Hudson Division Beacon – June 2005

ARRL Hudson Division
June 2005
Hudson Division Beacon - e-mail edition  - # 53
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
516) 746-7652

Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
(201) 455-5924
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* 2005 Hudson Division Award Winners Selected  -
* Awards Dinner November 12th
The Awards Committee met via "ARRL Conference Bridge" on Friday, June
17, 2005.  Those asked to serve on the committee:  Diane Ortiz, K2DO;
Jerry Agliata, W2GLA; Dennis McAlpine, K2SX;  Kathy Thee, KT2F; Doug
Rue, W2EN, and Jim Jackson- NS2K selected the following:
Amateur of the Year, Tom Raffaelli - WB2NHC (nominated by Lyle
Anderson, KC2LCA and Rich Sandell, WK6R)
Technical Achievement, Ulrich Rohde - N1UL (nominated by Mario Karcich,
K2ZD (2004)
Grand Ole' Ham, Frank Fix - K2AW  (Nominated by Bill Hellman - NA2M)
        Lew Malchick, N2RQ (Nominated by Martin Smith - KA2NRR)
The committee decided to grant two Grande Ole 'Ham awards this year. 
The Committee was unanimous about awarding both Frank Fix and Lou
Malchick the Grand Ole' Ham award.  

I thank them all for their hard work and commitment!

Congratulations to our winners!

Join with us on Saturday night, November 12th, 2005 at the Elk's Lodge
in Park Ridge, NY to honor the recipients.

73,  Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Nominations Chair for the Hudson
Division Awards Committee, 2005
ARRL Hudson Division Vice Director

* DAYTON 2005 -  ARRL EXPO A "BIG" Success.......
Thanks to those who stopped by at the  ARRL GRASSROOTS BOOTH.  See for the story of
our grassroots effort and some pictures.  Thanks to NNJ SM, W2UDT, for
a superb presentation.
 It's was great to see so many of you at Dayton and thanks for your
support.  Thanks also to W2UDT, W2YR, KS2G, WA2MMX, W2LK, N2TKA and
N2STU for the time they spent helping out at the ARRL Grassroots Booth
at ARRL Expo on Friday.  
 I hope members will continue to write e-mail to their congressman
about H. Res. 230.  So far less than 100 have and that's not nearly
good enough to get action on this resolution.  
The ARRL had a very large presence this year in an entirely different
area of the inside exhibits.  I took the opportunity to have a number
of QST covers made at $10 a pop.  A great addition to the shack, I
felt.  All those I spoke to really liked the ARRL Expo.  My own comment
is, "We should have done it twenty years ago at my first Dayton in
1985."  See  for
pictures and report on the 2005 ARRL Expo.
 If you wondered who won and what the prizes were in the ARRL Passport
drawing see   Over 1,100
entry forms were turned in for the ARRL Passport drawing.  During the
week following the convention, HQ notified all of the winners and
shipped their prizes.  An announcement was posted to the ARRLWeb at
BTW: I missed only one Dayton since, so this was number 19 for me. Yes,
attendance was off this year but then so are the sunspots.

*  H.Res 230  -  Let Your Congressman know you Support this Resolution 
- Write     
* See sample letter at

To expedite delivery, send all correspondence bound for Members of
Congress--preferably as an attachment--to or fax it to
703-684-7594 also send me a copy at
 The ARRL will bundle correspondence addressed to each Member of
Congress for hand delivery. 

A copy of HRes 230 is available on the ARRL Web site in .PDF format
at,  See
the ARRL Web site,,
for more information.

If you really want to help stop BPL you might take a laptop to Field
Day and collect a batch of letters there and send them off to the two
addresses listed above after Field Day.   

* 10-70 Repeater Association, Inc. participates in the ARRL's first
ever "Take Your HT to Work Day"

Members and Friends of the 10-70 Repeater Association (Northern New
Jersey) showed up on the club's 2 meter repeater (Frequency 146.70/10)
today, Tuesday, June 21, 2005 to participate in a net operation
coordinated by the club's Treasurer, and Northern New Jersey Section
Skywarn DEC, George Sabbi, KC2GLG.  While most of the nets run on the
10-70 are either NTS nets or Skywarn nets, George's expertise as net
control gleaned a nice response for a fun casual and informative net.

Check-ins came from Northern New Jersey as well as from New York state.
 Net control was operational from Ridgewood, NJ (Net Control Station -
KC2GLG) and with others checking in from the surrounding towns of
Allendale, Oakland, Bergenfield, Wayne and Montvale NJ.   Some of the
check-ins were:  
In Allendale (N2UGG), Oakland (KA2ANF and KB2MER), Bergenfield
(KA2NRW), Wayne (KB2SSO) and Montvale (NJ3C).  Check-ins from New York
included: New Hyde Park LI (N2QXI) and Rego Point Queens (KC2OIS).

"Not a bad showing and good coverage from across the greater NNJ metro
area," remarked Sabbi.  "It was nice to demonstrate the coverage of a
Repeater. NJ3C checking in from his work place in Montvale NJ even got
a non-Ham to speak on the air for a second or two!"

ARRL Hudson Division Vice Director, Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF was on the
Net and used the opportunity to demonstrate to her company what Amateur
Radio is all about as well as to provide all on the Net with
information about the upcoming ARRL Field Day operations in the ARRL
Hudson Division and elsewhere.  Also on the Net along with Joyce, was
her 23 year old daughter, Krista, KB2MER who is no stranger to Amateur
Radio having first been licensed at age 9.  

Field Day being the hot topic, was mentioned many times as the place to
see Amateur Radio up close and personal this weekend as those on the
Net talked extensively about not only 10-70's plans for Field Day, but
other locations of other amateur radio clubs in the northern NJ area.
More information on Amateur Radio in the northern NJ area can be found
on the 10-70 Website:  

All agreed that it would be good to have more activities like this
on-the-air.  Thank you to the ARRL staff for coming up with this fun
and informative activity.  

Submitted by:  Joyce A. Birmingham, KA2ANF, ARRL Vice Director --
Hudson Division

* FIELD DAY INFO AVAILABLE ON LINE.... ( A second reminder.)  FD is
June 25-26
And please remember to make sure your club has a map to the Field Day
site available on line so folks can visit if they want. Maps and GPS
coordinates are nice and also helpful.   Suppose a Non-ham reads
something in a local paper about field day and wants to visit a site. 
ARRL is holding a "Take Your Handheld to Work Day" the week before
Field Day, on June 21, in hopes of stirring up interest in our
emergency communications and field day operations.  It might get people
interested in ham radio. See page 45 of June QST. Will interested folks
find a map to the event on your club site.  Why have a GOTA station if
you are not getting visitors?
     See  for the
35 page Field Day package or  if you just need

Field Day can be dangerous if you are not careful with generators,
antennas, or towers.  Have a safe Field Day.  Think safety, please. 
The article below may help avoid accidents while having a good time:

* Don't Let Fall Interrupt Summer (from the ARRL Contest Rate Sheet)

As the summer begins, so does tower and antenna work.  Aside from
troubleshooting HV power supplies, there is no other aspect of amateur
radio that has more opportunities for trouble. With Krassy, K1LZ taking
a fall on CY9 this week and Joe NK7U the week before, safety should be
the first thing on any tower (or tree) climber's mind.  For a refresher
course, check out the ARRL Antenna Book's "Tower Safety" and "Antenna
Supports" chapters.  The following contributed items are just a few of
the many steps each of us must take to keep our climbing chores from
becoming a threat to life and limb.

With those weekend projects frequently taking longer than expected,
it's easy to spend a lot more time on the tower than you expected. 
Towers are windy, sunny places and that can dry you out quickly. The
folks on the TowerTalk reflector
( contributed
some good tips to avoid cramping and dehydration on the tower: 
- Load up on potassium before the climb - bananas are a good source
- Calcium (calcium citrate or milk) is also recommended
- Drink lots of water before and during the tower climb
- Quinine water is occasionally recommended, as is a teaspoon of
- Stretch your legs and arms regularly, particularly before and after a
long pull
- Don't forget the sunscreen!
- Wear a hard hat if you are on the ground crew!

(May 27, 2005) -- The Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and
Communications acted May 24 to relax Morse code requirements for
Amateur Radio licensing, but it did not eliminate them altogether. 
Effective October 1, 2005, the MIC will reduce the requirements for
First and Second Class licenses to 5 WPM -- solid copy for two minutes.
The previous code requirements for these licenses were 12 and 9 WPM
respectively. The MIC will drop the Morse requirement, now 5 WPM, for
the Third Class license.--submitted by Joe Speroni, AH0A to a DX

* The FCC's Riley Hollingsworth: "Get Involved in the Good Things in
Amateur Radio!"
 (Jun 14, 2005) -- FCC Special Counsel for Enforcement Riley
Hollingsworth told the Dayton Hamvention FCC Forum May 21 "all you need
to know to enhance your radio service--in one simple lesson." Drawing
upon his nearly seven years' experience as the FCC's point man for
Amateur Radio enforcement, Hollingsworth told his audience "what I
personally think you need to do to make the Amateur Radio Service
thrive and to enjoy the incredible opportunity" to have fun and engage
in public service activities.
See the entire interesting story at:

* President names Scott Redd, K0DQ, to head counter-terrorism center 
(Jun 13, 2005) -- President George W. Bush has again called on retired
Vice Adm John "Scott" Redd, K0DQ, to take on an important assignment.
Bush announced June 10 that he was tapping Redd, a well-known DXer and
contester, to direct the new National Counter-Terrorism Center. A
former commander of US naval forces in the Middle East and a 36-year
Navy veteran, Redd, 60, was executive director of the Silberman-Robb
presidential commission on US intelligence failures in Iraq. Redd
previously served as deputy administrator and chief operating officer
of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, for which he
received the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service.
Pending Senate confirmation, Redd will report to National Intelligence
Director John Negroponte. He'd replace interim director John Brennan.
The National Counter-Terrorism Center is to be the central organization
for analyzing and integrating all foreign and domestic intelligence on
terrorism and will carry out "strategic operational planning" for
domestic and foreign counterterrorism operations.
( Note:  I first ran into Scott in the late 1960's when I ran a few
phone patches for him when he was on a Fulbright in Uruguay (CX3).  It
was a great thrill to meet him in Dayton two years ago.  That's one of
the many things that makes ham radio so great.  de N2FF)

* CQ introduces "iDX" Award (May 27, 2005) -- CQ Amateur
Radio magazine has announced the introduction of the "iDX Award," the
final component of its three-part "Waking Up DXing" program
designed to encourage more DXing activity. "The iDX Award brings back
and updates an old concept of introductory-level awards to help bring
newer hams into the sport and mindset of DXing," explained CQ Editor
Rich Moseson, W2VU. The CQ iDX Award recognizes confirmed contacts with
25 to 100 different countries--or entities--made using remote bases or
repeaters linked with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks such
as IRLP or EchoLink. Because virtually all new hams today come into
Amateur Radio as Technicians operating VHF and UHF, Novice awards have
been largely discontinued," Moseson noted. "The iDX Award
brings the concept of the Novice award to where newer hams are
operating today." CQ DX Awards Manager Billy Williams, N4UF, says
the demarcation between wired and wireless communication has been
blurred by modern integrated systems employed by public safety agencies
and commercial users. "This blurring of the line between wired and
wireless has already reached Amateur Radio in several ways--using the
Internet to collect and distribute DX spots, propagation data and
location information, to link existing VHF and UHF repeaters over great
distances and to access an HF remote base station." Williams says
the CQ iDX Award will focus on the last two activities. "The CQ iDX
Award recognizes the changing landscape and its inevitable effect on
where Amateur Radio will be in 2020." Contacts must use radio on at
least one end of the link to count for the award. Computer-to-computer
contacts, while possible on such systems as EchoLink, will not count
toward this award. Contacts for the new award may be made starting
January 1, 2006. Complete details are in the June 2005 issue of CQ and
on the CQ Web site. CQ previously introduced the CQ DX Field Award and
the CQ DX Marathon as the first two parts of its "Waking Up DXing"
program.  (from the ARRL Web site)

* ARRL Northern New Jersey SM donates ARRL books to new library 
(Jun 8, 2005) -- What do you do when your town gets a new library? ARRL
Northern New Jersey Section Manager Bill Hudzik, W2UDT, donated a
selection of ARRL books to the new Long Hill Township Library. His
wife, Maryann, had been on the township committee for a number of years
and helped obtain the initial state and county grants to help with the
project, which was supplemented through local fundraisers. At one of
these events, W2UDT learned from Library Director Arline Most that the
library had no current books on Amateur Radio. So, when the new library
was dedicated, Hudzik made sure that Amateur Radio was represented! The
new Long Hill Township Library now has a selection that includes the
ARRL Handbook, Morse code CD, licensing guides and a young reader's
radio adventure book, among others. "After talking about how much
Amateur Radio meant to me, not only personally but in helping my
career, Arline knew that I would be showing up with books for our new
library," Hudzik said. "But, she was just overjoyed at the selection
that will be added to our town's library." Hudzik says he can't think
of a better way to promote Amateur Radio service than to donate reading
material to the local library. "I got started in Amateur Radio at my
library, and I hope other young readers in Long Hill will follow," he
said.  (from the ARRL Web)

There is rumor that NJDXA may also have played a part in this donation.
 Thanks all!

See K1ZZ June QST editorial on page 9 See also  and  the FAQ's at for more
Last month I made some comments on the issue.  If you have any concerns
on opinions on the issue please let me know as it will be on the
important issues we deal with a the July ARRL Board meeting in CT. 
Send an e-mail to

There were two errors in this story which came from "Newsline."  We
should have caught the errors but we just cut and pasted.  We should
have sent, "The Alpine Tower that became a lifeline for New York City
television stations following the September 11th 2001 Al-Qaeda  terror
attacks."  Sorry about that!

BTW: Only two people took the time to comment on the error.  Thanks

* Hams Encouraged by NEW Motorola BPL Technology 
(May 23, 2005) -- ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio,
announced today that "The ARRL is pleased to hear Motorola's
announcement of its Powerline LV system. This is the first Access
Broadband over Power Line (BPL) system that has been designed from the
start with radio interference concerns in mind."  (Editor's comments: 
This may indeed be a very positive development.  See the full story
below for details.)

See also "Motorola's Commercial Broadband Over Powerline Solution
Debuts at 'Telecom 2005"
Full story:

Marc Strassman did an interview with ARRL's Dave Sumner, K1ZZ after
 this story includes a an audio link to Dave's comments.

* Bob, WB2VUF new Morris County DEC
Bob Weingaertner, WB2VUF, was recently appointed the new Morris County
ARRL District Emergency Coordinator. As such he heads the Amateur Radio
Emergency Service in Morris County. ARES, sponsored by ARRL, the
national society for Amateur Radio, provides emergency and public
service communications, independent of RACES, which is sponsored by
Federal Emergency Management Agency. Bob has held leadership positions
in ARES going back three decades. We look forward to his bringing new
vigor to ARES in Morris County.  (June 2005 Chatham RACES Newsletter)

If you have a broad band connection to the Internet you might want to
look at this site and listen to some of those old time radio shows. 
The list is interesting.  (Thanks to NA2M for sending this along.)

Thanks to sharp eyed Joe Lane, KC2JON, for spotting my call on page 56
of the July QST in the article on Morse Runner.  Take a close look at
the picture relating to the article.  I did not spot it until Joe sent
an e-mail.  The really weird thing is that in the most recent CQWPX
Contest I made so few QSO's that I did not send in a log.  The bottom
line is you never know when your call will show up in QST.

Thanks, Joe. 


10 Jul 2005 + Sussex County Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 147.30 plus 600
Contact: Dan Carter, N2ERH
8 Carter Lane 
Branchville, NJ 07826
Phone: 973-948-6999 
Fax: 973-948-6999
Augusta, NJ - Sussex County Fairgrounds Plains Road

10 Sep 2005 + Saratoga County RACES
Talk-In: 146.40/147.00, 147.84/147.24
Contact: Darlene Lake, N2XQG
314 Louden Road, #84
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-587-2385 
   Ballston Spa, NY  - Saratoga County Fairgrounds
163 Prospect Street

25 Sep 2005 + LIMARC Outdoor Hamfair & Electronics Flea Market
Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 146.85 (PL 136.5)
Contact: Rick Bressler, K2RB
c/o Sign-A-Rama
34A Hempstead Turnpike
Farmingdale, NY 11735
Phone: 516-526-6975 
Fax: 516-756-2921
Bethpage, NY  - Briarcliffe College
1055 Stewart Avenue

ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Frank Fallon, N2FF

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