Hudson Division Beacon – July 2004

ARRL Hudson Division
July 2004

Hudson Division Beacon - e-mail edition  - # 40
By Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
(516) 746-7652

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The ARRL Board meeting saw the roll out of two big ARRL projects - the
ARESCOMM project and GRASSROOTS Lobbying effort.  See for details and
pictures of both Joyce and I at the meeting.  She's the cute one.  

As chair of the AD Hoc Grassroots Lobbying effort I am heavily involved
in this pet project of mine and very happy that the Board saw fit to
immediately incorporate the effort into our current BPL strategy.  The
committee has yet to complete the plan.  The committee composed of
Directors, Section Managers and ARRL employees including our Washington
lobbyist plans to have our members contact key legislators who are
members of the committees that deal with our issues.  We hope to have
the organization up and running and visits made by October.  See 

If you are interested in being considered for any of the three positions
please let me know ASAP.

The digital Winlink 2000 system for ARES is described in two issues of
QST in the "Public Services" section.  See page 82 of the August 2004,
QST and watch for part two in the September issue in the same section. 
With this digital system in operation on HF, and UHF/VHF ARES is going
to be in a position to offer an amazing seamless e-mail service to the
agencies it supports in time of need.  This is going to be a major step
forward in what amateur radio will be able to offer the Homeland
Security effort.  If you are involved in ARES leadership these two
articles are now required reading.  If you are not yet involved with
ARES but are well versed in digital communications such as explained in
the two articles you may want to join ARES and help deploy the

* FIELD DAY 2004

It's over, but it was a good one with great weather.  It was even better
than last year as it was not as hot.

My own club, the Boiled Owls, decided at the last minute not to do Field
Day in 2004, so I made a mini trip to three division clubs.  It was a
sort of eating out adventure.  On Saturday morning I visited the Yonkers
ARC as they were finishing their set up at Redmond Field in Yonkers.
President Tony Lisnak, N2WIE with the assistance of Richard KC2HZW and
Peter AB2RI had the set up team working hard raising a two-element forty
meter beam into the air some forty feet above ground.  It was quite a
sight and many pictures were taken. Dan Calabrese, AA2HX, made sure I
had my fill of hot dogs and hamburgers.  But the highlight was to see
Emily Maytan, AC2V, there this year, after being in the hospital last
year.  Her husband Paul, AC2T, was happy to have her back at Field day
2004 as were the rest of us.  Lots of friendly people at YARC as always.
This year they operated 3A & GOTA and digital modes (packet & PSK31). My
wife wanted to be there but she had an appointment she could not

Saturday afternoon we drove up to Eaton's Neck Coast Guard station near
Northport on Long Island.  There are some great views of Long Island
Sound as you approach from the south.  ARCECS, Amateur Radio Club
Emergency Communications Service, affiliated with the Queens Chapter of
The American Red Cross has been at this site for years.  It's a
beautiful spot with great views of Long Island Sound as the sunsets. 
The club camps out there for the weekend amidst the Coast Guard just
below the Eaton's Neck Lighthouse, eats very well and operates a little
radio. George Sau, WB2ZTU, the club president and the second cook, has
been a radio friend since his high school days in Queens.  This year it
was nice to see a visitor from SATERN, Jeff Schneller, N2HPO, a
Salvation Army communicator.  Visitors N2GA, KA2D and KS2G were also +on
hand to make a few contacts for the club.  

Sunday morning my wife and I set off for the North Fork of Long Island. 
Once you get past Riverhead it's really another world with grapevines
and fields of flowers and vegetables.  Once on the back roads you could
be back in the 1950's except for the cars.  The Peconic ARC has set up
at Horton's Point Light House for about the last ten years or so along
with some visitors from Staten Island and the BEARS.  Here thanks to a
tour led by CQ columnist Ken Neubeck, WB2AMU, and digital mavin John
Blowsky, KB2SCS, I was able to see the home-brew wind generator
described in the July issue of CQ magazine.  Roy Rakobitsch, KB2UHF, was
there with his militarized jeep holding his wind generator in place
along with a few solar panels and battery charger.  This was real
emergency power. It was nice to see John Rieger, K2JRR, and Warren
Melhado, WM2Z and many other familiar faces.   We had a few words with
Waren Keppenberg, W2WGK, about fly-fishing and TGF.  That was a
coincidence meeting another ham fly fisherman on Field Day. Thanks to
club president Roberta Keiss, N2RBU, and her crew for their fine


Frank & Joyce 

I'm sure you have heard by now that George Sabbi (KC2GLG - DEC SKYWARN
for NNJ) needs a kidney transplant.  The best way I know to get this
done is to publicize his need. We are communicators - lets communicate.
Barring a close relative that will match him and will be willing to
donate a kidney - there may be someone out there who would be a match
and be willing to donate. I'm available to discuss this any time. 



PS - I spoke to George about this and he said the publicity is OK with


According to my Radio Astronomy sources, Dr. John D Kraus, W8JK, passed
away on 7/18.

From the Bigear site: "It is with deep regret that I tell you of the
death of Dr. John D. Kraus on Sunday, July 18, 2004 at the age of 94. He
had been in failing physical health for the past few years, although his
mind remained as sharp as ever."

73, Art W6XD  see
for details

* HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION - Getting young people involved in ham

Here is an interesting project underway by the New Providence ARC. 
Those who want more exposure for ham radio, and don't we all, take

On Tuesday July 27th we will start our summer program of "Ham Radio
Camps" in New Providence. This Camp is being run in cooperation with the
Recreation Commissions of the town.

The schedule is:
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday July 27/29/30 in Jaycees Park off
Springfield Ave near the Community Pool. The Thursday session may be
held at Oakwood Park, or it may not be held at all.

FIRST: A flyer is attached. I am asking every member who will pass
through New Providence this week or on Monday to post at least one copy
of it on a Bulletin Board at supermarkets, and other public places. All
you have to do is print one copy of the Flyer and post it.

SECOND: Setup time is 9AM on Tuesday and we get on the air by 10AM. If
we have a few members present, we can do our Morse Code thing and also
use the Handitalkies on 2 meters. Otherwise we'll just be on 15 or 20
meter SSB. 

THIRD: The camp runs from about 10AM until about 2 PM. It would be nice
to have at least one person who can go for Pizza at lunch time.

If you can work at this event anytime during the scheduled days, please
let me know. If you arrive wearing your Salt Brook Statics golf shirt
and your ERT ID Tag (if you have one) the organizers will let you right
into the Camp Area. It might be useful if you bring your 2 meter HT set
up on 145.700 MHz.

There is room for everybody, and we certainly could use some help and a
couple more Elmers.

73 es CU at Camp de Barry K2JV

Another New Jersey club is mounting an effort with similar goals:

The Garden State Amateur Radio Association wishes to make a stronger
effort in bringing Youth into our hobby. Some of our guys recently
participated in Kid's Day, and we want to do more.  We will try to
arrange to have local Scouts and or School Kids visit the Mars station
at Fort Monmouth some weekend later this year. Because of security
reasons this may be tricky, so we'll keep you posted on our progress.

Marty Szumera WN2DX


Take a look at this video.  Senator Crapo is the sponsor of our Spectrum
Protection Bill.  Have you written or contacted your representatives? 


Less than a half hour after I released the June "Beacon" for
distribution the ARRL web site put up a video showing our problems with
BPL.  It is a professional quality production done by a group of hams in
Virginia, another example of what hams are capable of doing.  I plan to
make it part of our lobbying package.

Here is what Steve Hajducek, N2CKH of OMARC had to say about BPL and the
video in his club bulletin:

Without a doubt, Broadband over Power Line (BPL) has to be the biggest
threat to Amateur Radio ever. It is becoming apparent that many folks
don't understand the seriousness of BPL. Perhaps if more people, hams
and non-hams alike, saw the devastating effect that BPL has on the HF
communications spectrum then they would support the ARRL in its fight to
stop the polluting of the spectrum. 

Clubs may be interested in downloading the latest BPL videos and showing
them at the next club meeting. These are short 3 to 4 minute videos but
they really drive the message home. It's a fairly large MPEG file, but
any member with a broadband connection will have no trouble downloading

See the story here:     

Here is another video that has the sounds of BPL:

BPL is an issue that all hams should be concerned about. Show these
videos to your clubs and educate the membership and support the ARRL in
its fight to maintain our radio spectrum. Read more about spectrum
defense and BPL:

On Behalf of OMARC  
/s/ Steve Hajducek, N2CKH, OMARC Club Secretary/Membership Chairman,   home e-mail: 


I know many of your did as you sent me copies of the letter.  Thanks. 
This will help us get some protection or "notching" when the technology
is implemented.  It's important that the President and legislators hear
from you on the issue of BPL interference to our emergency

If you did not check these sites for info:

Sample letter can be accessed from the sidebar on the above page. 
Please personalize your letter.

Also, the following report from the NTIA regarding BPL needs to be read
by all:

Please keep the ARRL informed.


Cherryville Repeater Association announces special event radio station
W4H, honoring the 2004 Hunterdon County 4H & Agricultural Fair being
held from Wednesday, August 25th, through Sunday, August 29th, at the
new fairgrounds in Ringoes, NJ. The fair is the current incarnation of
the historical

Flemington Fair, which has operated in Hunterdon County since the middle
19th century. 

The public is invited to drop by the Cherryville Repeater Association
booth, just outside the "Community Tent" area of the fair, and talk live
on the air themselves. You might talk to a new friend across the
country, or maybe even around the world. No license or experience is
required, and each participant will receive his or her own personalized
color certificate to memorialize their on air experience.

Cherryville1s booth will feature showings of "Amateur Radio Today," a
documentary film featuring world famous newscaster and ham radio
operator, Walter Cronkite, showing how amateur radio comes to the aid of
communities everywhere in all sorts of emergencies. Amateur television,
satellite and automatic position reporting stations will also be
demonstrated. Information on how to become involved in Amateur Radio
will be available.

Today there are more than 650,000 amateur radio operators in the United
States and more than 2.5 million worldwide. "We are in the middle of a
telecommunications revolution, and Amateur Radio is right in the middle
of the action," says club vice-president Walter O1Brien, W2WJO "We are
making friends around the world, getting young people interested in
technology and helping our communities when disaster strikes. We hope
that people will come out to our booth at the Hunterdon 4-H Fair and
experience first hand what it's all about." 

W4H special event radio station will operate during regular fair hours,
10 AM to 10 PM, from Wednesday August 25 until Saturday, August 28, and
from 10 AM to 6 PM on Sunday, August 29, on the ham radio frequencies of
7.275 MHz, 14.275 MHz, 21.375 MHz, and 28.375 MHz. Please send QSL
requests to W4H, c/o Cherryville Repeater Association, PO Box 308,
Quakertown, NJ 08868, 9x12

SASE required for non-folded certificates.

The Cherryville Repeater Association is a non-profit organization of
over one hundred amateur radio operators or "hams" dedicated to
providing community service using their communications skills. They
provide free communications services for many local events where the
safety of both participants and spectators is a concern, including the
March Of Dime Walk-a-thon, Skylands Triathlon, Lebanon1s 4th of July
parade, equestrian events, scout jamborees, and the like. Several
members are also active in state and local Radio Amateur Civilian
Emergency Service (RACES), Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) and
have provided emergency communication support to local authorities
during disasters such as hurricanes, floods, etc. 

Club meetings are at 7:30 p.m. the second Friday of each month at the
Flemington Baptist Church, at the corner of Church and Main Streets. All
interested persons are welcome. Classes to teach newcomers how to become
an amateur radio operator are offered by the association and are
scheduled to begin in September in association with Hunterdon County Red
Cross in Flemington. For more information call the club information line
on 908-788-4080. The Cherryville Repeater Association web site can be
found at

Cherryville Repeater Association II
P.O. BOX 308

Club Info Phone 908-788-4080
Press Contact: Walter O1Brien, W2WJO
Telephone: 908-638-3401


NPARC held Kid's Day at the New Providence Centennial Park on Saturday.
The WX couldn't have been much better. We were on the air from 2 PM till
about 5 PM local time.

I was very disappointed in the general turnout. Although we had three
articles published in the Independent Press, a notice on the Berkeley
Heights Public Bulletin Board, and I'm certain that each and every one
of you club members did as I asked and posted a Flyer on a Bulletin
Board in your local supermarket, library, bank, etc., we only had about 
four kids come to operate at the event.

BUT -- I am very pleased to report that ALL OF THE KIDS were from the
Salt Brook Statics Radio Club, and they all did great on the air.

We worked a total of 11 QSOs and I'm now preparing custom QSL cards for
each one with a photo of the Kid Operator. I'm sure that each kid will
get a card from the stations he/she contacted.

Our best DX QSO was NP2I on St. Croix US Virgin Islands, and another
exciting contact was W5RRR the station at the Johnson Space Center in
Houston. The farthest west was a couple of QSOs with Michigan.

I'm also pleased to report that we had a great turnout of NPARC members.
More members than kids, HI!! But that made it possible to get our
message across to the parents. 

The next Kid's Day will be in January, and we'll do it from the Berkeley
Heights Community Center.

Our champion "kid" operator was Nick Esposito who worked 6 QSOs.

73/88 de Barry G. Cohen K2JV

More contests on the way! The 2nd Annual TARA Grid Dip PSK-RTTY Shindig
is close at hand. The test runs 00.00-23.59Z on 7 August. It is an
all-inclusive affair (all digital modes, perhaps one or two we cannot
identify) with Maidenhead Grid Squares as multipliers. If you are not
out and about at the beach, join in! All the info is at This is the first of the four
annual TARA contests, so don't miss it.

HAMFESTS: No hamfests in the Division until September -- 
for details about the New England Division Convention at
Boxboro, August 14 and 15.  It's a good event I usually attend. A
conflict with a family wedding will keep me away this year.

11 Sep 2004 + Saratoga County RACES
Contact:Darlene Lake, N2XQG
314 Louden Road, #84
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-587-2385 

Ballston Spa, NY
Div: Hudson
Sect: Eastern New York 

12 Sep 2004 + Long Island Mobile ARC
Contact: Diane Ortiz, K2DO
PO Box 296
Bellport, NY 11713
Phone: 631-286-7562 

Bethpage, NY
Div: Hudson
Sect: New York City-Long Island
ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Frank Fallon, N2FF

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