Hudson Division Beacon – December 2005

ARRL Hudson Division
December 2005

Hudson Division Beacon -- e-mail edition  - # 57
Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
516) 746-7652

Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Vice Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
235 Van Emburgh Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-2918
201) 455-5924 

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The ARRL Hudson Division ARRL Team (N2FF and KA2ANF) would like to wish
you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah.  Have a
great holiday season with the family!  Our Christmas Holiday has
already started and will continue into early January with the arrival
of my daughter and her two girls from Littlehampton, England.  The
seven year old and especially the two year old are keeping us 
very, very busy.  

The year 2005 will go down in the books as a year that ham radio really
had a chance to shine.  We had a lot of great public relations as a
result of the part ham radio played in the many disasters that took
place over the course of the last year.  Things really began on
December 26th with the Indian Ocean tsunami.  In that instance a
DXpedition to the very rare, in the DXCC sense, Andaman Islands was
quickly turned into an ARES style emergency communications situation. 
The Indian operators did a magnificent job.  Then there was the series
of massive Gulf hurricanes to strike Florida, Georgia, Mississippi,
Louisiana, and Texas.  Ham radio once again, despite some maintaining
the Internet had replaced us, had a chance to prove itself and justify
its existence and the need for protection from BPL and restrictive
antenna ordinance plus protection of our spectrum.  Those who were able
to help have made us all proud and at the same time provided many
instances of ham radio helping people and the nation.  Expect to see a
few new videos from ARRL on the role hams played.

It was nice to see a number of you at the "Fourth Annual Customer
Appreciation Weekend" at KJI Electronics on Saturday December 3rd in
Caldwell, NJ.  I also had a chance to play with the new Icom 7000 and
won an Icom hat too. 

The next big Division event is HRU 2006 on Sunday, January 8, 2006 at
Briarcliffe College in Bethpage.  This is the seventh year the event is
being held and the team really has its act together.  You will learn
something or meet some interesting hams who have the same interests you
have.  Many local clubs will have displays.  Although it's a NLI event
it is open to anyone interested in ham radio.  If you have a friend who
is interested in ham radio bring them along.   See  for 
details and a schedule of forums.  NLI SM George Tranos, N2GA and his
team do a great job putting this event together every January.  This is
the seventh such event and features among others Gordon West, WB6NOA,
and Allen Pitts, W1AGP, ARRL's Public Relations point person.  Allan
will speak about Katrina as he was there in Mississippi after the
event.   There are twenty-eight different forums scheduled.  You will
have to make some choices as you will not be able to see them all. 
Admission is only $2.00.  This is not a flea market but rather "a day
of education about ham radio."  I hope to be there for a short time as
it is the same weekend as the ARRL RTTY Roundup, one of my favorite

Saturday January 14th there will be a joint Hudson Division Cabinet and
Club Presidents Meeting starting at 9:30 at the Paramus Congregational
Church.   Bagels and coffee will be served at 9 AM.  Assistant
Directors and Club Presidents or their representatives are invited to
attend.  Please let Joyce Birmingham, KA2ANF, Hudson Division Vice
Director know you are coming.  Send e-mail to:  ka2anf  

Coffee and bagels will be provided and I plan to start the meeting
promptly at 9:30.  We will provide pizza for lunch. The meeting will
end by 2 PM.  Please bring your ideas and input.  If you have any items
for the agenda please send me an e-mail at 

All division affiliated clubs should send a representative if the
president is unable to attend.  Topics to be covered include Grassroots
Political Action, BPL Strategy, Regulation by Bandwidth Proposal, and
License Restructuring Part II. The last hour of the meeting will be for
club representatives to network and help develop strategies for issues
facing local clubs. 

Paramus Congregational Church entrance is through the basement on the
side of the church - 205 Spring Valley Road Paramus, NJ 07652 

1) From New York City GWB to NJ.  Take Route 4 West to the Paramus
area. Exit at the Spring Valley Road Exit (go right, toward
Oradell/River Edge).  Go through the light and the church is the second
one on the left almost across from the Middle school. Entrance is the
basement on side of the church. 

2) From Route 17 North and South, Take the Century Road Exit and go
East toward River Edge.  Go up hill through light, down hill to next
light and turn Left. Paramus High School is on your left.  Go to second
church on the left.

===> More Travels from the Hudson Division Vice Director - Joyce,

Thank you to all who emailed me regarding my previous columns regarding
my travels throughout the Division.

I feel that this is important for you to read and keeps you up to date
with where I go and what other clubs are doing in the Division as well.
 I try to get to as many functions as I can, because I do care about
what you all are doing in this great hobby.  And sharing ideas with
others is so important.  

I last left off visiting the Saratoga Hamfest in Ballston Spa, NY in
September of this year.  The following Sunday found me celebrating Long
Island Mobile Amateur Radio Clubs (LIMARC) 40th Anniversary in Jericho,
NY. What a wonderful time for all of us.  At this dinner, there was a
table of time, with memorabilia and photos of all the past LIMARC
functions.  What a nice tribute!  Thanks to George Tranos, N2GA and
Diane Ortiz, K2DO for making me feel so welcome! It is a real pleasure
to spend time with the folks at LIMARC.

The very next weekend was LIMARC's hamfest in Bethpage, NY.  The
weather was nice and everyone came out to enjoy the day.

Sometimes in the Division, conflicts can keep Frank or me from
attending every function.  Families are very important to us and do
take a front seat sometimes.  But, we do try to get to as many
functions as we can.  It's harder yet, when we have conflicts in the
Division, like the weekend we had hamfests that conflicted.   

October 2nd was one of those weekends.  I had the opportunity to visit
with the Ocean-Monmouth Club at the Project Diana Site for their
hamfest. What an interesting site.  The whole area is rich with
history.  I even got to play radio a bit on their club station.  It was
good to see Ron Olender, WA2HZT, an old friend and make new friends
with the other club members.  

On Friday, October 7, 2005, I was at Ridgefield Park High School with
some members of the New Providence Amateur Radio Club as they made
contact with Space Tourist, Dr. Greg Olsen, KC2ONX, who was on the
International Space Station. This was one of three opportunities that
schools in this area had to work the newly licensed ham at the
International Space Station.  The other two opportunities were at
Princeton High School and Ft Hamilton High School in Brooklyn, NY.  I
would like to thank Barry Cohen, K2JV from New Providence ARC and
Raymond Lukacs President of Kings County Repeater Association for their
help in the coordination of these two events. I think it was a
memorable moment for all the kids as they listened to the
communications between Dr. Olsen at the ISS and the panel of students
at the high schools.  For more information 
click on the link:
Illness kept me away from the BARA hamfest on Saturday, October 8,
2005.  I apologize to my friends at BARA.  This hamfest is held only a
mile away from my house!   It's always a good time with a good turnout,
even when it rains!

On October 30, 2005, I attended the NWS Mt Holly NJ SKYWARN Advisory
Committee Meeting - Mt Holly, NJ.  This was an excellent opportunity to
meet the coordinators from the area that is covered by Mt Holly and to
meet the NWS team as well.  Topics included the increase of classes for
the spring and how to get more people involved in the Skywarn Program. 

In November, I joined George Sabbi, KC2GLG, Bergen County NJ NWS Deputy
SKYWARN Coordinator, and others from the area as we attended the NWS
Upton NY SKYWARN Coordinators Meeting - Upton, NY.  I presented Scott
Reynolds, KC2JCB with an ARRL Certificate thanking him for his years of
dedicated service to the SKYWARN program. Scott has taken the job of
meteorologist-in-charge of the National Weather Service's Center
Weather Service Unit, located in at the FAA's Air Route Traffic Control
Center in Nashau, NH.  As a gesture of continued good faith with the
ARRL, those left behind at the NWS were presented with a copy of "Now
You're Talking" in hopes that they too will follow in Scott's 
footsteps and become licensed Amateurs.  We wish Scott much success in
the future.  After the presentations were made, groups were formed to
discuss how to improve the SKYWARN program for hams and non-hams

On Tuesday, November 8, 2005, Frank, N2FF and I attended the HOSARC
(Hall Of Science Amateur Radio Club) meeting in Queens, NY.  Since, I
don't have the experience of driving in New York, Frank felt sorry for
me and came to pick me up.  He's such a considerate Director!  This was
my first time visiting the Hall of Science and I found it fascinating. 
What a great opportunity to show off Amateur Radio to young people.
Thank you to all who made me feel so welcome.

The big event of the year came upon so quickly.  I am talking about the
ARRL Hudson Division Awards Dinner hosted by North Jersey DX
Association and held in the Elks Lodge in Park Ridge, NJ on Saturday,
November 12, 2005.  Honored at the dinner were:  Dr. Ulrich Rohde, K1UL
for Technical Achievement, Tom Raffaelli, WB2NHC for Amateur of the
Year and for Grand Ole Ham, we had two:  Frank Fix, K2AW and Lew
Malchick, N2RQ.  Congratulations for all of your many accomplishments
that allow us to enjoy amateur radio!  Thank you to Mario Karcich, K2ZD
and his wife, Daphne, N2TIN for all of their hard work. 

I would like to encourage all of you to enter submissions for the
nominations for 2006 ARRL Hudson Division Awards Dinner.  It's so
important for us to recognize those who give so much to our hobby. 
Please, be thinking of your nominee in the next couple of months.  

What a surprise it was when Frank and I showed up at the Troy ARA in
Troy New York, on Tuesday, November 15, 2005.  At this meeting there
was a presentation on New York's Statewide Wireless Network.  Thank you
to Ken Davis KC2KFT for including us! David Cook and John McGrath,
N2HQD were the speakers for the evening.  And as always, the TARA 
meetings are well attended.  And again, I say, the finest cooks in the
Northeast are there!  Thanks to all who 
provide the delicious home cooking!  

On another note, Frank Fallon, N2FF made an appointment that evening. 
Karen Smith, KS2O will be joining the ARRL Hudson Division Cabinet as
an Assistant Director.  Congratulations, Karen.  All of the hard work
she has done for TARA has not gone unnoticed!  See you guys in the

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving!  We did, and it was
very quiet and restful as well.

Saturday, December 11, 2005, the North Jersey DX Association held its
annual Holiday Party.  George, 
KC2GLG and I attended and had a great time. This year, NJDXA had a new
chairman, in Greg Nitkowski, N2BSA.  He took the reins from John
Burgio, W2JB who had done the Planning for so many years.  Greg,
without a computer or answering machine, worked diligently to contact
all members of NJDXA and the turnout was good. Thanks Greg!! The food
was good, the Essex Manor where the event was held, was 
beautiful and of course it was great to be with everyone.  We even
enjoyed a visit from ARRL's own Wayne Mills, N7NG who gave us an update
on Logbook Of The World.  

It's cold, especially where Frank and I were this past week.  Tuesday,
December 13, 2005 found us in the country!  We traveled to the Hudson
Valley Contesters and Dxers Holiday get together.  What a good time
with all those who love to work DX and who love to contest.  These guys
are serious!  I listened in envy of stories of contacts they made last
weekend during the 10 meter contest.  I didn't have the opportunity to
participate, and probably wouldn't have heard as much as they did. 
There's something to be said for living that far north!  Thanks guys,
for a wonderful evening...again, with great food!  

Whew!! Another busy time and I enjoyed visiting with you all at various
club meetings, hamfests and special Holiday events.  

Oh yes, I forgot to mention.  I am still working on relocating my ham
station to the other part of the basement and have been fortunate
enough to participate in a few contests the past few months.  I did get
a chance to work stations in CQWW DX Contest and had a great time
operating with George and my girls and the East Coast DX Association in
the ARRL November Sweepstakes!  I also made a few contacts during
SKYWARN Recognition Day.   Participation counts, so if you belong to a
club, don't forget to submit your scores for the ARRL Club Competition.

What's next?  Well, warmer weather I hope!  No- now is a time for us to
relax with our families and friends and reflect just how wonderful this
hobby is.  I know Frank is enjoying time with his Daughter and
granddaughters in for the holidays and is introducing the older
granddaughter to contesting!!  My best wishes and grateful thanks to
the Fallon's for all they continue to do for me. Enjoy the holidays!

In closing, health and happiness to you all.

 The Radio Amateur Winter 1963-64 Callbook had the following on the
front cover:


May God grant us the power, the will and the means to communicate more
fully, and wisely, man unto 
man, in the coming year.

73/88 - Joyce, KA2ANF,  ARRL Hudson Division Vice Director

====>  Thanks to the Hudson Division Elves who Deliver QSL Cards to our
Mailboxes 12 months a Year..

A BIG THANKS to the hard working members of the North Jersey DX
Association to help get those packages and envelopes of DX QSL cards
into our mailboxes a few times a year.  In a way it's always Christmas
when we get that bunch of QSL cards.  Some of you newer hams or those
who have recently begun to chase DX may not know how the process
operates.  When a DX station QSLs though the BURO 
or Bureau he sends cards off to his national radio society which then
sorts the cards and sends out packages to the other national bureaus
around the world.  For the USA those cards go to ARRL HQ in Newington. 
All incoming cards for those with a "two" call are sent to NJDXA in New
Jersey.  Here again they are sorted.  In order to "get cards via the
Buro" anyone with a two call has to contact NJDXA and send them money
for postage.  For the last years NJDXA has accepted only dollars and
not stamps in order to speed up the process and make postal rate hikes
easier to deal with.  (And we do have a postal hike upcoming!)  If you
work DX and want to get cards you need to join the process.  Contact
NJDXA at and specifically for details.  NJDXA has a very
interesting web site and if you are interested in DX you may want to
spend some time visiting.

Also, NJDXA is always on the look out for new members.  They always
need more help sorting.  You do not need to have an eighty foot tower
and be on DXCC Honor Roll.  The key is you need to be interested and
willing.  The club performs a vital service for anyone holding a two
letter call in the USA and not just New Jersey and New York.  Hey, K2FF
lives in Ocean Springs, Mississippi!

Here is part of an e-mail sent to NJDXA members (yes, I am a member -
an associate member - I don't sort cards) regarding the bureau work for
2005.  It will help you understand how big the job is these volunteers
perform.  This from Doug Rue, W2EN, the Manager of the W2 Bureau:

During 2005, we had great help from our Bureau workers.  There were 24
different letter managers and 11 primary sorters for a total of 35
sorting workers. N2BIM took care of the Bureau finances (as well as the
Association books) and K2CO came out of retirement to take over the
database maintenance. Ron continues to pick up the mail from the Morris
Plains Post Office and relays it down to me for opening and bagging.

 For 2005, our total volume of cards handled amounted to just about
210,000. Keep in mind each one of those cards is handled several times
before it actually is delivered.  This incoming mail weighed over 1500
pounds. The load this year was about 10% less than in 2004 primarily
due to the poor propagation conditions, and just about 50% less than
the 2000/2001 volumes (so enjoy the vacation!). 

 The primary sorters all handled about 19,000 cards.  Letters N and P
received the most cards for distribution.  Thanks to Bill and Bob for
handling those letters. Our busiest mangers were Mike W2MLS and his
wife KC2JPA who have both letter M and letter D.  Second busiest was
Paul, W2LE, who also handles two letters - T & L.  In addition, Paul
has served as my back up for the meetings I couldn't attend. An
acknowledgment went out to CQ Magazine for providing the envelopes we
use to mail our cards.

====> ARRL Foundation scholarship application window open   (A
The application period for ARRL Foundation scholarships 
( opened on October 1 and will
close February 1, 2006. The ARRL Foundation has announced the addition
of the Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) scholarship
to the list of those available. This award will provide $1000 to a
student attending a junior/community college, college, university or
trade school in the US. Preference goes to students showing interest
and activity in DXing, but there is no limitation on the field of
study. The ARRL Foundation is offering this scholarship for the first
time this year, and the initial award will be made in spring 2006. The
NCDXF award brings the total number of ARRL scholarships to 41.
Following its evaluation of all applications, the ARRL Foundation
scholarship committee will announce the 2006-2007 school year ARRL
scholarship recipients next spring. 

===>Foundation for Amateur Radio announces scholarships -- The
Foundation for Amateur Radio (FAR) plans to administer 54 scholarships
for the 2006-2007 academic year to assist Amateur Radio licensees
attending institutions of higher education full-time. A non-profit
organization headquartered in Washington, DC, FAR is composed of more
than 75 area Amateur Radio clubs. FAR fully funds three of 
these scholarships, while 10 are funded with income from grants and FAR
administer the remaining 41 without cost to the donors. Radio amateurs
may compete for these awards if they plan to pursue a full-time course
of studies beyond high school and are enrolled in or have been accepted
for enrollment at an accredited university, college or technical
school. The awards range from $500 to $2500 with preference given in
some cases to residents of specified geographical areas or to those who
are pursuing certain courses of study. Clubs, especially those in Delaware, Florida,
Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin, are
encouraged to announce these opportunities. For additional information
and an application form, send a letter or QSL card postmarked prior to
April 30, 2006, to: FAR Scholarships, PO Box 831, Riverdale, MD 20738.

====>Holiday Toy Drive video announcements now available -- Video
public service announcements (PSAs) now are available to promote the
ARRL/The Salvation Army 2005 Holiday Toy Drive. Available in three
formats, these clips feature 2005 Holiday Toy Drive National
Chairperson and country music artist Patty Loveless, KD4WUJ. The goal
of the ARRL/The Salvation Army 2005 Holiday Toy Drive is to brighten
the holidays for youngsters displaced or left homeless by hurricanes
Katrina and Rita. PSA versions are available for television
broadcasters as well as for Web, club and meeting presentations.
There's a 3 MB MP4 file, a 9 MB .wmv file and a 480 MB .mov file (for
TV broadcasters). Between now and December 10, radio amateurs from all
across the US will be collecting new unwrapped toys for boys and girls
aged 1 to 14 and sending them with a QSL card (or a card bearing their
call sign) to: ARRL Toy Drive/The Salvation Army, 1775 Moriah Woods
Blvd--Suite 12, Memphis, TN 38117-7125. ARRL invites its members to
send cash donations, if they prefer, to: ARRL Toy Drive, 225 Main St,
Newington, CT 06111.  The ARRL asks all radio amateurs to make the holiday season a
little bit brighter for kids affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Maybe it can't be a new home to live
in, but knowing that someone "out there" cares is a start for these

WA2MWT, Bergen SkyWarn Coordinator

Now that autumn has turned into winter, both meteorologically (begins
December 1) and almost astronomically (begins December 21), The National Weather Service
SkyWarn Spotter program for Bergen County has issued its annual Fall
Report.  "People think that because the record number of hurricanes did
not affect us, that we had nothing to do," stated Michael Adams, Bergen
County SkyWarn Coordinator, "That was definitely not the case."

October 7 to October 15 saw an unprecedented 19" inches of rain fall
over the Borough of Ramsey.  "We received 9" of rain in a thirty-six
hour period, on October 7 and 8, and then 9 more inches from October
11-15," observed Adams, who is also the Ramsey Emergency Management
Coordinator.  Many basements were flooded for the first time and sump
pumps were strained to their limit in attempting to keep up with the

On Saturday, November 5, the Bergen SkyWarn Team of Adams and deputy
coordinators David Kozinn and George Sabbi traveled to the National
Weather Service headquarters on the grounds of the Brookhaven National
Laboratories, in Upton, New York, for a day of training.   Scott
Reynolds, longtime Senior Forecaster and SkyWarn Program Leader, has
assumed new responsibilities as Meteorologist-in-Charge of the Center
Weather Service Unit, in Nashua, New Hampshire.  He was replaced by
Brian Ciemnecki, Meteorologist/Forecaster, and John Koch, Senior
Forecaster, as SkyWarn Program Co-Leaders.

Reynolds began his last Upton session by saying, "SkyWarn Spotters
provide ground truth observations on the atmosphere that we observe
from radar, satellites and various reporting stations.  They are our
eyes and ears, helping to provide better information to the NWS Upton
Forecast staff, which leads to better forecasts and warnings for the
citizens of the Tri-State Region.  As of March, 2005, there were over
2,100 spotters in the Tri-State Region.

"During the past ten years, severe weather, flash floods hurricanes and
winter storms have killed an average of 250 people per year and injured
thousands of others.  While these figures may appear staggering, they
have continued a steady decline over the past couple of decades. 
Thousands of lives have been saved by reports from storm spotters."

On November 18, Gary Conte, Upton Warning Coordination Meteorologist,
addressed the state's Emergency Management Coordinators, at the New
Jersey Emergency Management Association convention, in Atlantic City. 
"Gary's areas of concern were hurricanes, heat waves, floods and severe
winter weather, which have become major problems in recent years,"
commented Adams, who was in attendance, "And everyone was very
interested in this year's winter weather forecast."

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) does not
expect El Nino or La Nina, which have been the weather patterns for the
past five years, to play a role in this winter's forecast. Without
them, forecasters are looking to other short-term climate factors, like
the North Atlantic Oscillation, in determining the overall winter
patterns.  Under these conditions, there tends to be more variability
in winter weather patterns across the nation, especially in the
northeast United States. 

The North Atlantic Oscillation often changes its phase from
week-to-week.  During the positive phase, the jet stream shifts to the
north of its usual position and the winter weather features relatively
warm days.   In contrast, during the negative phase, the jet stream
shifts to the south of its usual position.  The negative phase of the
NAO features more Nor'easters and more frequent cold air outbreaks and
snowstorms, especially along the East Coast

"Our biggest problem as forecasters is that the phase of the North
Atlantic Oscillation that will be active is difficult to anticipate more than one to two weeks in
advance," Meteorologist Conte concluded.

On December 3, The Ramsey Office of Emergency Management hosted the
Bergen SkyWarn participation in the 7th annual SkyWarn Recognition Day,
at the Emergency Operation Center, in the Municipal Building.  The
event is co-sponsored by the National Weather Service and the American
Radio Relay League, as the Weather Service's way of expressing its
appreciation to amateur radio operators for their commitment to helping
keep their communities safe.

"While the NWS offices utilize the real-time reporting of severe
weather events to assist in warning operations, hurricanes Katrina and
Rita have shown us that ham operators are equally important during the
recovery phase of natural disaster," stated David Floyd, NWS Warning
Coordination Meteorologist, in Goodland, KS, "After Katrina knocked out
nearly all conventional emergency communication gear, 911 centers, cell
towers and telephone service across southern Louisiana and Mississippi,
Amateur Radio volunteers immediately stepped in to relay emergency
traffic where normal communications was non-existent."

Bergen SkyWarn hams contacted twenty National Weather Service offices,
nationwide, and qualified for The Supercell Thunderstorm Award.  In
addition, since it was Ramsey's "Home For The Holidays", the EOC was
open to residents for the day and they were given tours of the Davis
and Meteorologix Weather Stations.  The NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio
was also demonstrated and 500 Winter Weather Forecasts were distributed.

December 9th brought the first significant snowstorm of the season,
after two false starts earlier in the week.  The first SkyWarn Spotter
Ham Radio net was activated and readings were recorded from Bergen and
Passaic Counties and the information sent to the NWS office, in Upton,
NY.  "Ramsey had almost seven inches of snow," Adams observed, "The
storm struck during the morning rush hour, but being a Friday, many
commuters opted for a three day week-end and their were no major
incidents.  Let's hope that the North Atlantic Oscillation swings in
the other direction!"

The division website has a new section entitled "Newsletter of the
month" with an attached PDF file of a club newsletter.  The December
award goes to "Sparks and the Spa," the Saratoga County R.A.C.E.S.
Association, Inc. newsletter and Secretary and Newsletter Editor, Bill
Henderson-N2OWA.  Nice job, Bill.  We especially liked the picture from
the frozen North.  It's another great example of what a club can do
with a little creativity, hard work and the use of PDF files for
distribution.  Take a look at  to see this newsletter.

Only division newsletters that are in PDF files will be eligible.
(PDFing files can save a club a lot of 
postage.)  Make sure your club is sending a newsletter each month to .  Yes, it is possible 
that a club can be selected for "Newsletter of the Month" more than
once in any year.   In September 2006 
we will announce the winner for the "Newsletter of the Year" from among
the twelve monthly awards. Division Assistant Directors will be asked
to vote on the issue they liked best. The club editor of the issue with
the most votes will be awarded a plaque for his or her efforts at
keeping the club and the division informed and entertained.  Thanks to
webmaster Tom Carrubba, KA2D, for the suggestion.

====>  HAMFESTS.............

8 Jan 
New York/Long Island Section Convention (Ham Radio 
University 2006) 
NLI Section
George Tranos, N2GA 
PO Box 657 
Copiague, NY 11726 
Phone: 631-691-1801  

Bethpage, NY 
Briarcliffe College 
1055 Stewart Avenue 
Div: Hudson 
Sect: New York City-Long 

ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Frank Fallon, N2FF

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