Hudson Division Beacon – FEBRUARY 2008

                      FEBRUARY 2008
Hudson Division Beacon – e-mail edition  – # 82
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
(516) 746-7652  
Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
(201) 445-5924  and
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No, you did not miss it.  It simply was never sent.  There were just
too many things going on in January – Cabinet meeting, ARRL Board
Meeting in Houston, and a family vacation to the island of Jamaica.  I
simply could not find time to put the January issue together.  Sorry
about that!


Here is a good chance to get a few new ones.  See rules at


Probably the biggest decision at the Houston meeting was to eliminate
the senior member discount effective January 2009. As you have probably
noticed we have a very
large number of older hams and thus a large portion of ARRL members are
eligible for the three dollar senior discount. It has been six years
since we had a raise in
membership dues and in that time printing costs and postage rates have
increased a number of times. Rather than raise membership fees across
the board it was decided to
drop the current “senior discount.”  So, effective January 2008, it
will be no more. But those who currently qualify will be able to renew
for 2 or five years at the old rate.

Perhaps this is also a good time for younger members to consider if
they wish to become ARRL Life members.  That rate is 25 times the
yearly membership rate of $39 or $975, which can be paid off over a two
year period.  If you are a younger ham committed to a life in ham radio
this may be a good financial move.  Sometime in the next few years
there will be another dues increase across the board and I am sure this
one will be across the board affecting all members.

The ARRL Board of Directors held its first 2008 meeting in Houston,
Texas on January 18-19. Besides reviewing and acting on recommendations
contained in committee reports and Director’s motions, the Board held
its biannual election of officers and annual election of members of the
Executive Committee. All Officers, Directors and Vice Directors were
present, with the exception of Rocky Mountain Division Director Brian
P. Mileshosky, N5ZGT, who was unable to attend; Rocky Mountain Vice
Director Dwayne Allen, WY7FD, assumed his place at the Board table.  In
all there were four new board members at this meeting for the first

See daitails at


(Feb 4, 2008) — Attention 6 meter operators — there’s a new award to
work toward! The ARRL Board of Directors approved a new award honoring
the late Fred Fish, W5FF,
the only amateur who worked and confirmed all 488 grid squares in the
48 contiguous United States on 6 meters. The Fred Fish Memorial Award
will be granted to any amateur
duplicating Fish’s accomplishment. Fish was a mainstay on the VHF+
bands for many years, having achieved Worked All States (WAS) on 6
meters through 432 MHz, as well as DXCC for 6 meters.  He is widely
regarded as a gentleman operator and one of the finest amateurs in the
VHF+ community.

ARRL Contest Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X, will oversee this award.
Kutzko, an avid VHF+ operator himself, said, “We hope the new award
will increase 6 meter activity throughout the US and the world.  We
also hope it will lead to the activation of rare grid squares in the US
by encouraging the native ham population of a rare grid square to give
6 meters a try, as well as through so-called ‘Grid DXpeditions.’ We
actively call on the 6 meter community to help educate VHF+ newcomers
to the fun that is available on 6 meters.” Complete details on the Fred
Fish Memorial Award will be available soon.

European Reciprocal Licenses Now Limited to Advanced and Extra Class
Licensees –

(Feb 4, 2008) — The European Conference of Postal and
Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) has revised its table of
equivalence between FCC amateur licenses and the CEPT license.
Effective February 4, 2008, Recommendation T/R 61-01 (as amended) now
grants full CEPT privileges only to those US citizens who hold an
FCC-issued Amateur Extra or Advanced class license.

*** This means that those US licensees who hold an FCC-issued General
or Technician license are no longer eligible for full operating
privileges in countries where CEPT-reciprocal operation had previously
been permitted. US Novice class licensees have had no reciprocal
operating privileges under the CEPT provisions.

These changes are the result of a re-evaluation of US and CEPT license
classes equivalence by the CEPT’s Radio Regulatory Working Group at its
meeting  January 29-February 1, 2008 in Basel, Switzerland. The Working
Group deals with numerous areas of concern including Amateur Radio, and
is responsible for applications from countries to participate in T/R
61-01, as well as other Amateur Radio related issues. “Changes in the
US license structures and examinations often have ancillary
implications beyond the immediate impact upon the US licensees,”  said
Dan Henderson, N1ND, ARRL Regulatory Information Manager. “While this
CEPT change affects several classes of US licensees when they visit
Europe and other CEPT signatory countries, it has no effect
on their operating privileges at home.”

at Berkeley Heights Recreation Center, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

“Kids Day is an on-air event to encourage young people (licensed
or not) to have fun with Amateur Radio. It is designed to give
on-the-air experience to youngsters and hopefully foster interest in
getting a license of their own. It is also intended to give older hams
a chance to share their station and love for Amateur Radio with their
On Sunday afternoon, January 6, 2008, George, KC2GLG and I visited
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey to view the Kids Day set up by the New
Providence ARC.  Club President, Jim, KB2FCV was on hand with Barry
Cohen, K2JV and soon to be “Hudson Division Youth
Representative”, Nick Esposito, KC2ONP.  And then there were the
kids, at least 40 or more…I lost count!  And of course, kids usually
come with parents.  We had quite a crowd!

There were at least 4 stations setup (operating Club Callsign – N2XJ)
for the kids to make contact with others on the air.  The 20 meter
station drew quite a bit of activity, as the kids were able to reach
out across the country and the world to make contact with other kids,
exchanging their names, their locations, and their favorite colors!
They were all very enthusiastic, when they stepped up to the microphone
giving out their information, like they were ‘born with mics in

The most fascinating thing was the amount of girls that were there. And
as usual, our good-looking young leader, Nick, KC2ONP had quite a crowd
of young YL’s around him (wink)!   Ladies, with all of the young YL’s I
saw that day, it’s evident that we need to do some mentoring!  It’s a
great time for us gals to step up and show them that Amateur Radio has
a lot to offer them, too.

Thanks to David, N2MHI, Shirley, N2PHP, and Paul, KC2SAS for their
tremendous support, as well as all of the members of NPARC and all of
the kids and their Moms and Dads, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles who
helped make this Kid’s Day really special….and we even had a visit by
Assistant Director (ex-NNJ Section Manager) Bill Hudzik, W2UDT!

Check out the NPARC webpage for photos of Kids Day and more information
on upcoming NPARC activities:   “Talk to
the Kids — on Kids Club” each week on the W2LI repeater (147.255
— PL tone: 141.3)  in NJ, on Thursdays at 7:30pm hosted by Net
Control, Nick Esposito, KC2ONP and Club Mentor, Barry Cohen, K2JV will
be standing by.

As far as I know, this might be the first-ever Kids Net, so make it a
point to check in and show support!  The W2LI repeater has great
coverage throughout the Hudson Division…so let’s encourage our kids
to get ‘on the air’!

Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF – ARRL Vice Director — Hudson Division
(see this same story on the ARRL web at   with pictures)


The February 2008 award goes to “Up-Link” the newsletter” of the
Cherryville Repeater Association for their February 2008 issue.
Congratulations to co- editors Marc Lees, KC2MTR and Glenn Bukowiski,
KC2NXZ for a very nice looking newsletter with interesting material for
club members.   Please take a look at

Clubs please make sure that you continue to send a copy of your pdf
file to  I have been missing some issues in the last few
months.  Not every division club is submitting each month.  It’s like
Lotto, if you don’t buy a ticket or send a PDF you can’t win!


March 15 2008 With testing afterward ($14.00 fee required for test)
Sponsored by Middletown R.A.C.E.S
Mario Sellitti /N2PVP  – Captain Middletown RACES Volunteers make a

22 Feb 2008 + Auction
New Providence Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 147.255 (input 147.855) (PL 141.3)
Contact: James Kern, KB2FCV
32 Risk Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901-1106
Phone: 908-219-4016
New Providence, NJ
New Providence Municipal Center Gymnasium
Academy Street

24 Feb 2008 + Long Island Indoor Hamfair & Electronics Show
Long Island Mobile ARC
Talk-In: 146.850 (PL 136.5)
Contact: Richie Cetron, K2KNB
198 Haypath Road
Old Bethpage, NY 11804
Phone: 516-694-4937
Fax: 516-694-4937
Hicksville, NY
Levittown Hall
201 Levittown Parkway

1 Mar 2008 + North Jersey Hamfest
Splitrock ARA
Talk-In: 146.985 -600 (PL 131.8)
Contact: Michael Greenfeld, K8BQ
c/o Splitrock ARA
PO Box 610
Rockaway, NJ 07866
Phone: 866-457-6687
Fax: 866-457-6687
Parsippany, NJ
Parsippany PALBuilding
33 Baldwin Road

2 Mar 2008 + BARA AUCTION
Bergen Amateur Radio Association
Talk-In: 146.19/146.79 (PL 141.3)
Contact: Jim Joyce, K2ZO
286 Ridgewood Blvd. North
Township of Washington, NJ 07676
Phone: 201-664-6725
Township of Washington, NJ
Westwood Regional Senior/Junior High School
701 Ridgewood Road

5 Apr 2008 + Cherryville Repeater Association
Talk-In: 147.375 (PL 151.4)
Contact: Walter O’Brien, WO2U
PO Box 4922
Clinton, NJ 08809
Phone: 908-963-1245
Annandale, NJ
North Hunterdon High School
1445 State Route 31 South

5 Apr 2008 + Tailgate Hamfest
Ocean Monmouth Amateur Radio Club
Talk-In: 145.110 -600 (PL 127.3) N2MO
Contact: Jeff Harshman, N2LXM
5 The Arborway
Ocean, NJ 07712
Phone: 732-996-0637
Wall Township, NJ
Project Diana Site (Camp Evans)
Marconi Raod

13 Apr 2008 + Mt. Beacon ARC
Talk-In: 146.970 (PL 100)
Contact: Jim Capicotto, K2JIM
813 Heard Avenue
Maybrook, NY 12543
Phone: 845-427-2702
Fax: 845-427-2702
Lagrangeville, NY
Tymor Park
249 Duncan Road

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