Hudson Division Beacon – December 2007

                                 December 2007
Hudson Division Beacon – e-mail edition  – # 81
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
(516) 746-7652  
Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
(201) 445-5924  and
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From the Hudson Division ARRL Team and their families, best wishes for
a great Christmas Holiday and  Happy New Year 2008.  We hope that 2008
will be a good year for all.  While Chanukah is long past now we hope
that those who celebrate had a good one.

The year 2007 will go down in the books as a year ARRL had its day in
Federal court over the flawed BPL rules.  It will also go down,
probably as the low point in the solar cycle, so we can begin to look
for improving HF conditions. (He said hopefully.)  It will go down as
the year the Hudson Division had its  most successful Awards Dinner and
was able to raise $3,500 for Spectrum Defense.

If you are looking for New Year’s Resolutions try:  (I said this last
year but it still hold true.)

Get one friend to join ARRL, bring at least one person into ham radio
next year, and make a contribution to the ARRL Spectrum Defense Fund,
build a QRP rig, and get on Log Book of the World is you have not
already.  After that you can think about loosing weight, eating
and exercising.

===>  Hudson Division Awards Dinner Once Again a Social and Financial

See pictures at

The bills have been paid and the amount left over was a record $2,900
(last year it was $2,200 and BARA contributed a bit more to make it
$2,500.) and the ever generous BARA members added another $600 to write
a check for $3,500 to the ARRL Spectrum Defense Fund.

Thanks again BARA!

==> ARRL Hudson Division Cabinet and Club President’s Meeting  –
JANUARY 12, 2008 (9:30am – 2:00pm)
Saturday January 12, 2008 there will be a joint ARRL Hudson Division
Cabinet and Club President’s Meeting starting at 9:30AM at the Paramus
Congregational Church. Bagels and coffee will be served at 9 AM.
Assistant Directors and Club President’s or their representatives are
invited to attend. Please let Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, ARRL Hudson
Division Vice Director know you are coming.
Please confirm your attendance via e-mail to:

Coffee and bagels will be provided and the meeting which will start
promptly at 9:30AM and end by 2:00PM. Lunch will be provided.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please bring your ideas and input. Prior to this
meeting, if you have any items for the agenda, please send via email
to: Frank at:

All Hudson Division affiliated clubs should send a representative if
the president is unable to attend. Topics to be covered include ARRL
Updates; Grassroots Political Action, BPL Strategy, Band planning and
more! The last hour of the meeting will be for club representatives to
network and help to develop strategies for issues facing local clubs.

Paramus Congregational Church 205 Spring Valley Road Paramus, NJ 07652

(GPS Coordinates: N 40.93140 W 74.05530)

From New York City GWB to NJ. Take Route 4 West to the Paramus area.
Exit at the Spring Valley Road Exit (go right, toward Oradell/River
Edge). Go through the light and the church is the second one on the
left almost across from the Middle school.

From Route 17 North and South, Take the Century Road Exit and go East
toward River Edge. Go up hill through light, down hill to next light
and turn Left. Paramus High School is on your left. Go to second church
on the left.

===> Hudson Division Director Presents ARRL Presidents’ Award to Walter

While we covered this story in the last issue, there is now a story on
the ARRL web site at:    and

===> Norman “the Maven” Wesler, K2YEW a Silent Key

Well known and loved Long Island ham, Norman Wesler, K2YEW, passes away
Thursday afternoon driving home from work while talking on the LIMARC
440 repeater, when he apparently had a heart attack.  Services were
held Sunday, December 23 at 2 PM at Gutterman’s Funeral home in
Rockville Centre and more than fifty area amateurs attended.  Former
NLI SM, George Tranos, N2GA, a long time friend of Norman’s gave a
moving and detailed eulogy of Norm’s ham radio career.  Norman and
George had jointly taught a ham radio course twice yearly for more than
fifteen years at Huntington High School

See Newsday obituary article at,0,5063766,print.story

(We hope shortly to have a short version of the eulogy N2GA delivered
at the services for Norman.)

A long time LIMARC member and director his main interest was CW and QRP
operation.  In 1998 he was selected as Hudson Division “Grand Ole Ham”
and had the distinction of attending all of the division award dinners.
He was the division’s first “Grand Ole Ham.”

Norman was an Assistant Section manager in the NLI section and a long
time Hudson Division Assistant Director serving three division
directors, W2ML, WK6R and N2FF.  First licensed in 1958 just after
leaving college Norm went on to get an engineering degree, three
masters degrees and to become a professional engineer or PE.  A partner
in an engineering firm he had designed the lighting systems on most of
the New York City bridges and worked as an expert witness.  He was
cofounder of R.A.D.I.O. (Radio Amateurs Defense and Information
Organization) which was formed to fight restrictive antenna ordinances
in the metro are.  Norman was the “expert” who documented the need for
height in most ZBA hearings on Long Island and a few in Westchester in
the past fifteen years.

“Norman was a great support.  He really wanted good things to happen
for ham radio and hams.  He devoted his time and money to make sure
that happened.  He did it quietly and did not want any attention drawn
to his generosity.  In his day job he made $3,000 a day as an expert
witness, but when he was an expert at a tower hearing he did it for
free. He was a great supporter of ARRL and my efforts as director,”
said Hudson ARRL Director Frank Fallon.  “We are going to miss his
support and help.  While we are shocked at his passing, we realize that
he went doing what he loved to do, talking on the radio.  His quality
of life was good right up to the end.  We certainly will miss him but
realize that he was a lucky guy who had a full rewarding life and a
loving family and many, many friends.  We will all miss him greatly.”

===> New Amateur Extra Class Question Pool Released (Dec 26, 2007) —
The National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (NCVEC) has
released the new pool of questions for the Amateur Extra class license
– see  This pool will become
effective for examinations given on or after July 1, 2008, and should
be in service until June 30, 2012. The pool, which consists of 741
questions and 12 graphics, can be downloaded from the NCVEC Web site in
Word, PDF or RTF formats. If you have any questions concerning the new
Amateur Extra question pool, please contact the NCVEC’s Question Pool
Committee via e-mail at

===>A New Look for Two ARRL Century Club Awards (Dec 22, 2007) — The
ARRL has completed the finishing touches on certificates issued through
the 5-Band DXCC (DX Century Club) and VUCC (VHF/UHF Century Club)
programs. The awards program staff worked with the ARRL in-house
graphic designers to create a fresh new look for these traditional

For details see:

===> ARRL’s Logbook of the World Counts More Than 150 Million Contacts
(Dec 20, 2007) — ARRL’s Logbook of the World (LoTW) — a repository of
log records submitted by users from around the world — passed its
latest milestone Wednesday, December 19 as the QSO counter clicked past
150 million contacts entered into the system, with more added since.
When both participants in a contact submit matching QSO records to
LoTW, the result is a QSL that can be used for ARRL award credit, such
as DXCC. ARRL Membership and Volunteer Programs Manager Dave Patton,
NN1N, said, “These 150 million QSOs represent a doubling of the total
since July 2005 when ARRL Contributing Editor H. Ward Silver, N0AX,
wrote an article for QST, ‘Logbook of the World — 75 Million QSOs
Can’t Be Wrong!’ (Available at:
Thanks for using LoTW. We are planning to improve usability and
add support for new awards in 2008.”

==> The First QRP Ops (Dec 18, 2007) — From spies to smoke jumpers,
miniaturized radios do their part.
Here is an interesting ARRL web article you may have missed.  Read it

===>  Hudson Division “Best Club Newsletter for 2007” Selected – “The

The Troy Amateur Radio Association, newsletter “TARA News” was selected
by Hudson Division Assistant Directors as the best newsletter.  “The
TARA News” editor Ken “Chief” Davis, KB2KFV, will receive a plaque at
the December TARA meeting.  Weather permitting the Hudson Division team
will be on hand to present the plaque to hardworking and creative
editor, Ken Davis.  Editor in Chief, Perry White will be unable to
attend.  Well done, Ken.  Thanks for a great newsletter.

We had a number of other great newsletters than came very close this
time.  Keep up the good work.
Let those editors know you appreciate the work they put into your club

==> Travels – From the ARRL Hudson Division Vice Director
Greetings, Hudson Division Members and Friends!  2007 is fast drawing
to a close! I know everyone has been involved in so many exciting
things this year, that it’s hard to keep up! Clubs have been enjoying
increased attendance (I hope) with the surge of new hams created by the
removal of the Morse Code Requirement for Testing. In our VE session
(East Coast DX Assn/Metroplex) in New Jersey (God Bless them all – I
couldn’t do without them!!), we have seen a wide range of folks taking
their Tech exams and a great surge in those going on to General and
Extra. From what I have seen, these folks come from all walks of life
and age groups. Their reasons for getting into the hobby range anywhere
from the “I’ve always wanted to do this, but never found the time”, to
“I got a set of wire-less headphones from my husband, and all I receive
is Ham Radio Conversations”, (NO KIDDING)!  Well, whatever their
reasons, we’ve got a big job to do here, to make sure that they get a
much needed helping-hand and a good start into the hobby. If you are
involved in VE testing, give these folks a personal invite into your
club or take them to a Ham Event or better yet, help them get
acquainted with our local vendors: Gene, K2KJI of KJI Electronics or
John, N2IUJ of Advanced Specialties Electronics, or any other vendor
you know. This will give them a good honest view of what’s available in
Ham Equipment and a broader understand of the hobby. And don’t forget
about Phil, KA2SEY – from The Parent Shop….the guy who embroiders our
HAM apparel!
Speaking of new folks in the hobby, I’ve had an email from Barry Cohen,
K2JV from the New Providence Amateur Radio Club, and he tells me that
we are in need of YL mentors in this hobby. I think it’s about time for
the YL’s to get busy and get on the air more often. There is a new
group of Amateur Radio Operators coming into this hobby and they happen
to be Young Ladies. So, if you are a Young Lady out there and you want
to do something to help these newcomers, please get in contact with me.
Along with this, I have just taken the position of YLRL – Young Ladies
Radio League Second District Chairperson. Ladies if you don’t’ know
anything about the YLRL, please check out the website:

Alas, the Hudson Division Dinner is just a memory! But, what a great
memory! I know, not everyone got to attend, but we did have 103 or so
there for dinner and had a great evening, full of fun, good friend,
good food and lot’s of door prizes. We heard from some pretty terrific
speakers and some of the award winners were there to accept their
awards. A BIG thank-you to the BARA Club, Jim Joyce, K2ZO – our M.C.
for the evening and Tony Izzo, K2AMI – our expert Dinner Coordinator
and members: Jim Jackson, NS2K, Josephine, WB2EKV, Bill, WA2JKY, Steve
Mendelsohn, W2ML BARA President – who were our greeters and ticket
sellers for the evening.  We also enjoyed a visit from Mary Hobart,
K1MMH, ARRL Chief Development Officer and Katie Breen W1KRB, ARRL
Membership Manager. It’s always a delightful time when they are with
us! Mary spoke to us about the ARRL’s continued efforts to protect our
frequencies. For Photo’s of the evening events, visit the Hudson
Division Website:

Traveling north to the Troy ARC in New York, Frank, N2FF and I were
able to present, TARA Newsletter Editor, Ken “Chief” Davis, KB2KFV with
the 2007 Hudson Division Newsletter of the Year Award. What a wonderful
turnout at their meeting, and to complete the Holiday festivities, we
were able to enjoy some delicious ‘homemade’ food with them! Thanks to
the TARA folks for their wonderful hospitality.

Upcoming events in 2008 are Hudson Division Cabinet meeting. All
Cabinet Members (Assistant Directors, Section Managers) and Hudson
Division Club Presidents and or their representatives are invited to
attend this meeting on Saturday, January 12, 2008 at the Paramus
Congregational Church, 205 Spring Valley Rd, Paramus, NJ. The meeting
will run from 9:30am to 2:00pm. Coffee and bagels will be served at
9:00am and lunch will be served around 12:30pm. Bring your ideas to
discuss and if you have anything you’d like to be put on the agenda
beforehand, please contact Frank, N2FF at

Ham Radio University 2008 and the New York Long Island Section
Convention will take place on Sunday, January 13, 2008 at Briarcliffe
College 1055 Stewart Ave Bethpage, NY.
Join in for a fun-filled ‘Day of Education’. No this is not a HAMFEST;
it’s much, much more! Come and learn about Amateur Radio. There will be
Forums throughout the day. The Keynote Speaker will be Gordon West –
WB6NOA. Folks, this is worth the drive and it’s on Sunday morning, so
there’s no traffic! The Forums will start at 9:00am and a VE Session is
scheduled for 3:30pm. Hope to see you there!
Well, that’s about it for now. I am slowly recovering from some medical
issues, which has taken me out of action recently. So, hopefully, I
will be better in 2008. I love hearing from all of you and what you are
doing in your Sections and Clubs and in your personal lives.

George, Krista, Holly (and her OM Matt) and I would like to wish you
all a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year and to those who
celebrate other holidays…Blessings and Good wishes to you and your
families, as well, as you enjoy your festivities.

Thanks for your support, and we wish you successfully Contesting, Dxing
and Ragchewing!

Best 73 – Joyce KA2ANF

==> Ramsey OEM Is “Talking” About the Weather
I would like to take this opportunity to thank George Sabbi, KC2GLG,
our resident meteorologist and SkyWarn official, National Weather
Service; and Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Hudson Division Vice-Director,
American Radio Relay League, for an outstanding  presentation on
all-things-weather-related, at the joint November-December meeting of
the Ramsey Office of Emergency Management, on November 28th.
The Emergency Operations Center was packed with a large mix of both
veteran and newer members.  Those attending included:  Stephen Goeller,
K2BTP;  Bruce Greenwood, K3OEM; Michael Adams, WA2MWT;  Stephen Adams,
AB2XU; Andrew Abadeer, Steven Burgio, George Halpin, WA2HFH;  James
Keeney, Paul Hennion, KC2FMJ; Ernie Larrat, David Tizio, Rushabh Shah,
Mark Keenan, Gururaj Shan, Herbert Van Den Houten, N2OPJ; Orrie Smith,
N2OOJ; Ralph Venturini, KC2RAH; Sean Matro, Lou Janicek, N2CYY;
Nicholas Venturini and Nicholas Attardo.  There were 12 amateur radio
operators in attendance.

On Saturday, December 1, The Ramsey Office of Emergency Management
participated in the National Weather Service’s “SkyWarn Appreciation
Day” from the radio room of the borough’s Emergency Operations Center.
Attempts were made to contact as many of the NWS’s regional offices,
all across the United States.  This annual event was again coordinated
by Howie Holden, WB2AWQ, a senior official with the 10-70 Repeater
Association, a Bergen-Passaic Amateur Repeater Group.

Those attending included Mayor Chris Botta, KA2CQH, and his three sons;
Michael Adams, OEM Coordinator; Paul Hennion, George Halpin, Stephen
Goeller, James Keeney, Justin Mattes, KC2GIK; Howie Holden, Richard
Busch, KC2PYB; Stephen Adams, Steven Burgio, Glen Karpovich and Bruce
Greenwood, Deputy OEM Coordinators; Ralph Venturini, Ernie Larrat and
Nicholas Venturini.  In addition, a contingent of 10 cub scouts and
leaders from Ramsey Cub Scout Pack 175 also participated in the event
and made several contacts from different states.  There were 11 amateur
radio operators in attendance.

Submitted by Michael Adams, WA2MWT –

The December 2007 award goes to the “W2MPX Repeater Newsletter” of the
Metroplex  Amateur Radio Club., for their January 2008 issue.
Congratulations to editor Walter Lange – AE2AA.   Please take a look at

Clubs please make sure that you continue to send a copy of your pdf
file to  I have been missing some issues in the last few
months.  Not every division club is submitting each month.  It’s like
Lotto, if you don’t buy a ticket or send a PDF you can’t win!

HAMFEST:  Well, there are none.  The next ham event in the division is
HRU 2008 to be held January 13th at Briarcliff College on Long Island.
This is better than a hamfest.  You will see local hams and expand your
mind.  Real hams are always learning.   It does not stop with passing
that license exam.   With a “Suggested Donation of $2” it doers not get
any better.  This is the NINTH year for the event.

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