Hudson Division Beacon – January 2010

                       January  2010
Hudson Division Beacon – e-mail edition  – # 105
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==> HAITI Earthquake

On Tuesday, January 12th there was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti,
which has since been followed by serious aftershocks.  Communications
in and out of Haiti have been disrupted.  No word has been received as
of yet from any of the national HH Amateur Radio operators.  The
DailyDX notes that HH2/HB9AMO, Pierre, is OK and was located about 140
km north of Port-au-Prince in Cap Haitien at the time.

The IARU Region II Area C Emergency Coordinator, Arnie Coro, CO2KK, is
coordinating the multi-national response by hams.  There are organized
nets on 7045 and 3720 kHz and amateurs are asked to monitor but also
keep the frequencies clear of non-essential traffic.  Amateur Radio
operators should also be aware that emergency traffic pertaining to the
Haitian earthquake is expected on the SATERN frequencies of 14265, 7265
and 3977 according to SATERN’s leader, Major Pat McPherson. The
Salvation Army has a website up for H&W traffic and other news at

Amateur Radio operators are circled around Haiti in Cuba, Florida, the
Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and other locations
listening for any calls, but   so far no HH stations had checked in.

Please keep clear of frequencies :
14300  (Maritime Mobile Net – handling some emergency messages.  Ed)

The situation is still chaotic and more information will be posted as
soon as possible.  Information is being validated and shared between
many amateur groups and news sources as it unfolds.

Allen G. Pitts,  W1AGP – ARRL Media & Public Relations Manager

==> ARRL Board Makes History and Elects Its First Woman President  –
ARRL Board Elects 15th President: Kay Craigie, N3KN (Jan 16, 2010) —
As its first order of business at the 2010 Annual Meeting, the ARRL
Board of Directors elected ARRL First Vice President Kay Craigie, N3KN,
of Blacksburg, Virginia, as the organization’s new President. She will
take over the reins from outgoing President Joel Harrison, W5ZN, at the
close of the Annual Meeting. In October, Harrison advised the Board
that he would not seek re-election.  See full story at

N2FF comment – this is pretty amazing for a hobby/service long
dominated by us guys.  Kay has a long history of ARRL service in both
ARRL and ham radio. She is a very competent ham and a great leader and
speaker. Some of you heard her speak at HRU 2009.  I am sure she will
serve Amateur Radio and ARRL well in the years ahead.  I look forward
to being a part of her team.

==>   Board Ramps Up Focus on EmComm Issues, Looks to League’s
(Jan 19, 2010) — The ARRL Board of Directors held its 2010 Annual
Meeting on January 15-16 in Windsor, Connecticut, under the
chairmanship of President Joel Harrison, W5ZN, to consider and act on a
number of recommendations from committees, as well as motions by
Directors. With the election of ARRL First Vice President Kay Craigie,
N3KN, as the League’s 15th President, the 2010 Annual Meeting of the
ARRL Board of Directors was off to a fast-paced start. Craigie, who ran
unopposed, takes over the top leadership position from Harrison, who in
October announced that he would not be seeking re-election. Craigie
officially took office as President at the adjournment of the Annual

See more at

Linked to this effort is one to fill a vacancy at HQ:

ARRL Seeks Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager (Dec 22, 2009)
— The ARRL currently has an opening for an Emergency Preparedness and
Response Manager to be based at ARRL HQ. The successful applicant will
represent the League with governmental and non-governmental emergency
and disaster response organizations and partners — primarily at the
national level — for planning, continuity and operational purposes.

If you have the qualifications and are interested see

==> ARRL Board Bestows Awards at 2010 Annual Meeting

(Jan 21, 2010) — The ARRL Board of Directors had the pleasure and
distinction of bestowing two annual awards at its 2010 Annual Meeting
— the inaugural George Hart Distinguished Service Award and the Bill
Leonard, W2SKE, Professional Media Award.

There are three recipients of the George Hart Distinguished Service
Award and one of them is David Struebel who received the Hudson
Division Technical Award last November.  David Struebel, WB2FTX,
founded NJVN/E — a local VHF net — in 1986, serving as Net Manager
from 1986-1992. In 1988, he received the W2SWE New Jersey Traffic
Handler of the Year Award. Struebel currently serves as the NTS Eastern
Area Digital Coordinator and as the NTS Digital Second Region, Eastern
Area Net Transcontinental Corps Mailbox Operator. He has Elmered eight
NTS member stations on digital NTS operations. In 2009, he received the
Hudson Division Technical Achievement Award. ARRL field appointments
include Erie County (New York) Emergency Coordinator (EC) and Western
New York Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC). Struebel is currently the
Northern New Jersey Section Traffic Manager (STM).
See the full web article at

Once again, congratulations David!

==> Ham Radio University took place on Sunday, January 10 at
Briarcliffe College, Bethpage, LI, NY

ARRL QST editor Steve Ford, WB8IMY, gave an inspirational talk on
digital ham radio and where it is headed.  Some 400 local hams visited
and from a survey HRU Chairman Neil Heft, KC2KY, took it appears that
nearly half of those present were from “off Island.”  This was year ten
for HRU and it was again an interesting and informative day of
networking and forums.  Take a look at what you might have missed on
You Tube at

See for more details of this
interesting event – in its tenth year……

ARRL Director Frank Fallon, N2FF, presented two division wide awards to
members at the event.  NLI SEC Jim Mezey, JR,  W2KFV was awarded his
Amateur of the Year plaque which he was unable to receive at the Awards
Luncheon in November as he was on a long planned family vacation.  The
Hudson Division Newsletter of the Year Award was presented to Editor
Kevin Morgan – AB2ZI  – of the Great South Bay ARC –  “The Compass.”
You can view this and other division newsletters at


Hudson Director, Frank Fallon, N2FF says he is always surprised at how
many local ham leaders will show up on a cold Saturday morning in
January if you provide bagels, lox and warm coffee and doughnuts.
Almost 30 local club presidents and Hudson Division Assistant Directors
attended the session from 9 AM to 1 PM which included a summary of the
agenda for the ARRL Board meeting the following week and a long
discussion concerning EMCOM and “waivers.”

The consensus was that no one was happy with the current FCC “waiver
requirement” yet almost no one wanted to make a change to the current
language in 97.113 rules.  The group was unanimous in its position that
the “waver request” was misguided and did not feel that 97.113 needed
to be rewritten.

Some positive points raised at the meeting on the state of ham radio
and ARRL:

Clubs:    Norm Fusaro W3IZ

The affiliated club program remains steady around 2,100 active clubs

The Club News e-letter is growing slowly and nearing 25,000 subscribers

VEC:  Maria Somma AB1FM, Department Manager and Perry Green WY1O
Assistant Department Manager

ARRL VEC celebrated its Silver Anniversary on July 21, 2009.

The number of new licensed Amateurs was 30,144 in 2009 compared to
28,066 in 2008.


ARRL increased market share of percentage of total amateur exams given
from 72% to 72.6%, slightly exceeding our expectations for the year.

The demand for Amateur Radio exam sessions remained high. 44,595 exam
elements were administered in 2009 compared to 42,345 to in 2008.

There were 6,369 ARRL/VEC sponsored exam sessions in 2009 compared to
6,152 in 2008.

We increased the number of active ARRL Accredited Volunteer Examiners
by 1,876 for a total of 32,411.

==> LoTW TRIPLE PLAY AWARD  – TPA   at  378   – Jay Buscemi, W2OVS was
number 366, and Zev Darack, N2WKS was number 377

ARRL’s LogBook of the World (LoTW) now has some 31,210 users with
47,333 callsigns as of January 21, 2010 and a growth of 24% in the last
year.  See  for more information.

In 2009, we ventured further into digital printing and new media
platforms. We converted The ARRL Letter to HTML and the already HTML
version of the ARRL Contest Update reached a new high of 25,000
subscribers. We also published our first Amazon Kindle book, The ARRL
Tech Q & A Manual, with more e-book publications to follow. In
partnership with a third party developer, we launched the first ARRL
branded iPhone application on license preparation. Following industry
trends, we will continue to move in this direction in 2010. It is
critical that we learn about and take advantage of these new publishing

See the Kindle announcement on the web at

N2FF note:  While I do have a “Kindle DX” (the larger Kindle) it has
not helped me work more DX.

==> ARRL Foundation and Grants – Scholarships   Remind HS students they

==> Interesting Ham Story from the YCCC Reflector

There are many stories of what amateur radio has done over the years.
Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes.

My addition would be running phone patches daily, yes daily, from Da
Nang in Viet Nam to Omaha, NE between soldiers and families. Running
stacked Hy-Gain antennas and illegal (hope the statues of limitations
have expired) power we did more than 50 per day. All this was arranged
by an Omaha amateur who had set up a station at the local Red Cross.
His story was written up in World Radio some years ago. I was in the
Air Force at the time stationed at Offutt
Air Force Base. Four days a week I did this and enjoyed every minute
though at times heartbreaking. One of my colleagues listened in as a
soldier confirmed that his wife was seeking a divorce and he committed
suicide over the air!

Many days we were told that the transmissions had to halt due to rain.
Rain of mortars that was as everyone headed for bunkers!

Many a reprimand from the head of Navy MARS did not stop our daily
chore. We were creating interference with adjacent traffic due to what
was suspected as illegal power. I think the frequency was 18.555 MHZ.
and this was in 1969. I suspect a great sunspot cycle time.

I wish I could remember the gent’s call that spearheaded this project
but all I remember is his first name, Hugh. I am sure a search of World
Radio would produce his call and name. By the way, his company through
contributions paid for all the long distance calls from Omaha to the

Maybe this is what got me into DXing and then contesting. Daily contact
with Viet Nam so many miles away!

73 Dick – KB1H (then WA1DWF)

Hugh L. Tinley, K0GHK, SK (Apr 28, 2006) — QST author and World War II
historical figure Hugh Tinley, K0GHK, of Omaha, Nebraska, died April
27. He was 88. Tinley had been suffering from bone cancer. His article,
“Riding the Magic Carpet,” in April QST about using EchoLink to put
hospital patients in touch with one another proved very popular with
readers. An officer on the staff of Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower during
World War II, Tinley was one of the last surviving individuals to have
witnessed the signing of the German surrender documents that ended the
war. In 2005, he appeared in an ABC Evening News segment, “Old
Soldiers,” marking the 60th anniversary of the victory in Europe.
Retired as president of Farmers International, he had been a radio
amateur for 46 years. During the 1960s, he was an active participant in
the Military Affiliate Radio System’s “Operation Hello,” helping
provide phone patches between servicemen in Vietnam and their families.
He was a member of ARRL and the Heartland DX Association.

You may be interested in reading Hugh’s reflection on running “phone
patches” from Vietnam in the 1960’s see:

From  another YCCC member – K1EBY…..

I found KB1H’s and W1ZK’s messages bringing back memories.  In 1964 I
Was W7AKI and operated the MARS station at McChord AFB in Tacoma
Washington part time.  At the time of the earthquake I was talking To
Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage AK on SSB, 13995 I think.  I reported the
Quake to AIR in Washington DC by Telephone and they came up on freq.
For the first day our station was the focal point between AIR and AK
emergency Services until things stabilized and they flew in comm teams.
We also had the best propagation during that initial time period.  I
got a letter from AIR later thanking me for being the first to Report
the incident since most of the communications out of AK were Down.  In
1965 and 1966 I was a part time operator at AI8AD from DaNang AB, RVN.
I participated in setting up the station at the time which Was in a
small comm trailer.  We put up a USAF Tape Measure dipole Antenna And
had Collins gear and linears run by a huge generator.  I use to Run
phone patches to MARS hams anywhere in the US, if I could find Strong
stations they would take patches anywhere in the US and pay the charges
themselves.  Like many others I had to quit a few times for sapper,
rocket and mortar attacks.  We ran a lot of patches for Air Force, Spec
Ops and Marine personnel.  They also said I ran a lot of  Patches on
the ham bands but I think they have me confused with somebody else and
anyway, I am not presently disposed to discuss Such operations if
indeed they ever existed!!
de  Frank, K1EBY


Please take a look at

The January 2010 award goes to “The 10-70 Bulletin” the newsletter of
the 10-70 Repeater Association.  Congratulations to the editor Lou
Janicek,  N2CYY.

Did some clubs forget to send their pdf’s to .  I received
only 4 newsletters this month.  Perhaps some editors are on vacation in
warmer climes?

Clubs please make sure that you continue to send a copy of your pdf
file to .  I have been missing some issues in the last few
months.  Not every division club is submitting each month.  It’s like
Lotto, if you don’t buy a ticket or send a PDF you can’t win!


19 Feb 2010+Auction (Snow Date: March 12, 2010)
New Providence Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 147.255 +600 W2LI Repeater (PL 141.3)
Contact:James Kern, KB2FCV
32 Risk Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901
Phone: 908-219-4016
Email: New Providence, NJ
New Providence Municipal Center
360 Elkwood Avenue
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey
28 Feb 2010+LIMARC Indoor Hamfest
Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio
Talk-In: 146.850- (PL 136.5)
Contact:Richard Cetron, K2KNB
198 Haypath Road
Old Bethpage, NY 11804
Phone: 516-694-4937
Fax: 631-574-4851
Email: Hicksville, NY
Levittown Hall
201 Levittown Parkway
Div: Hudson
Sect: New York City-Long Island
7 Mar 2010+BARA Annual Auction
Bergen Amateur Radio Association
Talk-In: 146.19/147.79 (PL 141.3)
Contact:James Joyce, K2ZO
286 Ridgewood Blvd. North
Township of Washington, NJ 07676
Phone: 201-664-6725
Fax: 201-265-1366
Email: Township of Washington, NJ
Westwood Regional High School
701 Ridgewood Road
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey

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