Hudson Division Beacon – July 2007

.                                   July 2007
Hudson Division Beacon – e-mail edition  – # 76
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Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
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Hudson Division Award Recipients have been selected for 2007.   See
list below.

===> ARRL NEEDS PIO’s – Public Information Officers

This is a vitally important job.  During the 9/11 incident in NYC in
2001 we had not one PIO to feed stories to the media and as a result
our horn was not blown very loudly despite all the work area hams had
done in responding.  We still have too few PIOs.  If you are looking
for a way to be involved and give back this important job may be for
you.  Contact me at or your SM.

The 2007 ARRL Public Relations Campaign – Where Are We Now? (Jul 23,
2007) — The ARRL has two Public Relations (PR) thrusts for 2007. The
first one concerns ARES and Public Relations. ARRL Media and Public
Relations Manager Allen Pitts, W1AGP, said, “We lose many good media
opportunities because ARES operations are not being covered by Public
Information Officers (PIO). Far too often, anything provided to media
about ARES activities in a crisis is not shared until long after the
event, if at all. To correct this, encouragement is being given for
PIOs not only to be media active during any ARES deployment, but also
for Section Managers to appoint specific PIOs whose singular job is to
work with the ARES Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) to talk with
media during a crisis.”

See for the full
story and more information.

===>  FIELD DAY 2007 Had GREAT WEATHER – you noticed….

Except for high winds on Friday the June 23 – 24th weekend had great
weather for being out doors and was a big and welcomed change from the
downpours of 2006. I had fun setting up the six meter station at the
Owls/Radio Central joint effort at the LI Maritime Museum in Sayville.
We had a large joint club effort  and set up a lot of HF wire antennas
on Friday including three element wire beams for forty and twenty.  The
team made good use of the many trees available just a few feet from
Great South Bay on Long Island’s south shore.  Our 2A commercial effort
netted some 1393 QSOs with 4,454 points and 21 operators from both
clubs.  Forty of those QSO’s were my six meter effort with 10 sections

The score was some 2,444 points above the winning effort for the 2AC
category in 2006.  The Owls did not participate in Field day last year.
Our 2005 effort in 2AC netted 1307 QSO and 4,544 points; just 90
points higher than this year’s score.  Apparently we had more CW QSO’s
that year or additional bonus points.  This year there were moans from
our CW ops that there was not as much activity as they would have
liked.  Nevertheless we have high hopes for another nationwide win in
the 2AC category.

It looks like Radio Central and the Owls will again be involved in a
joint effort at the Museum in 2008.  We had a great time together.  We
look forward to bright sun and cool sea breezes in 2008.

We hope soon to get up a soapbox entry at
Take a look at what groups around the US did this year and get an entry
up for your club.  There are some great pictures there of this year’s
Field Day.

===>  “WHERE OLD FRIENDS MEET”  by Mike Adams
I remember several years ago stopping at an old roadhouse in Sussex
County for a sandwich platter and a cold beer.  Over the bar hung a
rustic wooden sign emblazoned with the motto “Where Old Friends Meet”.
I thought to myself that it would be nice if there were more congenial
places like that.

As we get ready for our fifth ARRL Field Day, at the Emergency
Operation Center, in Ramsey, I feel that sign would be appropriate to
place in the radio room.  For actually, a big part of field day is
having ALL of the members of the Metroplex Amateur Radio Club get
together over a twenty four hour week-end and pull together to
accomplish the club’s goals.

Young and old, active or inactive, officer, director, contester,
emergency management, skywarn, echolinker, or none of the above:  you
all have a personal invitation to gather your radio equipment, food,
pillow, favorite stories and arrive at the Ramsey Municipal Building at
noontime on June 23rd.
Ramsey Mayor Chris Botta, KA2CQH, OEM Coordinator Mike Adams, WA2MWT,
Deputy Coordinator Bruce Greenwood, K3OEM, and Radio Operator Lou
Janicek, N2CYY, will be on hand to kick off the formalities.  MARC
President John Acovino, KC2VVO, a life member of Ramsey OEM, will also
be expected to say a few words after he gets his antique generator

We will start with our base of 600 or 700 points and build from there,
as the logging goes on, uninterrupted, for 24 hours.  We have a bunk
area with cots, to sleep, and a kitchen area that has enough food to
feed a small army.  Want to make it a marathon?  Go for it.  Can only
give an hour or two?  Much appreciated.

The important point is to be there, at ham radio’s once a year chance
to demonstrate all of our skills.  Is our 4F station recognized by the
head honchos in Newington, CT?  Last year we made QST magazine and took
up a lot of space on the “soap box” section of the ARRL website.  You
never know what officials will show up.  The important thing is that
you do.
Submitted by Michael Adams, WA2MWT

+++++   Hudson Division Awards Announced   ++++++

For the Nomination of Technical Achievement the Nominations Committee
unanimously chose:

Walter Legowski – WA1KKM from Schenectady, NY – Member of the Albany
Amateur Radio Assn
Nominated by:  George Wilner, K2ONP from Troy, NY

For the Nomination of Grand Ole Ham the Nominations Committee chose:

Van Field – W2OQI from Center Moriches, NY – Member of the Peconic
Amateur Radio Club
Nominated by:  Robert Napoli – K2LGO from Riverhead, NY

For the Nomination of Amateur of the Year the Nominations Committee
chose two:

Larry Lutzak – WA2CNV from Bellerose, NY – Member of the ARC-ECS
Amateur Radio Club in Queens, NY  Nominated by:  George Sau – WB2ZTH of
Huntington, NY

Vincent Mattera – WB2AAP from Brooklyn, NY – Member of Kings County
Repeater Assn. and Kings County Radio Club in NY.  Nominated by:
Michael Patino – N2BMU of Brooklyn, NY,  Laura Rudin – KB2VDV of
Brooklyn, NY and  Herbert Klein – W2NCM of Brooklyn, NY

The committee also would like to give a special award, title and
write-up to be from the Director, Frank Fallon and Assistant Director
Jim Jackson, NS2K: to Tony Izzo – K2AMI for his work and service on the
ARRL Hudson Division Awards Dinner.  The committee recommended that the
award be called the Hudson Division Special Achievement Award.

BARA will once again host The 2007 Hudson Division Awards Dinner on
Saturday night,
November 10, at the Holiday Inn, Saddlebrook, NJ.

===>  Empire State Games

The Journal News’ online web site had a nice article about the “ham”
who participated in the Empire State Games.

Thanks to NA2M for brigning it to our attention and thanks to the 70 or
so ENY hams who created so good PR while performing community service.

===> Morris Radio Club Donates $31,000 for ARRL Scholarship

A round of applause for the generosity of the Morris Radio Club!

The Morris Radio Club donated more than $31,000 to the ARRL Foundation
at the Sussex Hamfest on  July 8th .  ARRL Vice President for
Development, Mary Hobart, K1MMH was on hand from Newington to accept
the donation which will be used for a yearly “Morris Radio Club
Scholarship” for a deserving area high school senior who is an amateur
radio operator.  Ron Levy, K2CO, former W2 QSL Manager and long time
NJDXA officer and Morris Radio Club trustee led the club contingent in
presenting the check.  He was supported by Morris members  Bill Loftus,
WA2VQF – a trustee and Henry Patterson, K2DEU who was very helpful over
many years in distributing scholarships.   Also on hand at the ceremony
were Hudson Division Director, Frank Fallon, N2FF and Hudson Division
Vice Director, Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF.

How did a radio club get $31,000?  No,  the answer is not charge high
dues, nor is it run very successful hamfests.  The answer is:  Eat at a
local Chinese restaurant and talk about ham radio.

Ron Levy related the entire story in an article in CQ Magazine in the
July 1998 issue titled, “The Right Place at the Right time.”  A quick
summary of the two page article is:  On a Saturday night in February
1986 a group of hams and their wives met in a local Chinese restaurant
and were overheard discussing ham radio by a local lawyer who had a
problem.  His problem was that he had become the executor of an estate
which involved a will that gave an amount of money to a ham radio club.
The lawyer did not know any ham radio clubs but Ron and the other
hungry hams did.  Two years later, after a 501 c was granted to a trust
the group formed, they were presented with $21,000.  For a number of
years the Morris Radio Club Trust gave $1,000 scholarships to deserving
high school hams for college expenses.  Others originally involved in
the formation of the trust were Ed Weed, K2BO;Bill Rawson,K2AX; and
Reed Fisher, W2CQG.  In recent years it became more difficult to
advertise the scholarship and distribute the money to local high school
students.  In 2006 Ron approached Frank Fallon and Mary Hobart about
turning over the money to ARRL for a scholarship.

Thanks to Ron and the other generous hams in the Morris Radio Club the
ARRL web site will list this October  “The Morris Radio Club
Scholarship.”  See  and then click on
scholarships for more information.  If you know any high school seniors
who are hams please alert them to this scholarship opportunity.

If you or your club are interested in doing something of a similar
nature contact Mary Hobart, K1MMH at

===> BS7H  QSL – The Ultimate Friendship Award

Apologies to Gail Schieber, K2RED, who was at the event.  We had her
name and call wrong.  Ouch!  That should not happen to such a class

The latest issue of CQ Magazine has information and a picture.

===>  CQIR – Ireland Calling Contest Rules  – perhaps I shouldn’t let
you in on this, but …..

You might be able to win a trip to Ireland.  In 2007 the Irish Radio
Transmitters Society (IRTS) celebrates
the 75th anniversary of its founding in 1932.  As part of the jubilee
celebrations the Society is organizing an International Radio Contest,
“CQIR – Ireland Calling”.

CQIR is a once-off event, with a difference – overseas entrants with 75
or more QSOs have the opportunity to win a trip to Ireland.  The
contest period  is from 12:00 UTC Saturday 29th September 2007 to 12:00
UTC  Sunday 30th September 2007.  It is an everyone works everyone
contest on the five contest bands and is both CW and SSB.  You may work
both modes or only one.

CQIR celebrates the IRTS Jubilee and the “Irish” amateur-  radio
community worldwide.  It’s where the Irish, at home and abroad, work
the World – and where those of Irish descent identify themselves by
including their ancestral county in the exchange, for example: County
Cork, County  Antrim etc.

Entrants are “Irish” if;  they operate from Ireland, or they were born
in Ireland, or have a direct ancestral  link to Ireland – with no time
limit.  Anyone whose  partner/spouse qualifies under this section can
be  Irish too.  All other entrants are “World” entrants.

My exchange will be “59 1928 Lon” as both of my parents came to the US
in 1928 from County Longford, Ireland.

For each and every 75 valid QSOs logged, entrants will qualify for one
entry to the CQIR prize draw.  Two
prizes will be awarded, one for entrants operating from outside
Ireland, and the other for entrants operating
in Ireland.  For entrants operating from outside Ireland air travel to
Ireland for the entrant and one other person – with accommodation for
one week in Kinnitty Castle, Co. Offaly.

For entrants operating from Ireland the prize is a weekend in New York
City for the entrant and one other person.

Free software for this event is available from  SD runs on any
Windows PC.  When SD starts, enter a new contest/file name (suggest
CQIR07) and select the “CQIR” template.



By now you should be aware that ARRL has had a bill introduced in the
House and Senate requiring the FCC to study the “interference
potential” of BPL.  These are H.R. 462 and S 1629 both named “The
Emergency Amateur Radio Interference Protection Act of 2007.  See and

This is our major legislative trust at the moment.  At this we are
asking members to write to KEY legislators in both the Senate and House
to get them to co sponsor and push this bill through the Commerce
Committee.  PLEASE NOTE:  At this point we are contacting ONLY the
following legislators:

In New Jersey – Senator Frank Lautenberg and Congressman Frank Pallone
and Congressman Mike Ferguson

In New York – Congressmen Eliot Engel, and Congressman Edolphus Towns

Congressman David Israel has already signed onto H.R. 462

If you are in contact with the above legislators or have a relationship
with any of them please let me know at

You can find a suggested draft letter to the congressman at
Please personalize the letter with specifics about yourself and your
involvement in Amateur Radio, especially if you are or have been
involved in emergency communications, the thrust of both bills.

Please DO NOT email the letters, use USPS, all sources we talk to tell
us that e-mails are only counted.  They are not read!  To be effective
a letter must not appear to be a form letter but must be personalized.

Once you have mailed off your letter please send me an e-mail copy at and to our lobbyist in Washington DC at

Please get involved in this legislative effort if your are concerned
about BPL interference.

===>  BPL in Briarcliff

As I reported earlier the Westchester County Legislature’s Public
Service Committee held hearing last March on the Con Edison/Ambient BPL
deployment in Briarcliff Manor.  That hearing has born fruit in the
form of a letter from the chairman of the committee to the FCC
requesting that the experimental license not be renewed until provision
are made to address interference complaints.

I want to again thank Alan Crosswell, N2YGK, DEC for Westchester and
Briacliff Manor resident, for his persistence over too many years in
filing his complaint;   Tom Raffaelli, WB2NHC, Westchester County
Communications Officer who lent support with his attendance at the
hearing.  I wish also to give a big thanks to Assistant Director Dan
Moses, K2YM, who approached legislator Burton on the issue and who
followed though in coordinating the hearing and the eventual letter.

That letter became part of ARRL’s filing by Chris Imlay to the FCC and
Dave Sumner’s recent response to FCC Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein
testimony at a House Subcommittee on Telecommunications.  See  Sumner quotes
large portions of the Burton letter in his response.  A BIG thanks to
the Westchester team for this effort.

==> BPL and LIPA in Commack/Happaugue initial testing

As many have already heard, the news in our Section (NLI) with regards
to “Broadband over Power Line” is GREAT.  After consideration of their
needs, LIPA made a choice that basically eliminates the
possibility of interference in the Amateur Radio bands.  LIPA’s project
management team, who will oversee the installation and testing of this
new technology, has instructed their vendor to “steer clear” of the
Amateur Radio Service allocations.  MainNet Communications, normally
would use 4 to 21 Mhz as their system bandwidth.  As instructed, they
will adjust their spectrum use to “notch out”  potential issues in the
60, 40, 30 20 and the 17 meter amateur bands.   That will insure “zero
problems” in those bands
that would most likely had been good candidates for interference.

To ensure our ability to monitor the effects of the BPL system outside
of the ham bands, ARRL Lab Supervisor Ed Hare, W1RFI and I made
measurements in the proposed commercial and residential test
areas.  By taking these readings, we will retain an ability to examine
what interference problems would have been encountered if amateur radio
spectrum had been used.  Operational testing of LIPA’s
BPL project is expected to begin this fall.

On the home front —– Many members in NLI have experienced another
type of power line interference, the RF emission caused by an arcing
high voltage insulator on primary lines.  Members of the ARRL will
find a good resource regarding this type of interference at:

Today, it has become rather common to find that other sources are the
culprits when trying to track down this type of signals.  Switch-Mode
(Switching) power supplies are light in physical size and weight, but
might create horrible RFI in the HF region and below.  Most that are
designed for amateur applications have been well bypassed and shielded.
Buyer beware of the untested switching supply that will be used in the
amateur radio shack.  You may just bring home a lightweight RFI source
that might cover the HF bands with S-9 + noise.

Drop me a note, at my ARRL E-mail address, if you are having a
difficult time with a RFI issue.

Steve K2CX, Technical Coordinator NLI


The July  2007 award goes to the  Peconic Amateur Radio Club  their
newsletter “PARC SERVES.”   Congratulations to Editor Paul Birman,
WA2JPL and copy editor Rosemarie  As always a good selection of
articles and information with pictures.  Please take a look at

Clubs please make sure that you continue to send a copy of your pdf
file to  I have been missing some issues in the last few

18 August   + Ham Radio and Computer Flea Market
Ramapo Mountain ARC
Talk-In: 146.490 Output / 147.490 Input
Contact:Anthony Cassera, N2KDZ
72 Smokey Ridge Road
Ringwood, NJ 07456
Phone: 973-839-3564
Email: anthonycassera@netscape.comOakland, NJ
Oakland American Legion Hall
65 Oak Street
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey
8 Sep 2007+Saratoga County RACES
Talk-In: 146.40/147.00 and 147.84/147.24
Contact:Darlene Lake, N2XQG
314 Louden Road #84
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-587-2385
Email: dar@saratogaspringsny.usBallston Spa, NY
Saratoga County Fairgrounds
Prospect Avenue
Div: Hudson
Sect: Eastern New York

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