Hudson Division Beacon – June 2007

June  2007
Hudson Division Beacon – e-mail edition  – # 75
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
(516) 746-7652  
Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
(201) 455-5924  and
Hudson Division Home Page –

ARRL Members

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web site.  After becoming a member they must edit their profile and
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you are already a member on the ARRL site ( from
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Hudson Division Award Recipients have been selected for 2007.   See
list below.

===>  FIELD DAY SET FOR June 23 through 24th

Get your FD info package at  Rules and forms are
there.  Also, have your club secretary or PIO upload an article and
pictures to the FD Soapbox after the event using the link above.  It’s
one way to get some more recognition for your club or group.

But do enjoy this fantastic operating event.  I will be operating with
the combined Boiled Owls – Radio Central clubs from the Maritime Museum
in Sayville.  I do not expect to visit any other FD sites this year.  I
will be spending some time on six meters this year.  There was a very
nice opening into VE, VO, IN, IL, and MO yesterday with spots for two
KH6 stations and reports of CU stations hearing the K2ZD beacon.
Hopefully we will have similar conditions during Field Day.  Enjoy!

Do have fun but be safe.

Perhaps you may want to let the world know how your club Field Day
went.  Encourage your club secretary to upload an article and pictures
to the ARRL Field Day Soapbox at    And no it is not a
contest but rather an operating event.

==> Remember – Practice Safety First At Field Day and All Operating
By George Sabbi – KC2GLG – ARRL NNJ Section ARES DEC

Make sure you take a working, properly programmed, with battery backup,
NOAA All Hazards Radio to your Field Day site this and every year.
Having this all-important item setup and monitoring in a place where
someone can hear an alert could make all the difference should severe
weather develop in your area.

Information on how to properly setup your NOAA All Hazards Radio for
the greater ARRL Hudson Division area is available here (be sure you
set your radio to the proper frequency for the area you are operating):

Also make sure you have the frequency of the local SKYWARN Net
programmed into at least one radio at the sight and should there be a
SKYWARN activation, be sure to monitor this frequency (and check into
the Net!).

The NWS provides several informational items that you might want to
have available for those on site. These include items on Lightning
Safety including the 30-30 Rule which everyone at
a Field Day or other outdoor event needs to be familiar with (make sure
you share the 30-30 information with all of your family and friends!).
And here’s a link to a sign that would make a great addition to your
information table or food service area at Field Day or any operating
event: .

The most important thing to remember about lightning safety is that if
you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning
(even with clear skies above you!)

And lastly, when your Field Day site’s Safety Coordinator calls a halt
to operations due to approaching severe weather, be sure to immediately
shut down and move everyone to a safe location!

+++++   Hudson Division Awards Announced   ++++++

For the Nomination of Technical Achievement the Nominations Committee
unanimously chose:

Walter Legowski – WA1KKM from Schenectady, NY – Member of the Albany
Amateur Radio Assn    Nominated by:  George Wilner, K2ONP from Troy,

For the Nomination of Grand Ole Ham the Nominations Committee chose:

Van Field – W2OQI from Center Moriches, NY – Member of the Peconic
Amateur Radio Club  Nominated by:  Robert Napoli – K2LGO from
Riverhead, NY

For the Nomination of Amateur of the Year the Nominations Committee
chose two:

Larry Lutzak – WA2CNV from Bellerose, NY – Member of the ARC-ECS
Amateur Radio Club in Queens, NY  Nominated by:  George Sau – WB2ZTH of
Huntington, NY

Vincent Mattera – WB2AAP from Brooklyn, NY – Member of Kings County
Repeater Assn. and Kings County Radio Club in NY Nominated by:  Michael
Patino – N2BMU of Brooklyn, NY,  Laura Rudin – KB2VDV of Brooklyn, NY
and  Herbert Klein – W2NCM of Brooklyn, NY

The committee also would like to give a special award, title and
write-up to be from the Director, Frank Fallon and Assistant Director
Jim Jackson, NS2K: to Tony Izzo – K2AMI for his work and service on the
ARRL Hudson Division Awards Dinner.  The committee recommended that the
award be called the Hudson Division Special Achievement Award.

A big thank you to the committee of six Assistant Directors who took
one hour and 5 minutes during the conf call to pick the awardees.

WA2MMX Fred Fitte ENY
N2GA George Tranos NLI
N2KBC Bob Chamberlain ENY
W2GLA Jerry Agliata ENY
KB2ENF Steve Saposnik NNJ
NS2K Jim Jackson NNJ

Now, they all have to go out and sell tickets and ads!!!!

73,  Joyce KA2ANF,   ARRL Vice Director, Hudson Division
2007 Hudson Division Awards Chairperson

BARA will once again host The 2007 Hudson Division Awards Dinner on
Saturday night,
November 10, at the Holiday Inn, Saddlebrook, NJ.

===>>>>  Senate Bill Calls on FCC to Investigate BPL Interference
Potential (Jun 15, 2007) — Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas filed a bill
yesterday in the US Senate calling on the Federal Communications
Commission to conduct a study on the interference caused by broadband
Internet transmission over power lines, otherwise known as BPL. Sen
Pryor is a member of the Senate’s Committee on Commerce, Science, and
Transportation.  See full story at

We now have a companion bill in the Senate for our HR 462 introduced
January 12, 2007 by Rep Mike Ross, WD5DVR, of Arkansas.  Please ask
your senators to co sponsor Senate Bill 1629 and your congressional
representative to co sponsor HR 462.  We hope to have appropriate
sample letters on the division web site soon.
These bills are important to Amateur Radio and if passed may bring
about changes in the flawed BPL regulations enacted by the FCC in 2006.
Please write!!!

===> Of Dumbing Down, CW Testing and FCC Exams

Many of you sent e-mails or made in person comments at Dayton.  Many
thanks for the positive comments.

Along those same lines you may want to listen to Riley Hollingsworth’s
talk from the FCC Forum at Dayton.  URL of the Week – If you were
wondering where you could watch Riley Hollingsworth K4ZDH’s FCC
presentation at the 2007 Dayton Hamvention, it has been archived in a
pair of 10-minute segments at for downloading.  It’s
great audio from an engaging speaker! (Thanks, John K1AR and the ARRL
Contest Rate Sheet)

===> BS7H  QSL – The Ultimate Friendship Award

The BS7H DXpedition to Scarborough Reef is over and the QSLing will
soon begin.  Actually, I was present at a kosher Chinese restaurant in
Ceaderhurst on the south shore of Long Island to witness Marti Laine,
OH2BH and Steve Wheatley, KU9C present a plaque to Lew Reinberg, W2BIE,
for his last entities.  Lew has now worked them all!  Thanks to Lew’s
son, Steven, N2HOK and Steve Hass, WB2ZHB, and Margaret Hass, plus Rich
Gelber, W2WR, for making the surprise possible.  It was a very nice
event.  Lew’s wife, and his daughter plus grandchildren were also
present along with Gail Scheiber, N2RED of CQ Magazine and Frank
Fallon, N2FF, Hudson Division Director.  As far as I know Lew now has
the first QSL card for the operation.  The QSL card, is actually a
plaque signed by both Marti and Steve in the form of the  “Ultiamte
Friendship Award.”

A special thanks to Steve Hass and his wife, Margaret, for the
invitation and the lovely evening.  Steve said, “I was just happy I had
the opportunity to arrange this dinner and see him at his finest hour
in all his glory.  As Martti said, “This is a day to be remembered”.
It was nice to hear Lew say, “How can I ever top this?”  It was a very
special evening and a great surprise for Lew and his wife, Elaine,
W2ECR.   See for pictures and text
thanks to WB2ZHB

Some of those who made contributions to the BS7H DXpedition have also
received a LoTW QSL for contacts they made with the operation.  KU9C
hopes to begin mailing QSLs out in July when he receives the QSL cards.
The DXpedition made some 45,830 QSO’s in about a week of operating.
Steve says he has many of the envelopes and labels ready to go once the
cards arrive.  Thanks for this great service, Steve.

See   for picture, and audio interview
and press releases.

===> New Jersey Assembly Bill  – Ham letters pay off!

I had the following e-mail from NNJ SM, W2UDT

Frank, believe it or not the NJ letter writing campaign and a few
personal phone calls has paid off for A4146 and the Senate version
S1099. The following sentence has been added to the Bill: “specify that
electronic communication devices do not include amateur radios.”  Now
we just need it to pass a 2nd reading untouched before it goes to the
Governor for signing.   I wish we got this much support for BPL!    73,
Bill Hudzik, W2UDT
See for


ARRL to FCC: Shut Down “Grossly Noncompliant” Ambient BPL Pilot Project
(Jun 1, 2007) — The ARRL has again demanded that the FCC shut down
Ambient Corporation’s broadband over power line (BPL) pilot project in
Briarcliff Manor, New York. On May 21 the FCC called on the BPL
equipment maker and system operator to demonstrate it’s complying with
all terms of the Part 5 Experimental license authorizing the system, or
face possible enforcement action. In a May 31 letter to FCC Spectrum
Enforcement Division Chief Kathryn S. Berthot, ARRL General Counsel
Chris Imlay, W3KD, contended that it’s “long past time that the
Commission enforce its own rules,” and again objected to the
Commission’s “inexplicable inaction” in the face of evidence the system
is noncompliant. Imlay pointed out that the FCC’s May 21 letter made no
mention of Condition #1 of Ambient’s Part 5 Experimental license.

See the full story at]

Meanwhile Hudson Division Assistant Director, Dan Moses, W2YM, has been
working with the a Westchester County legislator to see if the county
can make a similar request.

===> Noise Floor MEASUREMENTS MADE IN Commack-Hauppague

Ed Hare, W1RFI, ARRL Lab Director once again visited Long Island.
Last week he was here to work with Steve Barreres, K2CX, NLI Technical
Coordinator to make preliminary noise floor measurements before LIPA
begins its BPL test.  In all they took measurements in nine different
sites along the proposed route of the BPL tests.  A report will soon be
forwarded to LIPA and ARRL by our NLI BPL team.

Rich Rosner, N2STU, division BPL point person reports that he has
invited LIPA staff to Field Day.

LIPA had previously informed us that they do not expect to begin their
test until October.

===>  Be Sure to read Dave Sumner’s July QST “It Seems to Us”

This editorial lays out the ARRL argument presented in a brief to the
federal court in Washington, ,DC in our case against the “flawed” BPL
rules issues by the agency in 2006.  Sometime in July we should see the
FCC response to that brief.  Stay tunned!

===> WAS Gets a New Look (Jun 14, 2007) — Radio operators applying for
the ARRL Worked All States (WAS) award will now receive a handsome,
newly-designed certificate, sure to be a nice attraction to the ham who
enjoys chasing awards and displaying prizes in the shack. The WAS Award
is available to all amateurs worldwide who submit proof with written
confirmation of having contacted each of the 50 states of the United
States of America. The WAS Awards program includes 10 different awards
and endorsements. Complete details, rules and applications for WAS can
be found here on the ARRL Web site. Those who already hold a WAS award
can get the new style certificate issued to them at a cost of $10.
Contact ARRL Awards Manager, Eileen Sapko or 860-594-0288


The June  2007 award goes to the “TARA News”  the newsletter of  the
Troy ARC for their June issue.  The editorial team is Editor-in-Chief:
Perry White; Editor: Ken “Chief” Davis, .. KB2KFV; Co-Editor: Marilyn
Davis…KB2JZI; Co-Editor: Karen Smith …… KS2O; Design/Layout: Ken
Davis, KB2KFV and
Columnists: Joe Pasquini N2NOU and Steve VanSickle WB2HPR.   I believe
that Clark and Lois are on vacation.  They have won before as they do a
great job – interesting articles, art work, pictures and cartoons.
Please take a look at

Clubs please make sure that you continue to send a copy of your pdf
file to  I have been missing some issues in the last few

===> New Hudson Division Assistant Directors

The following division members have recently been added to the list of
official Hudson Division Assistant Directors and serve on the division
cabinet.  Thanks for serving your Amateur radio community and ARRL and
the division director:

ENY  Harold S (Hal) Post, AK2E  and Antje Dirksen-Post, KC2DTP
In  NLI George Sau – WB2ZTH and George Tranos – N2GA .
In NNJ  – Steve Saposnik, KB2ENF;  Walter J Lange, AE2AA; Tony Izzo,
K2AMI and  Bill Hudzik, W2UDT

HAMFEST:     The July 8th Sussex County Amateur Radio Club event has
been elevated to the status of convention.  Both Mary Hobart and Katie
Breen will be on had for the event.  The Morris Radio Club Trust will
be donating more than $31,000 for a yearly $1,000 college scholarship
to a deserving Hudson Division high school senior.  It’s my hope that
next year we will be able to hold a “real” convention with speakers,
forums and meetings during the event.  de N2FF……

8 Jul 2007*SCARC 2007
Sussex County Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 147.30 (-600)
Contact:Dan Carter, N2ERH
8 Carter Lane
Branchville, NJ 07826
Phone: 973-948-6999
Fax: 973-948-6999
Email: Hamfest@SCARCNJ.orgAugusta, NJ
Sussex County Fair Grounds
Plains Road
Sect: Northern New Jersey
14 Jul 2007+Oceanport Volunteer First Aid & Rescue Squad
Talk-In: 145.045R 67.0 + (pending)
Contact:Jonathan Ryan, KC2QVO
24 Willow Court
Oceanport, NJ 07757
Phone: 732-804-7421
Fax: 732-542-0689
Email: KC2QVO@aol.comOceanport, NJ
Oceanport Volunteer First Aid & Rescue Squad
2 Pemberton Avenue
Sect: Northern New Jersey
18 Aug 2007+Ham Radio and Computer Flea Market
Ramapo Mountain ARC
Talk-In: 146.490 Output / 147.490 Input
Contact:Anthony Cassera, N2KDZ
72 Smokey Ridge Road
Ringwood, NJ 07456
Phone: 973-839-3564
Email: anthonycassera@netscape.comOakland, NJ
Oakland American Legion Hall
65 Oak Street
Sect: Northern New Jersey
8 Sep 2007+Saratoga County RACES
Talk-In: 146.40/147.00 and 147.84/147.24
Contact:Darlene Lake, N2XQG
314 Louden Road #84
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-587-2385
Email: dar@saratogaspringsny.usBallston Spa, NY
Saratoga County Fairgrounds
Prospect Avenue
Sect: Eastern New York

From: Frank Fallon ARRL Hudson Division Director

Subject: NEWS FLASH to NNJ Members

Right after sending out the June “Beacon” I received this e-mail:


I just watched the NJ State Legislature pass Senate Bill S-1099

Yes – 68
No – 12

Here’s the Link to the wording

Which includes the following wording

“For the purposes of this section, an ‘electronic communication
device’ shall not include an amateur radio.”


Thanks to NNJ SM, Bill Hudzik, W2UDT and his team for getting the
letters and phone calls that made the difference.  Bill and I both
suggest that you carry a copy of that bill in your glove compartment
along with a copy of your FCC license to avoid any possible problems.

de N2FF…….

ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Frank Fallon, N2FF

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