Hudson Division Beacon – August 2004

ARRL Hudson Division
August 2004
Hudson Division Beacon – e-mail edition  – # 41
By Frank Fallon, N2FF, Director, Hudson Division, ARRL
30 East Williston Avenue, East Williston, NY 11596
(516) 746-7652

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I hope everyone is having a nice summer.  We have been to a family
wedding in San Diego last weekend and we have my daughter and her family
visiting from Littlehampton, England.  My wife and I are enjoying our
two granddaughters – one aged six and the other nine months old.  I took
the six-year old fishing and she caught her first snapper in Hampton
Bays.  Hopefully she will have a chance to catch a few more before they
return to England on September 1.


The Ramapo Mountain ARC WILL hold a hamfest in Oakland, NJ on Saturday
August 21.  For some reason the club did not file the required paper
work this year and did not get listed in QST or the ARRL web site until
late July.  American Legion Hall, 65 Oak Street, Oakland, NJ Directions
to Event: I-287 to Exit 58 south on Main St. Oakland to Oak St. light.
Make a left and follow Oak St. to Legion Hall Contact Barry Moravsik,
N2WGG at 845-267-0668 or for more details.


Indiana Ham Gets Tower Okay, Apology (Jul 26, 2004) — Don West, W9DEW,
is claiming victory for the hams in Hancock County, Indiana, now that he
has a building permit in hand for a 72-foot antenna support structure
and an apology from the county’s Board of Zoning Appeals. West, who
lives in Fortville, had applied to the Hancock County Area Plan
Commission in April for a variance to exceed the 16-foot accessory
structure height restriction.  See   for details.
Moral: It pays to stay cool and professional.


The 2004 Hudson Division Awards Dinner hosted by the North Jersey DX
Association will be held November 13.  Please save the date.  Please
consider taking an ad in the awards journal.  We expect that attendance
will again have be limited on a first come first served basis, so please
reserve early.  ARRL President Jim Haynie has promised to be on hand for
the event.  In early September check the division web site –
http://www/ for more details.


ARRL HQ is open to visitors and is well worth a trip.  You might want to
make it a club activity.  See   for
vistors schedule and W1AW operating opportunities. Here is one Division
member’s reaction and thanks to ARRL staff after his recent visit.  Lou,
thanks for letting the folks at HQ know about your positive experience
at HQ.

I just returned from a visit to your headquarters in Newington CT.
I want to thank you and the staff for the wonderful treatment you
gave me and my friend today.

I totally enjoyed the tour and especially operating W1AW! Thank you Ann
Figal for the great tour!

I want to thank Mr. Dave Summer for taking a little time out of his day
to talk with me and I also would like to thank Mr. Mark Spencer for his
time. Mr. Spencer is doing great things for educating our youth and I
commend him. I especially want to thank Mr. Joe Carcia for allowing me
to operate W1AW, a moment I shall treasure for many years to come!

My visit today was more than I expected and I shall be returning in
the future. I thank ALL of you for your hard work in keeping my hobby
alive. I was met by very friendly people and felt right at home.

I reccomend to ALL Amateur Radio Operators to pay a visit to the ARRL

It truly is a great experence!

You have my total support and I will continue to be a member of the
ARRL for ever! BRAVO!

Very truly yours,
Lou Giovannetti KB2DHG


GARC will participate in the International Lighthouse Weekend Aug 21,
2004, from the Nantucket Lightship, currently docked in Oyster Bay.
Operation will be from the original radio room using their club call –
WA2LQO.  There are about 230 Lighthouses registered Internationally for
this event, including 30 from the States.  Details can be found on the
GARC website

Pat Masterson, KE2LJ


Progress Energy Corporation (PEC) says it’s completed Phase II of its
broadband over power line (BPL) field trial in the Raleigh, North
Carolina, area. In an August 4 PEC internal memorandum made available to
ARRL, the company said its program to “test the viability of providing
broadband service to communities it serves” will wrap up by the end of
August. The company reportedly will shut down the system once it’s able
to move its BPL customers to other broadband providers.

“Currently, the company does not have plans for a large-scale commercial
rollout of BPL in the company’s service territories,” the memorandum
states. Progress Energy’s decision comes on the heels of announced
shutdowns of BPL field trials in Penn Yan, New York, and Cedar Rapids,

PEC Vice President of Energy Delivery Solutions Lisa Myers said the
utility obtained significant information about the design, construction
and operation of a BPL system. “Overall, this has been a successful test
for us,” the memorandum quotes her as saying. “We have gathered valuable
information about broadband over power lines and its potential.”

During its six-month Phase I and Phase II tests, the utility says it
offered broadband service to more than 400 homes in southern Wake
County.  Earlier this year, FCC Chairman Michael Powell visited the BPL
field trial to promote the technology, and local radio amateurs spoke
briefly with him about their interference concerns.

The PEC memorandum acknowledged Amateur Radio interference complaints.
“BPL has met with vocal opposition from amateur or ‘ham’ radio operators
who are concerned that the service will interfere with the radio
frequencies they use,” it said. “Some complaints were filed with the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) during Phase II by ham radio
operators using mobile equipment in search of BPL signals.”

Responding to one amateur’s complaint, the FCC earlier this summer took
measurements in the field trial area. FCC Office of Engineering and
Technology (OET) Deputy Chief Bruce A. Franca said the FCC concluded
that PEC’s BPL trial “is in compliance” with FCC rules and that the
company’s ham band notching efforts “are effective” to avoid the
potential for harmful interference. The ARRL has requested clarification
of certain claims made in Franca’s July 22 letter, however. The
memorandum cites PEC Director of Emerging Technologies Matt Oja as
saying the technology PEC selected–by Amperion–“allowed us to address
all complaints by changing the settings to mitigate interference.”

One of the amateurs who’s been closely monitoring PEC’s foray into
BPL–Gary Pearce, KN4AQ–says he’s pleased with the utility’s decision.
“It’s a positive thing for ham radio that Progress Energy is not going
to be pursuing BPL for whatever reason they decided not to do it,”
Pearce told ARRL. “It’s going to make a lot of hams in Eastern North
Carolina happy.”

Pearce acknowledged that Progress Energy and Amperion personnel worked
closely with local amateurs to notch out interference on HF amateur
frequencies. Effective notching turned out to be more difficult than
anticipated, however. Even following the FCC’s visit to take
measurements, amateurs continued to report strong BPL interference on
the high end of 20 meters as well as in the HF international broadcast

A news report on Progress Energy’s BPL decision appeared in the August 6
editions of the Raleigh News & Observer

There’s more information about BPL and Amateur Radio on the ARRL Web
site <>.


Less than a half hour after I released the June “Beacon” for
distribution the ARRL web site put up a video showing our problems with
BPL.  It is a professional quality production done by a group of hams in
Virginia, another example of what hams are capable of doing.  I plan to
make it part of our lobbying package.

See the story here:
and download the video and the sounds of BPL.

Here is another video that has the sounds of BPL:

BPL is an issue that all hams should be concerned about. Show these
videos to your clubs and educate the membership and support the ARRL in
its fight to maintain our radio spectrum. Read more about spectrum
defense and BPL:

* Broadband Provider Drops BPL in New York Trial Community

(Jul 28, 2004) — The broadband provider that’s been testing BPL in the
Village of Penn Yan, New York, now reportedly will “move away” from that
technology. The Western New York community of some 5000 residents has
been considering various proposals with Data Ventures (DVI) to offer
broadband service. The village reportedly would get 10 percent of the
generated revenue.  For more details see:

The newspaper article can be found at:


I know many of your did as you sent me copies of the letter.  Thanks.
This will help us get some protection or “notching” when the technology
is implemented.  It’s important that the President and legislators hear
from you on the issue of BPL interference to our emergency

If you did not check these sites for info:

Sample letter can be accessed from the sidebar on the above page.
Please personalize your letter.

Also, the following report from the NTIA regarding BPL needs to be read
by all:

Please keep the ARRL informed.


The attorney for a Rancho Palos Verdes,  California antenna owner says
that his client won a clear victory against the city. This, following a
recent federal district court decision requiring Rancho Palos Verdes to
allow him to operate a broadcasting business from his unoccupied home.
The judge also ruled that the plaintiff, James A Kay. Jr., may seek
damages and legal costs.

And this is not the first major loss for the city. Earlier this year,
the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that another Rancho Palos
Verdes antenna owner could seek compensatory damages against the city.
As previously reported, Mark Abrams, WA6DPB, said he will file a claim
for damage to his two way radio business while he and the city fought
numerous court battles over the right to regulate commercial radio

Abrams has a 52 foot tall antenna tower in his backyard. The city has
appealed the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. The full story is on-line


21 Aug 2004
Ham Radio & Computer Flea Market –  Ramapo Mountain ARC
Contact: Barry Moravsik, N2WGG
858 Route 9W
Congers, NY 10920
Phone: 845-267-0668

Oakland, NJ
Div: Hudson
Sect: Northern New Jersey


11 Sep 2004
Saratoga County RACES
Contact: Darlene Lake, N2XQG
314 Louden Road, #84
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: 518-587-2385

Ballston Spa, NY
Div: Hudson
Sect: Eastern New York

12 Sep 2004
Long Island Mobile ARC
Contact: Diane Ortiz, K2DO
PO Box 296
Bellport, NY 11713
Phone: 631-286-7562

Bethpage, NY
Div: Hudson
Sect: New York City-Long Island

ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Frank Fallon, N2FF

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