake R4 bought used in 1965.  I spent a lot time in those
days on 10 and 15 meters with a 14 QVQ vertical on the roof of the
garden apartment where we lived in Cambria Heights in Queens at the
time.  Ten was great in those years and I quickly started to rack up a
lot of EU stations early in the morning.  At that point I was on late
session at Forest Hills High School and did not start work until 10:30
in the morning.  Thus I had an hour or more to look for new ones before
I set off for the work day.  One of the first Irish stations I worked
on SSB was EI8H.  I lost him before we could complete that first
contact.  I had his name but not his QTH or location.  When I pulled
out the Foreign Call Book and looked him up I was amazed to find that
he was located in the town of Granard in County Longford.  I was
excited because both of my parents who came to the USA in 1928 were
born in County Longford.  I took the time to look through all of the
Irish stations listed in the call book.  There were less than 300
listed at that time and only three of them were located in County
Longford.  So my first Irish QSO was real Irish luck at it finest.  I
bored a lot of relatives and friends over the next few days with this
small world story.  Over time I talked to one of the other three in
Longford, who was actually a German national who ran the largest
factory in Longford at the time employing over 70 people.  Six years
later my contacts eventually led me finally make a five week family
visit to see Ireland with my wife and two children and visit relatives
I had heard my parents speak of but who I have never seen.  This Irish
visit in 1972 led to an application for a Fulbright Teacher Exchange
position and eventually the family, my wife and my son and daughter,
spent a year in the Blackpool in the North of England in 1974 and 1975.
But that story needs its own book.

So here I was talking to Tony who was in his car driving home to
Roscommon in heavy rain.  It was raining on both sides of the Atlantic
at the time.  Eventually when signals started to fade I tied the
ribbons on my chat with Tony and hoped that we could continue the chat
at some future point.  That often happens in the ham radio world.  When
I signed or closed with him he was called by another Irish station and
I stayed on frequency listening. The new station explained that he had
just come up the band but had been down lower working the west cost of
the US on CW.  He heard Tony loud and explained that he was usually
able to see Tony’s tower from his location in Balinalee.  I immediately
knew that the new station was in Longford as my mother had often spoken
of Balinalee and the famous Irish General, Sean Mac Eoin, who came from
that town and eventually headed the UN Irish contingent in the Congo in
the 1960?s.  When the two Irish stations quickly finished their short
chat I called the station in Ballinalee.

He came back and told me his name was Owen (Irish spelling Eoin), EI9O.
I told him of my Longford Irish connections in Lanesboro and Longford
town.  I mentioned that I had visited Longford many times on many
visits to Ireland telling him that I had often stayed with my ham
friend George, EI6S.  Owen replied saying, “Maybe then you know EI8H,
my father.”

I actually gasped when he said father.

I came back, “Mary and Pat Fagan are your parents?” I sputtered out.

“Yes,” he responded. I was unaware that any of EI8H’s children had
become hams.

“God,” I answered, “My wife and I and our two children met you when you
were a little kid.  I have many pictures I took of you and your
brothers and sisters on our visits to your house in Granard.  I can’t
believe this!  How are your parents?” I asked as I had not talked to
EI8H in many years.

Mary and Pat Fagin had twelve children so I am not sure which one is
Owen in the pictures.  I’ll have to send him one and have him figure it
out.  While Pat was a farmer, who had been a ships radio operator
before settling down to raise children and cows, his wife Mary was a
licensed pharmacist who worked in a chemist shop on the main street in
Longford town.

“They are fine.  They are going to be very excited when I tell them I
worked you on the air.”

“Don’t get, Pat too excited.  He may not be able to take the strain.”
I knew I was pretty excited, so I could imagine how Pat would react.

We signed off shortly after promising to look for each other and
continue the conversation next time.

My wife was out in the rain shopping but I had a good story to tell
when she came home for lunch. Here was another small world ham radio
story for me to tell my friends.  God, I hope I don’t bore them too
much with this one.


As reported last month the March 2010 award went to “PACARA Update” the
newsletter of the Peekskill/Cortland ARC for their excellent issue.
The story “Hunting Pirates” by N2KZ is a real gem and must reading for
those of us into radio nostalgia.  This is to take nothing away for the
constantly fine job the editor, Malcolm Prichard, NM9J, does.

Please take a look at for a good read.

Clubs please make sure that you continue to send a copy of your pdf
file to .  I have been missing some issues in the last few
months.  Not every division club is submitting each month.  It’s like
Lotto, if you don’t buy a ticket or in this case send a PDF you can’t

==> The Garden State Amateur Radio Association will be holding a white
elephant sale at our April meeting. We welcome all Radio Amateurs to

Garden State Amateur Radio Association White Elephant Sale.
Date April 21, 2010          Time: 7:30 PM

Location: Red Cross Chapter House,  1540 West Park Ave. Tinton Falls,
No Entry Fee Open to all.  Food and Refreshments will be available.

de Jeff, N2LXM


HAMFEST:  Here come the 2010 Hamfests     Dayton is May 14 through 16
make reservations now

10 Apr 2010+Hamfest, Auction & Breakfast
BSA Venture Crew 7373
Talk-In: 146.955 -600 kHz (PL 141.3) & 146.52 Simplex
Contact:Gordon Beattie, W2TTT
c/o St. John the Evangelist Church
29 North Washington Avenue
Bergenfield, NJ 07621
Phone: 201-314-6964
Fax: 201-387-8896
Email: Bergenfield, NJ
St. John the Evangelist Church Conlon Hall (Gym)
19 William Street
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey
10 Apr 2010+Orange County Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 146.76 (PL 100)
Contact:Bruce Baccaro, K2ULZ
4 Taffy Lane
Newburgh, NY 12550
Phone: 845-562-4226
Email: Middletown, NY
Town of Wallkill Community Center
2 Wes Warren Drive
Div: Hudson
Sect: Eastern New York
11 Apr 2010+North Jersey Hamfest
Splitrock ARA
Talk-In: 146.985 -600 (PL 131.8)
Contact:Dan Gruber, N2AB
c/o Splitrock ARA
PO Box 610
Rockaway, NJ 07866
Phone: 866-457-6687
Fax: 866-457-6687
Email: Succasunna, NJ
Roxbury Senior Center
72 Eyland Avenue
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey
17 Apr 2010+Tailgate Hamfest
Ocean Monmouth Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 145.110 -600 (PL 127.3)
Contact:Jeff Harshman, N2LXM
5 The Arborway
Ocean, NJ 07712
Phone: 732-996-0637
Email: Wall Township, NJ
Project Diana Site (former Camp Evans)
1600 Marconi Road
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey
17 Apr 2010+CANCELLED
Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 146.685 W2GSB/R (PL 110.9)
Contact:John Melfi, W2HCB
PO Box 1356
West Babylon, NY 11704
Phone: 631-669-6321
Fax: 631-669-6321
Email: Lindenhurst, NY
Fireman’s Memorial Park
Hartford Street
Div: Hudson
Sect: New York City-Long Island
25 Apr 2010+Mount Beacon ARC
Talk-In: 146.970 (PL 100)
Contact:Jim Capicotto, K2JIM
PO Box 841
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
Phone: 845-427-2702
Email: Town Of Unionvale, NY
Tymor Park
249 Duncan Road
Div: Hudson
Sect: Eastern New York
8 May 2010+7th Annual Hamfest
East Greenbush Amateur Radio Association (W2EGB)
Talk-In: 147.270 (PL 94.8)
Contact:Thomas Scorsone, KC2FCP
1310 10th Avenue Watervliet, NY 12189
Phone: 518-272-1494
Email: Rensselaer, NY
East Greenbush Fire Company
68 Phillips Road
Div: Hudson
Sect: Eastern New York
23 May 2010+JCDXA
North America DX Association
Talk-In: 448.825- / 449.925- / 449.975- / (all PL 141.3)
Contact:Mike DiPersio, KC2Q
PO Box 357
Bradley Beach, NJ 07720
Phone: 908-415-6162
Email: Tinton Falls, NJ
100 Tornillo Way
(off Shafto Road)
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey
29 May 2010+BARA Annual Spring Hamfest
Bergen Amateur Radio Asociation
Talk-In: 146.19/79 (PL 141.3)
Contact:Jim Joyce, K2ZO
286 Ridgewood Blvd. North
Township of Washington, NJ 07676
Phone: 201-664-6725
Fax: 201-265-1366
Email: Township of Washington, NJ
Westwood Regional High School
701 Ridgewood Road
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey

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