Hudson Division Beacon – March 2006

ARRL Hudson Division
March 2006

Hudson Division Beacon -- e-mail edition  - # 60
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
516) 746-7652

Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
201) 455-5924 

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According to NASA Science News for March 6, 2006 something's happening
on the sun: all the sunspots have vanished. Solar physicists say this
is a sign that solar minimum has arrived. 

Find out about the Science@NASA Podcast feed at 
Thanks to KSG for this important tid bit.

===> IT'S HUDSON DIVISION AWARD TIME AGAIN - Nominations Please!!!!!!

It's time to start thinking about who should get an award.  Make a
nomination, please.  Forms available at  The 2006 Hudson Division
Awards Dinner will be held Saturday night, November 11th in NNJ and
will be hosted by the Bergen Amateur Radio Association.

     The Hudson Division will present awards to outstanding amateurs
residing in the division in 2006.  We hope many of you will make
nominations and bring a deserving Hudson Division ham to the attention
of the Awards Committee.  Forms are available (or will be shortly) on
the web site at    Please return completed
applications to Hudson Division Vice Director Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF
by May 23. The seven-member committee, composed of assistant
directors from each section, will announce the results in late June.

      Awards will be given for the Hudson Division Amateur of the Year,
Grand Ole Ham, and Technical Achievement.  Please make a nomination for
each of these Awards. If you have made a nomination in the past and
your candidate was not chosen, please file again as the committee does
not keep a file of past applications.


ARRL recently began to put some pressure on a key congressman in New
Jersey to sign onto H. Res. 230.  
As one part of our efforts to combat the interference potential of
broadband over power lines (BPL), the ARRL is supporting House
Resolution 230. H. Res. 230 (note that it is not abbreviated H.R. 230 -
that's a different piece of legislation) was introduced last April by
Congressman Mike Ross of Arkansas. It expresses the sense of the House
of Representatives that the FCC should reconsider and revise its rules
for BPL "based on a comprehensive evaluation of the interference
potential of those systems to public safety services and other licensed
radio services."

Congressman, Mike Ferguson, is a member of the House Subcommittee on
Telecommunications and the Internet. He will play an important role in
deciding whether H. Res. 230 will be considered. Therefore, it is
especially important that ARRL members in the 7th District contact Rep.
Ferguson to ask for his support.

Emails were sent to all ARRL members in the congressman's district with
copies of sample letter.  Our Washington lobbyist is about to make a
visit to congressman's DC office to ask for support.  He needs to be
able to show that there is support for the measure among constituents
in New Jersey.  You did write a letter to your congressman on this
issue, I hope?  

===> DISTRACTED DRIVING: (A reprint from the NNJ section news by W2UDT)
 As I wrote a few months ago, legislation concerning distracted driving
was part of the "lame duck" session. That Bill did not get passed but
another one has been introduced as A1966. It is exactly the same as the
previous version and will, probably be sent to the Senate very quickly.
It still deals specifically with making the use of a cell phone, while
driving, unlawful unless a hands-free device is used. It also carries a
primary offense of a $100 fine if the driver is deemed to have been the
cause of an accident due to cell phone use. (The rest of the topic is
exactly what I wrote back in December as my opinion on this issue has
not changed.) Cell phone bans have become the "boutique" law in several
states because they are the most visible distractions seen by other
drivers. Yet, a number of studies done nationally have shown other
tasks distract drivers more than cell phone use. The main idea behind
these laws is an attempt to cut down motor vehicle accidents as our
highways become more congested. If you have ever taken a defensive
driving course the first item learned is remain aware of your
surroundings and ALWAYS keep two hands on the wheel. The instant you
remove your eyes from the road to do something else you have become a
distracted driver and may become the cause of an accident. When asked
by hams what should be done about these bills my response is to read
the bill and understand what it says. A1966 ONLY talks about cell
phones and their specific use. Most people read into something that's
not there and begin to look for exemptions to fit their needs. This may
seem harsh but, just because we have an FCC license to use a radio it
does not make us better drivers or more careful attentive drivers. It
makes us, in many cases, distracted drivers. Law enforcement officers
will tell you that statues already exist to cover accidents caused by
distracted drivers; they are careless or reckless driving. Specific
distracted bans will only make the job of law enforcement more
difficult. Please remember, when you are driving and using your radio
ALWAYS be alert to your surroundings and have your FCC license with
you.      De 73, Bill Hudzik W2UDT

The bill is working its way through the New Jersey Legislature,
Assembly Bill No. A1966 - a proposed law to ban "distracted driving"
which if enacted in its present form will restrict the use of mobile
communications by amateur radio operators. The issue is: the bill
doesn't define "distracted driving" thus  "distracted driving" can mean
whatever the enforcing agent takes it to mean, e.g., driving without
both hands on the wheel. Of course we're all interested in safe driving
but this law could further restrict the growth of amateur radio and its
ability to various public services.

 New Jersey members and any other interested parties should contact NJ
Assemblyman John S Wisniewski, D-District 19 (Sayreville, Middlesex
County), their local assemblyman/woman, and Governor Corzine and
request that they modify the bill to exempt licensed amateur operators
from the provisions of this bill.
 Assemblyman Wisniewski can be reached at: Phone/Fax 732 316 1885/1890;
 e-mail; or snail mail 3145 Bordentown Ave,
Suite B, Parlin, NJ 08859

 Governor Corzine can be reached at:; phone 609-292 6000; snail
mail: Governor Corzine, POB 001, Trenton, NJ 08625,
 You can find your local legislator at

 In your correspondence we need advise everyone that this bill in its
present form will negatively affect our ability to save lives and
communicate in emergencies and to remind them that Amateur Radio is a
Public Service, was sited by the US Congress for outstanding work
during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, is the only fail safe
communications infrastructure which New Jersey and the United States
has at this time, and many amateur radio operators are active in
Homeland Security functions at the local level.

 A BIG THANKS to John T McAuley (John) N2HUZ for reminding us about
this "bad" bill.


This past month has been a flurry of activity from the clubs in the
Hudson Division. The LIMARC Hamfest kicked off the season in NY with a
great crowd of buyers and vendors. Congratulations. It was good to get
out to the fest and see everyone after what seems like the
'never-ending-winter.' Even us folks from Jersey enjoyed making the
trek across the Hudson!

The Split Rock ARA kicked off hamfest season over here in New Jersey on
March 4th. I was a late arrival, but enjoyed seeing a few people, even
those from NY made it out to support the club. That's what makes this
hobby so wonderful. 
Saturday, March 4th and Sunday March 5th was also, the ARRL SSB DX
Contest, and one of the local clubs, East Coast DX Association, took
advantage of the good conditions on the bands to do some mentoring. New
club members dropped by to give a hand at operating and to learn about
contesting, QSLing and to enjoy some food together. 

So many things happened the weekend of March 4th and 5th. BARA (Bergen
Amateur Radio Association) hosted its Annual Auction on Sunday, March
5th in Washington TWP, NJ. No, it was not a hamfest, as so many were
inclined to think. Jim Joyce, K2ZO said that his phone started ringing
at 5:30am the morning of the Auction, asking where the hamfest was! It
was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Tony Izzo, K2AMI - BARA
President said that there were 125 people in attendance. It does pay to

The QSY Society in Hopewell Junction, NY had a meeting on Monday, March
6, 2006 which I attended. The QSY Society is a different club dedicated
to exploring the fun aspect of Amateur Radio, while still fulfilling
the Goals of the Amateur Radio Service. It was great to see everyone
and be able to answer some questions. Thanks to Ken Gross, N2OBY and
Sylvia Stone, K2SLY for welcoming us. It was also a chance to preview
some photos of the 3Y0 operation and listen to some stories of those
who were able to work the Dxpedition to Peter I Island. And, thanks to
John, N2XE for enlightening me to 'The Flight of the Bumblebee's'.

On Wednesday evening, March 8th, Frank, N2FF and I headed to greet our
friends at East Greenbush ARA. This is a relatively new club started in
1998. It was a great opportunity to visit and see what they are doing
and to talk about BPL and what's being done in NY State. Thanks to Tom,
KC2FCP for making us feel so welcome. Special thanks to Betty and Beth,
for the great desserts!  (Editor's note:  This month I missed two
division hamfest - Splitrock was during the ARRL DX SSB Contest and the
Cherryville Hamfest - I was in St. Louis, MO at the ARRL Executive
Committee meeting.  I do hate to miss a hamfest! de N2FF.)
Cherryville Repeater Association held its annual hamfest on Saturday,
March 11, 2006. It was a nice day for a hamfest and for purchasing that
new rig, 'you thought you couldn't live without!!' 

I was very pleased to be a part of the VE session for the Passaic
County ARES group as they held a 'One-Day - HAM CRAM' Technician Course
on Sunday, March 12, 2006. This was originally scheduled for Sunday,
February 12, 2006, but was rescheduled due to snow. There were 31
people that attended this class, taught by Joel Wagoner, N2IAG and
coordinated by Ken Nieglos, WX2KEN. Learning enough to pass the
Technician in a one-day course is very challenging. But, the results
were impressive - 24 new Technicians! That's a nice start! A BIG
thank-you to the team of Volunteer Examiners who gave up their Sunday
evening to help!!! Congratulations to all!

Monday evening, March 13th, I was able to find a little time in my
schedule to join Bill Hudzik, W2UDT at the New Providence ARC in
Berkley Heights, NJ for their meeting. It was nice to see everyone and
I look forward to the NPARC Auction on Friday April 7, 2006. 

I know I don't have to tell you about the "HELLO" campaign! This is a
great opportunity for all of us to promote Amateur Radio. If you
haven't been to the website, check it out!
There seems to be so much happening in our Division and I am glad to be
a part of as many things as I can.
73,  Joyce - KA2ANF   ARRL Hudson Division Vice Director 

===> Hello" Campaign Provides Rallying Point to Promote Amateur Radio 
(Mar 15, 2006) -- The first components of the ARRL's "Hello" Amateur
Radio public relations campaign now are available. "This campaign will
give hams the tools they need to reach out in their communities to
non-hams and influence their perception of Amateur Radio," says ARRL
Media and Public Relations Manager Allen Pitts, W1AGP, who conceived
the campaign and is its principal Headquarters contact. The "Hello"
campaign is aimed at recasting Amateur Radio in the light of the 21st
century and focus on its universal appeal. At the same time, it will
mark the 100th anniversary of what many historians consider the first
voice radio broadcast in 1906 by Reginald Fessenden. 
For more details see:

===> BPL News =====

===> ARRL Renews Interference Complaint Against Ambient Corporation BPL
 (Jan 6, 2006) -- In the wake of continued FCC inaction in response to
several previous complaints, on January 5 the ARRL filed a renewal of
the complaint against the Ambient Corporation's Broadband over Power
Line system in Briarcliff Manor, New York. The BPL system is operated
by Ambient, on power lines owned and operated by Consolidated Edison,
under an experimental FCC authorization.
Details at

A reminder to NY ARRL members.  Please write letter to the Governor and
Smith in the PSC.  See for sample letters and info.

To those who have already written a BIG THANKS.  Please remind others
to do so as not all ARRL Hudson Division members get this newsletter.

==> LIPA TO TEST BPL ON LONG ISLAND     Warning Danger !!!!!

BPL may be coming to a community near you.  There is still time to
write a letter?

for the full article.

On February 15, Newsday printed an article about LIPA's plans for a BPL
test announcing that on Feb. 21 it will ask companies to bid on a
broadband-over-power lines and wireless Internet "demonstration"
project to 105 homes and businesses in the Hauppauge/Commack area later
this year. LIPA plans to test the Broadband Power Line system, which
will allow Internet access via electrical lines and outlets, as well as
wirelessly, over the next two years. Companies in the Hauppauge
Industrial area will be a focus of the test, LIPA said Tuesday.

LIPA chairman Richard Kessel urged patience. He said LIPA doesn't want
to proceed with a wider rollout until it has fully tested the
technology and makes certain it can offer it without interruption to
its power services, or tax-exempt status.

Kessel also said the project, if rolled out profitably, has the
potential to help offset soaring electric rates.

See the division web page for sample letters and address for LIPA board
members at

==> ARRL 2006 Summer Teachers Institutes on Wireless Technologies

The hands-on program has had much success teaching the basic concepts
of of wireless, space and robotics technology in the classroom.  An
Amateur Radio license is not required to atternd the Teachers
Four, one week long, expense paid sessions are offered in 2006 to
qualified applicants.  To receive reimbursement, participants must
attend the full week.
Dates and locations:
June 19 - 23         Parallax, Roseville, CA
July 24-28             ARRL, Newington, CT
July 31 - Aug. 4   ARRL, Newington, CT
August 7 -11         Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NJ

For more information contact Mark Spencer, WA8SME at

==> ARRL Field Day 2006 packages, rules now available (Feb 6, 2006) --
The 2006 ARRL Field Day package at (
  and rules (HTML version) (PDF version) now are available on the ARRL
Web site. "The only rule change in 2006 involves the GOTA ('Get On The
Air') station bonus-point structure," says ARRL Contest Branch Manager
Dan Henderson, N1ND. "An individual operator may earn a 50-point bonus
for completing 50 QSOs at the GOTA station. They may earn an additional
50 bonus points when they reach 100 QSOs." Henderson notes there's a
100-QSO cap for bonus points per individual GOTA operator, but
additional GOTA operators may earn the bonuses for the club, up to a
maximum of 500 GOTA bonus points. "Additionally, Field Day operations
can double their GOTA bonus points by having a designated GOTA
Coach/Mentor supervise the station whenever it's on the air," Henderson
notes. "The GOTA Coach/Mentor may talk the participants through the
QSOs and serve as control operator, but GOTA participants must make and
log all QSOs themselves." This means that if a Field Day group has a
GOTA Coach/Mentor, the 50 and 100-point bonuses GOTA operators earn
will double to 100 and 200 points respectively, while the maximum GOTA
bonus increases to 1000 points. ARRL Field Day 2006 will be Saturday
and Sunday, June 24-25.


Some clubs are still not sending me PDF file!

The newsletter of the month is "The Repeeper" from the Mt. Beacon
Amateur Radio Club and editor Andrew D. Schmidt, N2FTR.  

Only division newsletters that are in PDF files will be eligible.
(PDFing files can save a club a lot of postage.)  Make sure your club
is sending a newsletter each month to .  Yes, it is
possible that a club can be selected for "Newsletter of the Month" more
than once in any year.   In September 2006 we will announce the winner
for the "Newsletter of the Year" from among the twelve monthly awards. 
Division Assistant Directors will be asked to vote on the issue they
liked best. The club editor of the issue with the most votes will be
awarded a plaque for his or her efforts at keeping the club and the
division informed and entertained.  

===> ARRL Director and Vice Director Visit EGARA
 East Greenbush NY March 8, 2006 8PM Joseph Squillace III, KC2HLC, ARRL
Frank Fallon, N2FF the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Hudson
Division Director and Joyce Birmingham, KA2NAF ARRL Hudson Division
Vice Director took time out from their busy schedules to visit and
speak to a near capacity group of amateur radio operators at the East
Greenbush Amateur Radio Association. The town meeting was held at the
Renssellaer County Search and Rescue Building in East Greenbush NY. 

Mr. Fallon, a native of Long Island, said his vote is only one of a
fifteen member board that makes the decisions at ARRL. He mentioned
that, considerable work at the grass roots level must be done before
any issue could be brought before the board for a vote and passed by
the majority on the board. He felt this was his method of gaining a
board member support resulting in a favorable result. 

The BPL (Broad Band over Power lines issue was discussed. He mentioned
the importance of writing a letter to our Congressmen, (with cc to objecting to the project. To date he has received very
few letters. 
Even though the ARRL has found fault with the Briarcliff Manor, NY
project the FCC has not halted it. He said it has become a political
problem that requires action from each member. The BPL test site has
proven to generate noise that interferes with amateur radio reception
from 3 to 30 MHz. Unchecked this could make amateur radio communication
impossible in the very near future. 
Ms Birmingham a native of New Jersey, emphasized that the letter to
your Congressman, would be more effective if it were personalized with
your radio experiences. She also brought a little background about how
her husband (SK) got her more involved in radio. Lastly, she spoke
about a new media campaign being introduced by ARRL. The campaign is
designed to attract new members. 
Two media clips were shown. One dealt with the benefits of being an
amateur radio operator and the other the BPL. Both were narrated by
Walter Cronkite KB2GSD.

In the final minutes of the meeting the speakers entertained questions
from the floor. Arrangements were being made for a follow up meeting
next year.
===> Traffic Net With a Home Page -  Hudson Valley Net Homepage

Check out:

You might wish to highlight this in one of your Hudson Division
I don't see many traffic nets with homepages; this might spur interest
others to either join or make their own?

Thanks!   - Andrew,

 HAMFESTS ==============   The Season is about to start.........

7 Apr 2006+Auction & Fleamarket
New Providence ARC
Talk-In: 145.75 MHz simplex
Contact:Al Hanzl, K2AL
3 Colony Court
New Providence, NJ 07974-2330
Phone: 908-464-1323 
Email: k2al@arrl.netNew Providence, NJ
Salt Brook School Cafeteria
40 Maple Street
Jersey 23 Apr 2006+Mt. Beacon ARC
Talk-In: 146.970 (PL 100) or (PL 123 North & West)
Contact:Rich Otis, N2ZKX
PO Box 4028
Middletown, NY 10941
Phone: 845-344-2720 or 845-649-8112 
Email: n2zkx@arrl.netLaGrangeville, NY
Tymor Park
249 Duncan Road
29 Apr 2006+OMARC Tailgate Hamfest
Ocean-Monmouth Radio Club
Talk-In: 145.110 -600 (PL 127.3) & 443.00 +5 MHz (PL 127.3)
Contact:Jeff Harshman, N2LXM
PO Box 267
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
Phone: 732-922-0816 
Email: n2lxm@juno.comWall Township, NJ
InfoAge Project Diana Site
Marconi Road, Camp Evans
13 May 2006+W2EGB 3rd Annual Hamfest
East Greenbush ARA
Talk-In: 147.270
Contact:Thomas Scorsone, KC2FCP
1310 10th Avenue
Watervliet, NY 12189
Phone: 518-272-1494 
Email: kc2fcp@aol.comRensselaer, NY
Phillips Road
27 May 2006+Anual Spring BARA Hamfest
Bergen Amateur Radio Association
Talk-In: 146.19/79 (PL 141.3)
Contact:James Joyce, K2ZO
286 Ridgewood Blvd North
Township of Washington, NJ 07676
Phone: 201-664-6725 
Email: k2zo@arrl.netTownship of Washington, NJ
Westwood Regional JR/SR High School
701 Ridgewood Road

ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Frank Fallon, N2FF

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