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Greetings Hudson Division!

While Frank is in England visiting family, I will try to bring you some
information that is happening in the ARRL and in the Hudson Division.

As I sit and write this, the ARRL VHF Contest is about to begin.
Several Clubs in the Division are setting up operations and will be on
the air for the weekend. I hope everyone gets a chance to work the
contest and get the many sought after grids and states.  Six meters has
been a very active band of late and I have taken the opportunity to
work on my VUCC and WAS awards.

The ARRL Hudson Division Cabinet/Club Presidents Meeting was on June 3,
2006!  It was great to see everyone at the Cabinet Meeting.  Although,
Frank was not there to keep things in order, I did try my best to keep
the group entertained!  Overall, I thought it was a great meeting and I
was very proud to see the dedication of everyone in attendance.  We
covered various topics and had some very good discussions and even got
some new information on services offered by the ARRL in the way of a
power point presentation. It was nice to see all the different clubs
represented and it is my hope that you all came away with some new
information and ideas for your clubs. Our newest PR Campaign, the HELLO
Campaign was introduced to the group.  The HELLO Campaign has taken off
quite nicely and the PR Committee has distributed Public Service
Announcement DVD's nationwide.  There is also a new HELLO brochure
available at ARRL HQ. Clubs can find this information useful especially
for Field Day Operations.  If you need brochures, you can contact Allan
Pitts, W1AGP at ARRL  All that is asked is that a small
donation is made to offset the cost of shipping the brochures/PSA's. 
Copies of the minutes and various handouts that were distributed at the
meeting will be made available to all Club Presidents and Assistant
Directors. Thank you all for your participation.

Field Day - 2006 is coming up fast!  I plan to visit some Field Day
sites within the Division.  I haven't decided where I will visit, but I
try to get around to as many as I can.  Please be safe and have a great
Field Day! 
Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF

Hudson Division Awards - Nominations are closed as of May 23, 2006.

My thanks to all who made a nomination for Grand Ole' Ham, Amateur of
the Year, or Technical Achievement. 
There were 19 nominations for the three categories.  I believe that is
an all-time record! There are so many deserving Hams in the Hudson
Division and I believe it's nice to be able to honor them.
A committee comprised of 6 Assistant Directors - one from each section
of the Hudson Division, has been selected and is currently reviewing
the material for each candidate.  The committee will meet via
teleconference within the next week to make their final selections.  I
wish to thank those committee members for their time.

Bergen Amateur Radio Association to host the ARRL Hudson Division
Awards Dinner!

The 2006 Hudson Division Awards Dinner will be held Saturday night,
November 11, 2006 in Northern New Jersey and will be hosted by the
Bergen Amateur Radio Association (BARA).
As a club, please think about sponsoring a plaque for one of the
awards, either Grand Ole Ham, Amateur of the Year or Technical
Achievement.  Please let Frank, N2FF know if you are interested in
being a sponsoring club.
Also, I have asked the Assistant Directors and those who were present
at the Cabinet Meeting to help by selling ads for the Hudson Division
Journal.  Information on the pricing of the ads was distributed at the
Cabinet Meeting and will be made available on the Hudson Division
Website.  Let's not limit the selling of ads to just the Assistant
Directors.  ANYONE can sell ads!  We appreciate your help!
And finally, please help us by your attendance at the ARRL Hudson
Division Awards dinner to honor this years Award winners!  The tickets
are $48.00 per person for the dinner.  Consider it a club project to
get as many people to represent your club at the dinner! The food will
be great and you can't beat the company!  Ticket forms are available and from

Full US House Okays Telecoms Bill with BPL Study Language Intact

(Jun 9, 2006) -- On a 321 to 101 vote, the US House of Representatives
on June 8 passed the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and
Enhancement (COPE) Act of 2006. The House-passed bill, HR 5252, left
intact language that required the FCC to study the interference
potential of BPL systems. US Rep Mike Ross, WD5DVR (D-AR), one of two
radio amateurs in Congress, sponsored the BPL study requirement, "Study
of Interference Potential of Broadband over Power Line Systems,"
contained in Title V, Section 502 of the complex bill. HR 5252 now goes
to the US Senate, where a separate--and very different--telecoms bill,
the Communications, Consumer's Choice, and Broadband Deployment Act of
2006 (S 2686) is still in committee. See the full story at:


Tuesday   June 20, 2006
What's that?
The very best Amateur Radio recruiter is a ham.
On June 20 we are encouraging all hams in the US that have an HT to
take it with them to work.  Wear it on your belt, put it on your desk
or some other place where your co-workers can see it.  We hope that it
will raise curiosity and questions.  This is a chance for you to talk
to them about ham radio!  At lunchtime, show them how it works.  Make
some contacts while they are watching.  Even better, let them talk on
the radio!  Then invite your co-workers to come see you at Field Day
weekend.  There they can meet even more hams, see a full station in
simulated emergency operations, learn more and get information so that
they too can get their Technician license.
What else?
There will be monitors on various repeaters randomly scattered
throughout the country.  If you are heard during the lunch hour of 12
to 1 (your local time) participating in HT Workday, showing your radio
to a non-ham, you just might have one of the special monitors come back
to you telling you you've just won a prize from ARRL.
This is a chance to have a lot of fun, recruit new hams, invite people
to Field Day, get publicity, and show off Amateur Radio.  Many people
would like to have the capabilities of ham radio in a crisis but don't
know where to start.  The best recruiter is another ham who can show,
guide and explain how to get their Technician license, then link them
to the right people in your area.   I hope you have fun and make the
most of it!  For more info and a press release:
Allen Pitts, W1AGP - ARRL Media & PR Manager

NOTE:  If you participate in "Take Your HT To Work Day", I want to know
about it!  Drop me an email with the particulars!  I encourage all in
the Division to take advantage of this event!  73, Joyce KA2ANF

Travels with the Hudson Division Vice Director:

With all this nice weather, you know it's Hamfest season!  I had the
opportunity to visit the Orange County Hamfest in New Windsor, NY on
March 19th.  It was a great day for a Hamfest and there was a great
turnout.  It was nice to see everyone spending money and getting some
great bargains. I ran into one person who was very happy that day.  Ken
Gross, N2OBY passed his General at the Hamfest!  Congratulations, Ken!
It's a good time to upgrade, and I am receiving phone calls and emails
weekly from hams looking for information on upgrades.

As I mentioned in my last column, the ARRL PR Committee launched its
newest PR Campaign, the HELLO Campaign. The past 3 weeks have brought
request for over 14,000 Hello Brochures. Public Service Announcements
(PSA) available in video and audio form have gone out all across the
country. New Providence ARC/Salt Brook School students, KC2ONP, Nick
and KC2LYJ, Halley were highlighted in the PSA DVD. If you can get any
of these into the hands of the local Television/Radio stations, please
contact Allen Pitts, W1AGP at ARRL HQ and let him know. Several local
clubs are getting on board and using the materials to attract new hams.
 The excitement level for this campaign is at an all time high!  If you
haven't figured out what all the fuss is about, I urge you to visit the
website and check the
HELLO campaign out for yourself! 

As a part of the ARRL Education Task Force, I am always checking in
with clubs that are teaching classes and mentoring.  I had the
opportunity to visit a Technician Course in Park Ridge, NJ in March
where I observed some members of 10-70 Repeater Association as they
were teaching the Technician and General Course to students.  On the
other end of the teaching scope, members of East Coast DX Association
have been actively mentoring new hams and getting them on the air by
teaching operating techniques through the many contests that have been
on throughout the month's of January, February and March.  From the
ARRL DX SSB Contest to the BARTG Contest (RTTY), members of ECDXA were
busy making contacts. This is a new concept for the club and it has
been good for helping those who are just coming into the hobby and it
has been good for those who are experimenting with new modes of
operation as well!  I happen to be one of those who have recently
discovered RTTY and PSK31! And of course, having recently acquired a
new ICOM IC-7000 has certainly helped!  

Please continue to make use of all that is offered on the ARRL Website.
 There are new changes being instituted everyday and the folks at the
League are working very hard in helping us all promote Amateur Radio.
>From registering license classes to ordering Field Day T-shirts and
pins, there are many invaluable promotion items you and your clubs can
make use of to promote Amateur Radio in your area! 

On Friday, April 7, 2006, I attended the New Providence Amateur Radio
Club Auction.  Again, as was the case with the BARA Auction back in
March, another nice crowd was on hand with more than 100 in attendance.
There were a few HF transceivers, Amplifiers, some nice vintage
equipment with many going as real bargains!  Everyone had a great

I'm proud to announce that several Proclamations have been received by
some of the local clubs.  The Roseland ARC has received a Proclamation
from the Mayor recognizing the club for all it's work in Emergency
Communications and the Englewood ARC has already received their
Proclamation for Amateur Radio week 18-24th of June. It's not too late
to contact the media and your local officials to invite them to Field
Day (June 24-25th)

In other club news, the North Jersey DX Association is getting ready to
celebrate their 50th Anniversary. These are the folks who work hard
sorting our Incoming QSL Cards! The club was founded in the summer of
1957.  I was at the April meeting and they are planning some exciting
things for their Anniversary.  Check their website for updates 

On Sunday, April 23, 2006, George, KC2GLG and I traveled to the Mt
Beacon Hamfest in NY State.  A very rainy day, but that didn't seem to
affect the attendance in the least.  The hall was packed with both
vendors and buyers!  It was great to see everyone and we also enjoyed
spending time later that day with the Hudson Valley Contesters at Ray
(W2RE) and Lori's (KB2HZI) very organized and well laid out 'contest

Ocean Monmouth ARC held their Hamfest on April 28, 2006 in Wall
Township, NJ.  It was a very nice day for the long ride south. I
enjoyed seeing the many familiar faces of the club members and all the
vendors!  Their club station was in top shape and there was a great
display set up of vintage equipment to see as well! Their club station
and Hamfest are located on the grounds of the Project Diana Site, which
is located near the site of the former American Marconi Company station
and towers.  More information on these historic radio sites is
available here: and

May 2nd and 3rd were the dates of SKYWARN training sessions in both
Passaic and Bergen Counties in New Jersey. Gary Conte, Warning
Coordination Meteorologist from the National Weather Service Upton, NY
was on hand to instruct three sessions of training in 2 days.  There
were over 50 people in attendance at the Passaic County Class and over
200 for the two sessions in Bergen County!  I thank Gary for letting me
speak to all three groups about the importance of ARRL/Amateur Radio's
supporting role with the National Weather Service programs such as
SKYWARN.  Many in the groups were not licensed but there was much
interest among many the attendees in becoming Amateur Radio Operators.
I am currently working with a few of them to get their tickets and will
even be helping to test some of them this month at a VE session.

I got to see some old friends at The Roseland ARC on May 10th when I
spoke to the club about the latest happenings are the ARRL.  Dick
Denby, AB2SV and Harvey Moskowitz, W2YWC work hard keeping everyone up
to date on all the activities that this club is involved in. This club
has a very nice station set up and participates in a variety of Public
Service Events.  It was good to see my old friend Peter Summers, N2XTT,
running the 3905 Century Club Net from the EOC's well equipped radio
room.  Thank you Peter for my certificate and thank you all for making
me feel welcome.

On May 13, 2006, I hit the road to work a little DX with the
ICOM7000/mobile (I worked Eastern Canada, Germany and a few other
places from the NY Thruway while traveling north to the East Greenbush
ARA Hamfest in East Greenbush, NY).  I think this is almost at the very
top boundary of the Hudson Division!  It was great to see everyone in
attendance and they had a nice day and location for the Hamfest! 

Dayton 2006!  Well, it was a very long trip for us, but George, KC2GLG,
and I took the IC-7000 on the road for company and worked quite a few
stations on 20 and 40 meters/mobile on the way out and back. It
certainly passed the time quite nicely for us.

On Thursday morning, we visited the Air Force Museum at Wright Paterson
Air Force Base and its collection of 100's of vintage warplanes
(including all of the former Presidential Air Force One's) (luckily all
of the planes are inside huge hangers as it was pouring rain and there
was a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the area as we made our
tour). If you have never done this activity while at Dayton, you must
take the time! Not only did we get to see all the planes, but we also
met many fellow hams on site! (see pictures from our visit at:

Later that same day we received bulletins from the National Weather
Service about thunderstorms containing hail and 'cold' funnel clouds in
the Dayton area. As George and I were on the way to ARRL Donor
Reception that evening, we witnessed, first-hand the hail (pea sized)
and also saw the 'cold' funnel clouds in the distance which we reported
to the Wilmington, Ohio NWS!  What a sight to behold!

Those of us in attendance at the ARRL Donor Reception were able to see
and hear the multi-talented Joel Harrison, W5ZN demonstrate his great
mind powers and card tricks!  This was definitely the "lighter" side of
our new President.  He also spoke about his vision for Amateur Radio
and then honored some of the donors.  It was a great evening and I
really enjoyed being a part of it all.

Operating HF from my hotel room at Dayton is something I had always
wanted to do!  I always wanted to see how the bands were in the middle
of the country.  But, seriously, my primary goal was to work three guys
who work hard to promote amateur radio. The Three Steve's Amateur Radio
Club was on DXpedition in St. Croix, VI.  I have followed their annual
operating activity when they go to W1AW every December, but have never
been able to work them.  This time, I was able to work all three of
them, thus earning the coveted, 'Three Steve's Award'.  Congratulations
to them and yes, my QSL cards are in the mail!

On Friday in Dayton, I was working the Public Relations Booth promoting
the "HELLO" Campaign!  It was a real delight to meet people from all
over and to listen to their ideas on PR. This also gave me the
opportunity to meet, face-to-face with the other Public Relations
Committee Members. 

The ARRL Expo received many visitors and got many wonderful comments
from Hamfest attendees.  I think the nicest thing is seeing the folks
who work at Headquarters.  I know that Maria Somma, AB1FM from ARRL/VEC
was always busy greeting folks when I happened to stroll by.  There was
even a report of "Bart Jahnke, W9JJ"(former ARRL/VEC head) being sited
at the HARA Arena!!  It's great to see the dedication in our staff at
ARRL! It was, as always, nice to go to Dayton, but oh, so nice to
finally get home!!

Memorial Day Weekend arrived, and on Saturday, May 27th, the fog was
thick when I got up and got ready to make the long 1 mile trek to the
BARA Hamfest!  The sun did come out and the attendance was out in full
force as well.  Jim Joyce, K2ZO has been running the Hamfest since
before I can remember and has some great stories to tell!

So, Frank left for England after Dayton and is to return really soon,
hopefully before Field Day!  While he was gone to see those wonderful
grandchildren, we held the ARRL Hudson Division Cabinet Meeting on
Saturday, June 3, 2006 in Paramus, NJ.  Another damp, and cool day, but
that didn't 'dampen' the spirits of those who attended.  This meeting
was focused on helping the clubs in the Hudson Division, by sharing
what resources the ARRL had to offer.  Information about the meeting
was made available to all who were in attendance and to all of the Club
President's and Assistant Directors.  Thanks, everyone for being

On Sunday, June 4, 2006 I hitched a ride with my two friends, Jim, NS2K
and Tony, K2AMI from the BARA club to the Hall of Science ARC (HOSARC)
Hamfest.  Traveling with someone who knows where they are going is much
better than trying to go it alone!  We had a great time, despite the
cloudy, cool conditions.  We even handed out fliers for the upcoming
ARRL Hudson Division Awards Dinner.  The highlight of the day, for me,
was when I was asked to help with the VE Session!  Thanks to Club
President, Alan Koenigsberg - AE2J, and VE Liaison, Lenny Menna - W2LJM
for including me! It was quite a time and we even had some candidates
for CW!  My penchant for foreign languages was even satisfied that day!
I may have to further my studies!  And yes, I was able to deliver the
VE paperwork by hand when I went to the ARRL on Tuesday! 

But, before heading out to the League on Tuesday, George and I were on
hand at the Schenectady ARA Club for their annual Awards Meeting on
Monday, June 5th.  This meeting also saw the election of new officers!
Hal Post, AK2E was elected as President once again.  Current President,
Dan Whelan, N2UD was also on hand to help Hal present two members of
the club with the prestigious Broughton Award.  This years recipients
were Ken Chickman AA2CW and George Williams, W2CSN.

It was quite an honor to be asked to help with the presentation.
Listening to the club members that evening talk about the prior Field
Day activities of the club, I realized that this might be the oldest
club in the Hudson Division.  Congratulations to all the award winners
and thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of the meeting!

On Tuesday, June 6, 2006, I made a quick trip to Newington, CT to
attend a meeting at ARRL Headquarters with Allan Pitts, W1AGP of the
HELLO Campaign and other staff members regarding end of the year
activities. I also visited many of my friends in the other departments,
dropping off/picking up VE Paperwork at the ARRL/VEC, visiting the
Sales and Marketing Department, the Foundation, W1AW and others! 

Are you tired yet? Sometimes, I think I am, but what I never tire of is
being with and visiting all the folks in the Division.  Frank and I are
very lucky and very well received when we visit each club and each
Hamfest and it's wonderful to be able to share these special times with
you all.

It's not to soon to be thinking about attending the 2006 ARRL Hudson
Division Awards Dinner! Tickets are selling now. This year's event will
be held on Saturday evening, November 11th and will be at the Holiday
Inn in Saddle Brook NJ. BARA (Bergen Amateur Radio Association) will be
hosting and there will be good food, good times, good company and door
prizes aplenty! Ticket Forms are available now (FYI...seating is
limited so get your orders in ASAP!) from the BARA Website at: and from

And last, but not least, remember, Field Day is almost here (Saturday
and Sunday, June 24-25th)...and you never know just where I might show
up that day, either in person or on the air!  Enjoy a safe and fun
Field Day!

73, Joyce KA2ANF
ARRL Hudson Division Vice Director

Hudson Division Hamfests:

June 17, 2006
(formerly known as Dunnellen)
Raritan Valley Radio Club
Hamfest Location:
Piscataway High School
100 Behmer Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Talk-In: 146.625 (PL 141.3)442.25 (PL 141.25)
Contact: John Weber, WA2C
Phone: 609-636-7251

July 9, 2006 (Sunday)
Sussex County ARC
Talk-In: 147.30 plus 600
Contact: Dan Carter, N2ERH
8 Carter Lane
Branchville, NJ 07826
Phone: 973-948-6999
Fax: 973-948-6999
Hamfest Location:
Sussex County Fairgrounds
Plains Road
Augusta, NJ

July 21 - 23, 2006
13th International QSO Convention (Operating Specialty Convention)
Tri-State Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 446.810- (PL 71.9)
Contact: Eli Tuazon, N2YZ
94-39 55th Avenue
Elmhurst, NY 11373
Phone: 917-826-9483
Fax: 718-699-3201
Convention Location: Please be informed that venue of the
13th IGE/QSO on July 21-23 is moved/transferred to:
135-20 39th Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354

ARRL Hudson Division
Vice Director: Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF

ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Frank Fallon, N2FF

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