End Jamming

Hello –

Folks, the data we’re collecting regarding jamming in the metropolitan area is extremely important.  We need quantity.  In other words, constant reports from everyone who is experiencing jamming on VHF and UHF as it’s happening.

We are only interested in MALICIOUS INTERFERENCE.  While it is an issue, we are not looking for RFI issues at this time, or unintentional interference.  Only malicious issues.

We are collecting current data, as and while it occurs.  I need reports from everyone.  And I need them now.

We’ve received some data, but not nearly enough.  I have seen received a few complaints of frustration.  Believe me, I share your frustration.  However, we’ve been presented with a golden opportunity by Rep. King’s letter.  An opportunity that we haven’t had previously.  Being a nay-sayer is counterproductive, and wastes our time.

As angry as we all are, I need you to overcome your feelings of hopelessness and despair regarding jamming, suck it up, and help us try to do something positive!  I have heard thousands of complaints over the past decade.  I need to hear those same complaints right now, as they happen.

I promise you nothing in return.  But if we don’t get the overwhelming support from you, the membership, that I know we can, and that has been asked for, then we blow an opportunity that we may not get again, which I do NOT want to do.

So once again I ask all of you to listen and report.  Listen and report.  LISTEN and REPORT!  LISTEN AND REPORT!

And please do it all the time, every day, every frequency.  (If you’re a scanner buff, I’d like reports from there, too.)

If you sponsor or own a repeater, or are a trustee, or a repeater club, and have information that you’ve gathered over the years, including logs, audio recordings, etc., please email it under separate cover to endhudsonjamming@gmail.com.  Do not use the online form for that.  The online form is only for developing a log of current malicious interference.

Let’s put an end to our hostage crisis.

Tnx es 73 de Mike N2YBB

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