Audust 31, 2016 FCC Issues Notice of Apparent Laibility to NYC Offender

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By now many of you have read the ARRL news regarding the issuance by
the FCC of a Notice of Apparent Liability to Daniel Delise of Astoria,
N.Y.  The fine, in the amount of $23,000, was for unlicensed operation
on Amateur frequencies as well as illegal broadcasting on NYPD

Although the article is right on spot, there are some things I’d like
to bring out and people that should be recognized.

First, it was the direct assistance of Congressman Peter King (R NY-2)
who responded to my request for help.  By giving us his support, he got
the issue that had been plaguing us for a decade to the attention of FCC
Chairman Wheeler.  His letter got us off the backburner and up to the
front of the line.

Second, it was the direct involvement of David C. Dombrowski, Regional
Director of the FCC Region One Enforcement Bureau and his willingness
to work with us and to use information we provided as potential leads
as he developed his own investigation.

Third, it was the development of a system of grass-roots reporting that
depicted the current pattern of intentional interference with legitimate
Amateur communications on local repeaters.  The collection of data
through the facilities of the Hudson Division, which was forwarded to
the authorities, was coordinated by Richie Cetron K2KNB in his joint
roles of both an Official Observer as well as Assistant Director.

Finally, we received assistance from FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith
who has been a great help in keeping us informed and in the loop.

I want to thank all of you who helped me in this effort.  When we work
together as a group, it’s amazing what we can accomplish.  (Of
course, a little luck doesn’t hurt either.)

The text of the FCC NAL can be found here:

The ARRL news article can be found here:

73 de Mike N2YBB

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