Hudson Division Beacon – July 2003

ARRL Hudson Division
July 2003
Hudson Division Beacon – e-mail edition
By Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
516) 746-7652
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ARRL Members

Please continue to spread the word to others who may wish to receive
this information that they will need to access the ARRL members only web
site.  After becoming a member they must edit their profile and elect to
receive bulletins from the Section Manager and Director.  If you are
already a member on the ARRL site ( from the
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Items about the July ARRL Board meeting will appear in the August


Radio History is Made at WRC-03 with 7-MHz Realignment Compromise (July
3, 2003) — There’s good news from World Radiocommunication Conference
2003 (WRC-03) for 40-meter enthusiasts. In an 11th-hour compromise,
delegates to WRC-03, which wraps up officially July 4, agreed to move
broadcasters out of 7100 to 7200 kHz in Regions 1 and 3 to make room for
the Amateur Service.

The agreement eventually will mean a 200-kHz worldwide allocation at 40
meters. Although the change does not go into effect until 2009, that’s
considered speedy in International Telecommunication Union (ITU) terms.
Some of the timelines proposed during discussions on the 7 MHz agenda
item would have held off the changes until 2033! The WRC-03 action on 7
MHz makes no change in the exclusive US 40-meter allocation. US amateurs
will continue to enjoy the full 7000 to 7300 kHz band they now have.”

Comment:  We have had a number of dissenters and critics who said this
would never come about.  It is really great to see them be wrong.  This
is the first time that the broadcasting service has been moved for
another service.  It is also the result of many years of cooperation
among the IARU representatives worldwide.  There is also the possibility
that in 2007 the allocation for countries in regions 1 and 3 will be
increased further.  The item is on the agenda for that meeting.   de

What to Do About Morse? Code Requirement Remains on the Books in US,
Canada (Jul 22, 2003) — World Radiocommunication Conference 2003
(WRC-03) made optional the requirement to prove the ability to send and
receive Morse signals to operate below 30 MHz. While a Morse code exam
element remains on the books in the US, Canada and elsewhere, some
countries already have moved to drop their Morse requirements. In the
US, however, Morse will not go away that easily, since the FCC appears
unlikely to act on its own motion to make that happen.  See

The ARRL Directors will begin to develop a position on the issue at a
Strategic Planning meeting to be held in Saint Louis, MO in September.


Just before July 4th the ARRL Hudson Division Awards Committee met to
select the annual division award winners for 2003.

Each year, the Committee selects the Technical Achievement and Ham of
the Year winner as well as the Grand Ole Ham.

The Committee found all nominees qualified in their respective
categories.  The discussions could be characterized as quite animated
before the Committee reached its conclusions.

2003’s Technical Achievement Award winner is Len Signoretti Jr, N2LEN,
of Brooklyn, New York.  The specific achievement Len was recognized for
was the unique Echolink repeater/internet linking system he has
implemented, one of the first in the New York City area.  That system
was used to link repeaters across the world to form a special “9/11
commemorative net” on September 11th, 2002.  Over 1000 stations,
worldwide, connected to commemorate the victims and heros of 9/11
including ARRL President Jim Haynie, W5JBP.  Continued work bringing
Echolink to Amateur Radio made Len the Committee’s choice for the
Technical Achievement Award.

The 2003 Grand Ole Ham is Jim Joyce, K2ZO, of Washington Township, New
Jersey.  A 30 year member of the Bergen Amateur Radio Club, Jim has
devoted most of his free time to the club and to making Amateur Radio
operators more knowledgeable in the hobby.  He has spent two decades as
an Elmer, founding the club’s “kit night” in which hams could learn the
basics of building electronic equipment, how to solder, or how to
troubleshoot and repair their own equipment.  Jim has been club Hamfest
chairman for a decade, a leader of the club’s yearly Field Day efforts
and always finds time to help others on a one-to-one basis.  Decades of
service to others made Jim a unanimous choice for Grand Ole Ham.

The 2003 Hudson Division Amateur of the Year is Bruce Lordi, N2XP, of
Flanders, New Jersey. A well rounded Amateur, Bruce has been described
as “Mr. Fixit”.  From HTs to Mobile equipment to repeaters, Bruce is
always ready to help hams with their technical problems.  Bruce gives
countless hours to helping hams and teaching others about technology.
He Elmers local Amateurs on the technology behind packet, PSK31, APRS,
HF, VHF and UHF techniques.

Bruce’s interest is not just in the technical side of radio.  He is very
involved in his club’s Field Day activities and works with his OEM,
keeping Flander’s EOC radio equipment up to state and federal standards.
The Committee felt, because of the wide range of his volunteer
activities, Bruce was a unanimous choice for Amateur of the Year.

The Hudson Division Awards Committee consists of two Assistant Directors
from each ARRL Section.  The Chairman is the Hudson Division Vice
Director, Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML.  This year’s Committee consisted of
NLI members Mel Granik, KS2G and Larry Lutzak, WA2CNV, ENY members Bob
Chamberlain, N2KBC and Dennis McAlpine, K2SX and NNJ members Joyce
Birmingham, KA2ANF and Mario Karcich, K2ZD.

There are many Amateurs worthy of recognition at the Division level.
Next year the submission process will be streamlined to make it easier
for such recognition to be given.  The Chairman would like to thank all
of those who submitted nominations.

-73- Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML, Chairman, 2003 ARRL Awards Committee

* HOLD NOV. 8th

The Hudson Division Awards Dinner will be held on November 8th in
Northern New Jersey at Biaggio’s.


If you want to have the world see you 2003 Field Day comments and
pictures visit and click
on ” Add your 2003 ARRL Field Day Soapbox comment.”

A last minutes look for directions on a number of club web sites
revealed that most clubs did NOT have directions to their Field Day
sites available.  Pleased don’t take for granted that all those wishing
to come visit know where you are.  Both Bill Hudzik, W2UDT, NNJ SM and I
encountered the same problem: No site information and directions for a
number of clubs.  Think about the inactive ham or local resident who
knows of the club and wants to come visit and get those directions ready
for next year.

It was a little difficult this year to get to see many Field Day sites
because I was heavily involved with the Order of Boiled Owls at
Caumsette State Park on Lloyds Neck.  I missed a meeting and they made
me the Field Day chairman.  Seriously they did.  Nice guys!  So I did my
bit negotiating arrangements with a new park superintendent and getting
insurance for the first time.  The club has only 15 members and about
ten participate at FD in our 2A Commercial effort.  On Friday, remember
that hot afternoon, I was there with about five other Owls to set up
five masts for our wires.  A few years ago we cut back because of
manpower problems and stopped using beams.  By 5:30 we had all but one
mast in place.  When I came back at 7 AM Sunday morning after a 45
minute drive to the site (due North of Huntington) with bagels and lox
for breakfast all the towers were up and both stations manned. Our
90-year old cook K2AW, Frank Fix of “Silicon Alley” fame, was frying
eggs for all present.  Frank participated in the First Field Day in

In addition I brought with me my trusty Icom 706 and a fan dipole for 10
and 6 meters that I bring to England when I visit my daughter’s and her
family.  Les, W2LK, helped me get it up to the top of one of the 20 foot
masts and run the coax into an operating position.  Using paper logging
I managed about 35 QSOs to stations in NLI, EMA, WPA, NNJ and ENY in a
period of about two hours.  N2GA worked a few more on cw but we shut
down due to a phase noise problem interfering with operation on 20 and
15. ( If anyone has a cheap fix for the problem let me know .
Commercial bandpass filters cost over $300.) When FD ended we had about
half the number of QSOs we had last year when we came in number one USA
in our category.  Band conditions were not good this year, but anyone
who was at Field Day knows that propagation conditions were poor this
year.  Nevertheless the Owls had a great HOOT and a big meal after take
down.  These guys are pretty smart birds and make anyone who eats work

The Tour:  At the last minute I decided to visit a few Field Day sites.
My wife, Kathleen, and our blind twelve year old pug dog, Izzy, went
along for the ride.

The first stop was YARK – the Yonkers ARC at Redmond Field, Yonkers.
You really need a map to get there.  Arriving about 11 AM I was in time
to watch club members assembly a new two element 40 meter beam led by
Richard Kautz, KC2HZW and his able crew.  I would love to have that at
my home QTH as we head into the low spot in the eleven year cycle.  Post
FD reports indicate the beam worked very well. Very friendly folks at
YARK especially W2CZ, Paul Maytan, AC2T, Bob Lisnak, AC2G, and  Dan
Calabrese, AA2HX,  was ready with a much appreciated cup of coffee.  Too
bad Emily was not able to make it to Field Day this year but hope she
will be back next year.

From there we headed off to NNJ for a visit to the 10-70 Repeater
Association site and our good friends there.  We arrived just as they
broke for lunch at about noon.  Good planning on our part as they had a
very nice lunch laid on at the ski lodge at the Campgaw Ski Area site.
Special thanks to Paul Beshlian KC2CJW and Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF and
the three young ladies we had lunch with: Amanda Beshlian, Tracey
Sonnenwald, and Nicole Joyce.

When we left at about one we headed for GSARA but never got there.  Our
intentions were good but we made the mistake of taking the Garden State
parking lot rather than Route 287.  We “bailed” at route 202 and headed
for WJDXG.  Apologies to Bob Buus, Jack Keating  and Bruce McLeod,
K2QXW, who had sent directions. It looked like we would not make it to
Tatum Park by 6 PM.

We had a nice visit with Larry Puccio, K2QDY, Paul Franson W2LE, Douglas
Rue W2EN and Marty Grozinski, W2CG  and others at the West Jersey DX
Group site at a 4 H location off route 202.  Larry, who was a classmate
of mine in high school had Matt Rozea, KC2IGE, his teen-age grandson
from Long Island visiting and operating.  Matt is an Extra and quite a
good cw operator.  We liked the ncie air-conditioned van the group used.
Also on hand were: Chuck Fainsbert KC2NB, Vito Mistretta N2VM, Peter
Pellack NO2R, Steve Silberman W2KN, and Tony Ricicki N2VRK Their GOTA
station was going full blast with three operators when we left.

The Cherryville ARC, which always has a very impressive antenna set up,
had a very nice GOTA station operating right next to the local library
with its own tower and antennas.  This was the most impressive GOTA
station we have seen so far.  Cherryville gave each participant who made
a GOTA contact an attractive certificate.  Smart move.  The Cherryville
ARC is very organized. Everything including stoves and refrigerators are
stored in an 18 wheel trailer that is brought out to the site for Field
Day and then repacked and ready for next year or a big emergency. Duncan
MacRae, KE2HG and Rob France, N3QDC had quite an operation going there.
Charlie Kosman WB2NQVand his assistants Lisa France and Elaine Kita
N3ODB do put together a wonderful meal for the huge gang.

We had a very pleasant visit with lots of friendly folk and fine food.
Thanks again Cherryville.

The trip home was three hours long due to a big accident stalling
traffic on Staten Island.  Our dog Izzy slept all through the next

I hope everyone learned something and had a good time at Field Day!


The deadline for submitting applications for the 2003 DXCC Annual List
is rapidly approaching. Applications must be postmarked September 30,
2003.  Get those cards in on time!


The Metroplex Amateur Radio Club, based in Fort Lee, NJ, participated in
this year’s American Radio Relay League Field Day, on June 28 and 29.
The Metroplex group operated an “F” Class Station, transmitting from the
Ramsey Office of Emergency Management’s Radio Room.  This is the first
year that the ARRL has instituted an “F” Class Station, as part of its
commitment to Homeland Security and the Community Citizen Corps.

“For the past 75 years, all ham radio clubs have been encouraged to
conduct Field Day, outside, with emergency power and temporary
antennas,” stated Tom Bennett, N2IMG, President of MARC, “But this year
the emphasis was placed on working in cooperation with local OEM
agencies.  Many dignitaries were on-hand to kick-off the national

The Metroplex Amateur Radio operators utilized the Emergency Operations
Center, at the Ramsey Municipal Building. Additional radios and antennas
were installed for the event.   Michael Adams, WA2MWT, is the Ramsey
Emergency Management Coordinator as well as the Public and Governmental
Relations Officers with MARC.

“Ham operators continued the tradition of providing emergency
communications after Tropical Storm Floyd and the World Trade Center
Attacks,” Adams commented, “It is only logical that an emphasis should
be placed on conducting drills from EOC’s.”

Over a twenty-four hour period, local Amateurs made contact with other
hams from all over the United States.  Metroplex hams working under
Bennett’s supervision included Armand Lucchesi, John Ludewig and Dominic

Bergen County Executive Dennis McNerney issued a proclamation
recognizing M.A.R.C.’s participation:  “I hereby recognize the Metroplex
Amateur Radio Club for their emergency communications efforts and
proclaim June 28 and 29 ARRL Field Day in Bergen County.”

The Metroplex Amateur Radio Club has been designated, through formal
agreement, as the back-up repeater for the Bergen Emergency
Communications Association, The Bergen-Passaic SkyWarn Spotter Program
of the National Weather Service, and the Ramsey Office of Emergency

The group meets at the Red Oak Diner, in Fort Lee, every Saturday
afternoon, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.   They also maintain a website:   “Please feel free to stop by the Red Oak Diner or
contact us through our website,” Bennett added, “We will be happy to
discuss all aspects of Amateur Radio, ranging from the recreational to
the full emergency capabilities.”
De Michael Adams, 201-825-3400, ext.420


Washington, DC — Michael D. Brown, Under Secretary of Homeland Security
for Emergency Preparedness and Response, today announced an official
affiliation between the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and President
Bush’s Citizen Corps initiative. At the ARRL National Conference,
sponsored by “Ham-Com,” celebrating its 25th anniversary in Arlington,
Texas, an affiliate partnership was signed between ARRL and Citizen
Corps. The signed partnership will raise public awareness about the use
of Amateur Radio as a public safety resource, provide training and
accreditation for Amateur Radio Emergency Communications, as well as
assist Citizen Corps Councils with public education, training and
volunteer service opportunities that support first responders, disaster
relief organizations, and community safety efforts.    For more details
see from “FEMA News”

A lead up to the event story can be seen at

NEWINGTON, CT, Jun 24, 2003–ARRL now is an official affiliate program
of Citizen Corps, an initiative within the Department of Homeland
Security to enhance public preparedness and safety. ARRL President Jim
Haynie, W5JBP, signed the formal Statement of Affiliation between DHS
and ARRL during the ARRL 2003 National Convention June 21. Chief
Operating Officer of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Directorate
(FEMA) Ron Castleman represented Under Secretary for Emergency
Preparedness and Response Michael D. Brown at the signing. Citizen Corps
Liaison to the White House Liz DiGregorio called ham radio operators the
“first of the first responders.”     ARRL Web Page

See for more details
and pictures.


“BPL is a Pandora’s Box of Unprecedented Proportions,” ARRL Tells FCC
(Jul 8, 2003) — Citing the potential for interference to and from
Amateur Radio, the ARRL has called on the FCC to “take no steps” to
permit Broadband over Power Line (BPL)–a form of power line carrier
(PLC) technology. The League has filed a 120-page response–including
studies–in response to the FCC’s BPL Notice of Inquiry (NOI) in ET
Docket 03-104, published May 23. The NOI asking how the FCC should
regulate the delivery of broadband services to homes and businesses
using electrical wiring to conduct high-speed digital signals attracted
some 1900 comments–many from the amateur community–by the July 7
comment deadline.  de ARRL Web site     For more details and a copy of
the comments see

Some of you had an opportunity to hear Ed Hare, W1RFI, talk about this
threat at the Sussex Hamfest.  Ed had an audience of over 50 hams at the
event.  Thanks to the Sussex folks for inviting Ed to speak.  It was, as
always a great hamfest with good weather.


Please read the letter “Pressing Our Case With Congress” from W4LTX in
the August QST on page 24.  Have you let your congressional
representative know how you feel about this bill?  Although the bill now
has 44 cosponsors it could use many more.  Have you done your bit?

Florida Republican Rep Michael Bilirakis filed the House version of the
bill, HR 713, on February 12. The measure’s most recent cosponsors
include US representatives JD Hayworth (R-AZ), Paul Gillmor (R-OH), Greg
Walden, WB7OCE, (R-OR), Rick Boucher (D-VA), John M. Spratt Jr (D-SC) ,
Sherwood L. Boehlert (R-NY), Robert Wexler (D-FL), Mike McIntyre (D-NC),
Ken Calvert, (R-CA), Joe Wilson (R-SC), John T. Doolittle (R-CA), Neil
Abercrombie (D-HI) and Frank Pallone Jr (D-NJ).

Hudson Division Co Sponsors are:  Rep McNulty, Michael R. – 2/27/2003
[NY-21] Rep Boehlert, Sherwood L. – 6/17/2003 [NY-24] Rep Garrett, Scott
– 3/26/2003 [NJ-5] Rep Israel, Steve – 5/20/2003 [NY-2]   See for more details

* Long Island amateur is part of tall ship’s crew –

QST “YL News” Editor Diane Ortiz, K2DO, of Amityville, New York was
among the crew members onboard the Jeanie Johnston, when the tall ship
sailed into New York Harbor July 3.  NYC Fire Department boats were on
hand to send up streams of colored water and many hoots as a welcome.
Also on hand to meet her were her husband N2GA, George Tranos, NLI SM
and N2FF, Frank Fallon, Hudson Division Director.  Ortiz, a member and
former chairperson of the ARRL Public Relations Committee, is Public
Information Coordinator for the ARRL New York City-Long Island Section
as well as a Public Information Officer. The three-masted, 123-foot
(LOA) barque is a replica of one of the so-called “famine ships” that
brought some 3000 Irish immigrants to the US during the 19th century’s
potato famine.  Ortiz operated Amateur Radio during the three-day sail
from Bristol, Pennsylvania, to the North Cove Marina off Battery Park
City in lower Manhattan. Ortiz is president of the Long Island Mobile
Amateur Radio Club (LIMARC) in Levittown. Her husband is ARRL New York
City-Long Island Section Manager George Tranos, N2GA. The Jeanie
Johnston will remain in port at Lower Manhattan until July 14, when it
departs for Port Jefferson on Long Island. For more information, visit
the Jeanie Johnston Web page at

N2FF along with his wife had visited the Jeanie Johnston in
Blennerville, Co Kerry, Ireland in 1999 while it was being built.
Blennerville is only a few miles from where his wife’s parents were
born.  Fallon said, “I have been waiting for five years to see the
Jeanie Johnston in New York.  I never expected to know any of the crew
members; much less the only one of the crew with no Irish connections
and also to have worked that crew member on 40 meter phone at sea.  It’s
another of those great ham radio stories.”

> OMARC 2003 Technician Theory, Morse Code classes and VE Testing

OMARC sponsored Amateur Radio Technician theory classes will again
commence beginning Tuesday, September 16th 2003 at 6:00pm with
orientation at the Diana site. These classes will run through November
with completion in time for the December VE test.

All classes and VE Testing will be held at the InfoAge Center OMARC
Diana site, building 9116 on Marconi Road, Wall Township, Monmouth
County, New Jersey.

For directions to the site visit:

All classes will be begin promptly each Tuesday night during the
duration of the course.

Morse Code classes will begin Tuesday, September 30th 2003 at 6:30p.m.

The course outline will be Technician Class studies with the option of
Morse Code classes currently provided. Study materials required will be
the latest copy of the ARRL “Now You’re Talking” which are available
direct from the ARRL or OMARC.

For additional details on the classes and to sign up in advance please
contact Larry, KB2RIS at or his lovely XYL, Donna,

VE Schedule: VE test sessions will be held at the Diana site every other
month during 2003 and 2004 per the schedule below. These VE sessions
will be open to the general public and will begin promptly at 10:00a.m.
at the Diana site.

All applicants should arrive by at least 9:45am to complete paper work.
Applicants with special requirements are asked to make contact prior to
the VE session.

August 2nd, 2003, October 4th, 2003 and December 6th, 2003

* A REPORT ON NYC ARES  from Charles J. Hargrove – N2NOV

NYC ARES has been in existence since 1994. It has taken many years of
hard work, training and meetings with our served agencies to get just
this far. While the 1990’s were a bleak period for NYC ARES as far as
acceptance as a dedicated volunteer group, the post-Y2K era has seen
some growth and changes. We entered late 1999 with 125 members on the
citywide roster, with many who did not check into the weekly net, attend
the one or two Citywide meetings or even participate in the singular
Citywide public service event (369 Parade).

Today, NYC ARES is a more vibrant group with 76 members on a roster that
has over 50% participation instead of the previous 15-20%. We now
participate in 15 events per year with over 1,600 man-hours! Our weekly
nets have over 30 check-ins each. 47 have completed their Red Cross DRPG
modules, 44 have taken the Skywarn certification and 22 have further
studied FEMA Independent Study courses to advance to RACES status.

Here is the breakdown of membership by Boro:
Manhattan 15,  Bronx 6,  Queens 15,  Brooklyn 25,  Staten Island 15

The breakdown of license classes of our members are:
Tech 29,  Plus 5,  General 18,  Advanced 3,  Extra 21

Our public service event venues are scattered across the City:
Manhattan 5 (plus 1 shared with Brooklyn)
Bronx 0
Queens 1 (plus 1 shared with Brooklyn)
Brooklyn 2 (1 shared with Manhattan; 1 shared with Queens)
Staten Island 6 (of which 4 originated from the 2 local clubs)
Citywide 1 (NYC Marathon not included)

They are also scattered across the calendar:
April (3), May (3), June (3), July (1), Sept (2), Oct (2), Dec (1)

The types of events are varied:
Walks – 4
Races – 6
Bikes – 3
Water – 1
Other – 1

The average event utilizes the services of 16 operators for 6.7 hours.

Obviously, not all 76 members are pulling their weight. 54 members have
done a least 1 event so far this year. Two have done 9 of the so far 10
events for a total of 62 hours each! With 5 more events for the rest of
the year, your EC hopes to see better participation from those who have
only done one or two this Spring.

The only things that will help NYC ARES to grow and thrive are
recruitment of more dedicated amateur radio operators and the commitment
to learn and practice what they are taught. Our practice keeps us ready
for any emergency while at the same time gives something back to our
communities.  At the same time, our exposure to the public during these
events can only be a positive thing!

Charles J. Hargrove – N2NOV/NNN0BCE (Navy MARS)
NYC ARES District Emergency Coord./RACES Radio Officer/Skywarn Coord.
NYDXA SWL & Scanner Net Wed. @ 9PM 147.000/136.5 PL\


NA2DX is the callsign of the JCDXA (Jersey Coast DX Association).  A
chapter of the NADXA (North America DX Assoc.) (WR2DX) All DXers are
welcome, especially those with DXCC, CQDX or WorldRadio 100 Nations
Awards. JCDXA Meets on the fourth (4th) Monday night of every month at
the Cobblestone Diner Restaurant Rt.35 & Clinton St. just south of Fort
Monmouth, NJ. at 7:30 PM…. Please feel welcome to come.

JCDXA was formed May, 2000 with roughly 12 hams interested in DX, DX’ing
and Contesting. We are of optimistic hope that there are DX’ers within
the area (Central New Jersey) who would like to add their input and
experience to our DX Assoc. and become a part of our group.

The Association in conjuction with the North America DX Association
(NADXA), sponsors a Bus Trip to the Dayton Hamvention in Ohio every
year.  May 13 – 16, 2004 will be the 14th year of doing this and all
Hams are welcome, its great for the NY, NJ and Eastern PA. Hams. send us
an e-mail or or

The Officers for the year 2003 are: President: KC2Q, Mike DiPersio, Vice
Pres.: KG2NV, Don Pingitore, Secretary: KC2KWT, Joan Burns, Treasurer:
AB2N, Arnold Peterson.


16 Aug 2003 + Ramapo Mountain ARC
Oakland, NJ
Sect: Northern New Jersey
Contact:Bob Anderson, K2BJG
69 Page Drive
Oakland, NJ 07436
Phone: 201-337-6945
Fax: 973-962-6210

6 Sep 2003 + Saratoga County RACES Assn.
Ballston Spa, NY
Sect:Eastern New York
Contact:Darlene Lake, N2XQG
314 Louden Road, #84
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-587-2385

7 Sep 2003 + Long Island Mobile ARC
Bethpage, NY
Sect: New YorkCity-Long Island
Contact:Brian Gelber, WB2YMC
46 Forest Drive
Plainview, NY 11803
Phone: 516-822-0673

ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Frank Fallon, N2FF

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