HR 1301 Update May 6, 2015


I would like to provide an update regarding our progress on HR-1301,
the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015.  As you remember, it is a bill
that would direct the FCC to extend PRB-1’s “reasonable
accommodation” of Amateur Radio antenna systems to those subject to
CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) in order to provide
uniform support for the strong federal interest in Amateur Radio

After a strong showing of the initial bill in 2014 with almost 70
co-sponsors, we are rapidly gaining support in 2015.  According to the
Library of Congress website,  (Go to the search
engine in the upper middle section of the page  and enter HR1301), we
now have 50 cosponsors.  In the Hudson Division, we have 30
congressional districts.  NLI and ENY have 21, NNJ has 9.

Currently signed on as cosponsors in our division are:

Peter King [NY-2]
Steve Israel, [NY-3]
Grace Meng [NY-6]
Eliot Engel [NY-16]
Sean Patrick Maloney [NY-18]
Chris Gibson [NY-19]
Paul Tonko [NY-20]
Chris Smith [NJ-4]
Leonard Lance [NJ-7]
Rodney Frelinghuysen [NJ-11]

If you are a constituent and have not yet emailed them a thank you,
please do it today.

Through my many visits to the House we’ve also picked up a number of
legislators who are not in the Hudson Division.

So, in just this Division we are currently at 33 percent
co-sponsorship.  That’s good, but it could be a lot better.  I’m
aiming for 100% co-sponsorship.  In order for us to accomplish that
goal, we need your continuing help and support.

In prior emails that I have sent to the Hudson Division, I have asked
that you do 2 things.

First, I asked you to go to your Congressman/woman’s website and send
them an email in support of HR-1301.  I even included instructions on
how to do that and a template to be used for that purpose.

Second, I asked you to fill out the hard-copy letter addressed to your
Representative, to print it out, and then to mail it to ARRL HQ so that
we can take these letters and distribute them, in person, to the Members
in Washington when we visit their offices in support of the Bill.

Many of you have done this, and I thank you and am grateful to you for
participating in this battle.  Unfortunately, many of you have still
not done this.  To you I humbly ask that you join in and to please send
both an email AND complete a letter that we can carry with us when we
visit Congressional offices so that we can tell them that their
constituents support this Bill.

For those of you who will be at Dayton for the Hamfest later this
month, please stop at the ARRL Expo legislative booth as we will be
printing out letters for members to sign.  If you were at the
Centennial Convention last year, this is the same process that we used
at that time.  We obtained thousands of letters then, we hope to do the
same this year.

The ARRL has joined the 21st century in regards to political advocacy,
both on a national and on a local level through grassroots activity.
As some of you have experienced, ARRL members are now being mobilized
within their own congressional districts, approaching legislators as
constituents.  These officials now know who we are, what we do, and
that we vote!  Once again I ask that if you have a contact on the
Congressional or Senatorial level, please let me know so that we may
capitalize on that contact through a coordinated effort.

As you know, I, along with some ARRL staff, officers, and directors
have made numerous visits to Capitol Hill to visit representatives and
their staffs to solicit their support and co-sponsorship of HR-1301.
This has been very successful, but we have a long way to go.  We are
also working very hard in our search for a sponsor and co-sponsor in
the Senate for a companion bill.  Talks are proceeding, and we hope to
have an announcement in the near future.

This is a critical issue to the future health of Amateur Radio.  While
you personally may not be subject to CC&Rs, many are, and the amount is
increasing exponentially.  In 1970, there were approximately 2.1 million
residents affected by CC&R’s.  By 2011, a mere four years ago, 62.3
million were affected!  Whether or not you are currently affected by
CC&R’s, I ask that you support this effort on behalf of all amateur
radio operators in the United States!

So what can you do, as an individual member?  The answer is simple.
For a very few minutes of your time you can provide assistance to the
cause that would be extremely helpful and highly valuable.   Many of
you already know that everything you need is available on the ARRL
website: including who your elected officials
are, and what their contact information is.  Again, I ask that the very
minimum that you do is to send your Representative an e-mail via their
website.  Go to:   Go to the upper right of the
webpage and enter your zip code.  This should bring you to a map.
Click on your Representative’s name, which will take you to their
website. Go to their “Contact Me” link and find the way to e-mail them.
Cut and Paste the sample letter from either the one I emailed you a few
weeks ago or use the one found at  into the e-mail
box, personalize as necessary, and hit “Send”.  That’s it.  Remember,
numbers are critically important!

In addition, please make certain to mail the hard-copy letter found on
the  website.  There are instructions as to how
you can mail or e-mail a SIGNED written letter to for
personal delivery to your Representative.   Once again, speaking from
personal experience, having those letters in hand by ARRL officials
visiting the Representatives show that we are indeed representing
constituents within their districts.

Please DO NOT mail these letters directly to your Representative.
Letters that are sent via U.S. mail directly are quarantined in another
facility for security reasons, and have a significant delay in

Thank you for your help.  This truly is an all-hands effort!

73 de Mike N2YBB

ARRL Hudson Division
Director: Mike Lisenco, N2YB

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